Book 6 Chapter 1.3

Book 6 Chapter 1.3 - Restart

The reason why a few unwritten rules were still being respected was because these ability users on average only had around two levels of ability. They could defeat seven or eight male adults, but if more than ten ordinary people ganged up on them, they could still be killed. Apart from this, none of them had abilities strong enough to overwhelm everyone here. For example, if there was a fifth level ability user here, then he was definitely enough to become the king of this inhabited region. Two of the three third level ability users now already had their eyes on Sally. 

Meanwhile, Sally knew that the main reason why they hadn't take action yet was because she was also an ability user. To study for more than a year in dragonrider general headquarters without being an ability user was inconceivable. 

Sally indeed had abilities, perhaps due to her great desire, but also because of the few vials of evolutionary points she received from Su and Li Gaolei later on. She indeed had some Perception Domain ability, her memory and brain power substantially greater, improved, the reason why she was about to obtain such a great amount of knowledge. After obtaining ten times the intelligence and memory of before, Sally personally experienced the power of ability users, making the dream she previously harbored almost fall into despair. 

It was extremely cruel, but this was reality. 

She revealed a smile with difficulty, and then said, “Then, what I should do is help everyone who has potential become ability users. But what about those ordinary people who cannot become ability users?”

The priest said, “They will continue to live, because they are the cornerstone of ability users. Of course, there is a price that will have to be paid. They will have to submit, be patient, and need a bit of luck, only then can they survive under the new order.”

Sally remained silent for some time, and only then did she bitterly say, “But… what about their self-dignity?

The priest sighed, and then said, “My child, in this world, the most difficult thing is living with dignity. Now, dignity is already a privilege only a select few can enjoy.”

“But, are there really no other ways? This kind of new order, it truly makes one feel despair.”

“There is still a way, and it is through faith. Faith will allow one to feel hope in the darkest times, and it will allow people to feel the value of life, thus continue living.” The priest said. 

Sally gave the seven apostles a look, and the asked with a hopeful expression, “Priest, above the apostles, is there truly a god?”

The priest put away his carving tool, and then he sat by Sally, saying with a smile, “I don’t know. However, whether there is or isn’t a god isn’t important, as long as we believe in his existence, then it’s enough. In the new order to come, there is still room for reaching higher, and that is to become an ability user. However, even now, no one knows what exactly is the deciding factor for ability potential, this factor appearing completely like a gift granted by god. For the sake of obtaining this gift, faith is essential. Praying to god might not necessarily increase the probability of an ability user being born in the next generation, but it will help those who pray find peace. Belief is like a ray of sunshine in a world of darkness, able to guide them towards a more beautiful new world. Perhaps only a few people will obtain this guidance, but for the untold numbers who are living in darkness, the most important isn’t whether one obtains salvation, but rather being able to see the existence of that ray of sunshine. This is faith, it gives people hope, allowing people to obtain peace.”

Sally laughed, smiling extremely bitterly. She knew the priest had one more line he didn’t say. What will maintain this new order isn’t an army or police, but rather the abilities of ability users, especially the highest level of ability. This was a power far more terrifying than an army, the only conclusion for ordinary people defying this new order, was destruction. Those who could overthrow ability users were only even stronger ability users. The new order wasn’t all bad, at the very least, ordinary people will be viewed as a species and given a bit of space, space to live in.

In the new order, there was no chance for a revolution. 

The priest wasn’t a prophet, but one didn’t need a prophecy to come to this type of conclusion, general knowledge was enough.

The priest looked at Sally and asked, “You are a bit different today, did something happen?”

Sally lowered her head, her arms wrapped around her shoulders, saying with a sigh, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me either. When I woke up today, I suddenly felt as if the world changed. I don’t even know what exactly changed, only… it made me suddenly become scared. This world… seems so cold, and so dark. I can’t see the slightest bit of light. Priest, I… do I need faith?”

The head sunk further and further, her shoulders silently shaking. Only now did she seem like a young lady who hadn't reached twenty years of age yet, and not a leader who shouldered the lives of close to a thousand people. 

The priest said softly, “Child, when you asked this question, you already needed faith. However, you are different, you don’t lack bravery and dreams, only just a bit tired right now. As believers, we obviously call towards the existence of god, but for you, what I need to remind you is that if there really is a god in existence, then what he will bring is not only salvation, but also quite likely judgment.”

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