Book 6 Chapter 1.1

Book 6 Chapter 1.1 - Restart

The world was like a book, turning open a new page.

Changes quietly took place. When the changes to the world arrived, there were no announcements, no gunshot sounds, nor any moving speeches. It just came, descending on a blood-colored dusk. 

Many ability users were ignorant to the changes. In their eyes, the new day wouldn’t be any different. Only a few keen individuals could sense something, many of them Mysterious Fields ability users. However, the number of those who could communicate with the world were very few, and it was extremely difficult to say whether it was a good or bad thing. Some of the mutated creatures who developed initial or advanced levels of intelligence were hiding in their nests, shivering, losing the courage to even run. 

For ordinary people without abilities, no matter what the world changed into, it was unrelated to them, to the extent...

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