Book 6 Chapter 1.4

Book 6 Chapter 1.4 - Restart

Ordinary people had the destiny of ordinary people. In this world of turmoil, ability users had their own problems to feel distressed about, even those as strong as Lafite no exception.

Currently, in the private hospital’s basement, a storeroom was cleaned out and made into a practice ground, more than ten laser firing devices and miniature force field installations turning this place into a simple virtual reality system. After arranging all of these devices, Helen returned to a corner of the practice ground, and then tapped the start button on the light screen. The diesel fuel electricity generator outside rumbled to a start, electrical sparks running along more than ten interweaving electrical leads, quickly lightning up all of the force field activation devices. More than ten lasers crisscrossed in the sky, constructing a human figure made from silver-gray light. Its height was around 190 centimeters, the outline completely humanoid. Its arm and leg joints like a human, producing a few attack movements. As this light being brandished its fists and kicked out, the force field devices also correspondingly adjusted. If it was purely based on external feeling, it could be said that this light being was a true person. 

Lafite stood at the center of the practice ground, behaving in the same old frivolous manner. A pair of silver eyes stared at Helen like a stream of flames, not letting a single detail of her body escape him. Helen still wore the customary white coat used by doctors and researchers, her body basically completely covered up, only revealing the basic curves belonging to a woman. However, Lafite continued to stare at her without letting go, her eyes even more so unbridled to the extreme, moving from up to down, and then back up, not leaving a single corner go. With his eyesight, even if a woman was completely covered in a thick overcoat and not moving, just from her body’s uncontrollable weak vibrations and trembling, Lafite could completely reproduce her body in his brain. Of course, another direct method is to use both Transparent Surveillance and Long-Range Sensation, thus similarly obtaining the naked body results. Lafite’s way of looking was clearly to use the first method to produce Helen’s naked body. As for the second method, using it to deal with Helen who didn’t have any abilities was naturally beyond easy, but in the eyes of the narcissistic Lafite, this was definitely a type of shame, humiliating not only Helen, but also himself. 

Strangely, Curtis was unexpectedly here, similarly widening his pair of small eyes, staring fiercely at Helen. From his eyes that were flickering with light, it was clear that Black Steel and Lafite had the same idea. 

Helen stood there just like that. She was like a normal girl, breathing, heart beating, and couldn’t control her body’s minute movements. This data was already enough for Lafite to piece together Helen’s naked body several tens of thousands of times, but his eyes only widened greater, his pupils releasing silver flames that extended several centimeters outwards. All of his hair was flying about like a flame! Lafite was already using more than half of his power, his brain’s operation speed even more so close to 80% of its limit. It immediately pieced together countless images, yet every single one had tiny differences, thus making Lafite understand that that definitely wasn’t Helen’s body. Helen could use the minute differences in data to easily interfere with Lafite’s perception, making him produce an incorrect image. What was even more frustrating was that this discrepancy was still randomly changing, and the rate of change was high, completely able to counteract Lafite’s discrepancy restoration calculations. When Lafite’s brain’s speed of operation was raised to 90% of his limit, the ten thousand images produced per second gradually merged, forming an extremely vague and hazy silhouette, to the extent where it was even difficult to say if this was a male or female. 

Only now could Lafite be considered to be getting close to Helen’s true body. However, if he wanted to piece together her naked body, even if he raised his brain’s computing ability to 100%, it still wouldn’t necessarily do anything. Meanwhile, if he really did go that far, Lafite definitely couldn’t control the tremendous amount of energy he was operating, the storm created by the energy that spilled out would seriously injure Helen, or even possibly take her life. Once it reached this point, it could be said that Lafite already lost, but he still persisted on, waiting for Helen to make a mistake. 

This wasn’t entirely impossible, but it was definitely something of low probability. At the very least, in Lafite’s memory, Helen hadn't made any mistakes. 

Curtis in the corner wasn’t any better off than Lafite. One could see from the bean sized droplets of sweat that tumbled down, continuously spilling out from his thick veins and square muscles how strenuous this process was. Only, no one knew what kind of brain Curtis hid within that astonishing body, but the chances of his computing ability exceeding that of Lafite’s wasn’t very high. 

Helen didn’t seem to have noticed these two individuals’ strange looks at all, only lowering her head to adjust the data on the light screen. In reality, this could be considered some type of little game between the three of them, the reward Helen’s naked body. Helen didn’t treat this joke like anything important, for her, this was a prize that wouldn’t be given out at all. Meanwhile, some bored men, for example, Lafite and Curtis, quite liked that feeling of complete defeat. 

As Helen’s ten fingers flew about, the light being correspondingly made one movement after another, moreover becoming more and more flowing and natural. Only now did Lafite stop his effort, concentrating his attention on the light being. After giving it a look, the expression on his face became serious, because the light being’s movements were full of life, as if it was a powerful ability user equipped with ample combat experience. Moreover, this was completely the result of intelligence sequence’s computations, unrelated to Helen’s personal operation. It was because Helen had no abilities, let alone any combat experience. 

“The experiment you asked for my cooperation with is related to this fella?” Lafite asked. 

“It will be your opponent in a bit. I still need around three minutes of time for adjustments and revision, please patiently wait.” Helen spoke with her trademark machine-like voice. 

“My opponent? Ha!” Lafite laughed. Even though the light being looked quite strong, he didn’t believe an intelligence sequence could defeat him. Even if he didn’t use his overwhelming strength, he could still defeat his opponent as soon as they clashed. That was why he merely shrugged his shoulders, asking, “Then, my dear Helen, may I ask what the purpose of the experiment this time is? You wish to gather my combat data? Sure, no problem, but you’ll have to ask this big black fella on the side to leave. I do not wish to expose all of my secrets to him, or else next time, I won’t have a chance of beating him until his eyes swell!”

“The experiment this time is tied to high level ability inspection and verification. Based on my speculations, above the Perception Domain’s eleventh level ability ‘Multivariate Calculation’ should be the existence of a twelfth level ability I have currently named ‘Clairvoyance’. The purpose of this experiment is to validate the existence of ‘Clairvoyance’.”

When Curtis and Laftie heard Helen’s machine-like voice, it was as if thunder crashed down on their ears!

Eleventh level was already regarded the ability of the divine, but there was actually a twelfth level ability above it. Even if it only existed in theory, it was still enough to overturn this era!

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