Book 5 Chapter 9.4

Book 5 Chapter 9.4 - Top Seat

After less than an hour of rest, the three of them set out once again, heading east along the frozen ocean country’s border. Not even the apostle was willing to barge into the frozen ocean country, so Su naturally wouldn’t barge in like an idiot. However, the eastern border also had an extremely vast snowland and forest, and if they moved another dozen or so days, they would reach another sea. This was a place where humans were rarely seen in the olden era, and in the new era, there even more so wouldn’t be anyone living here. However, the number of mutated species instead increased substantially. 

The three of them didn’t get all that much rest, as the sudden increase in wind and snow ruined Su’s plans to rest and reorganize. The roaring crazy winds swept up large amounts of snow, bringing it into the air, and then fiercely poured it down on the three individuals’ bodies. Their temporary camp originally had its back to the wind, but the spiraling cold winds clearly went against the laws of nature. Under the support of a formless power, it moved around the obstacle, dumping tons of ice and snow down on their camp. This type of attack didn’t bring the three of them any harm, but it wiped out the camp’s fire. After the fire went out several times, Su finally decided to give up on this temporary camp. 

The crazy wind and snow were clearly stirred on by an unnatural power. There were many abilities in the Magic Domain that could move wind and snow. To obtain this type of result that didn’t possess any destructive force, three levels were already enough. However, that was just to condense a single lump of ice and snow; it definitely couldn’t be done to such a great extent, over such a great distance. Crossing at least several hundred kilometers of distance, and then displaying power so accurately, this was already beyond the scope of what a ninth level ability could do!

While experiencing the ferocity behind the violent wind and snow, Su knew that this was Pridekla’s anger. The ruler of the endless frozen ocean was chasing out these unwanted guests. 

Madeline also felt an indignant energy from the north, but she didn’t feel fear, nor was she curious. Her blue eyes flickered with a mysterious radiance, and then said while looking pensive, “The fella hiding in the ocean is definitely extremely big.”

Su nodded, this was what he thought as well. Life forms, at the very least in the current stage of evolution, as the amount of energy one could control or the strength of power increases, the life form’s size had to correspondingly increase. The ocean was usually home to enormous creatures, and it was no different in the present world. That thing in the northern frozen ocean was definitely enormous, easily angered, and possessed high levels of intelligence. It was also most likely not human. 

Madeline gave the north a look, and then sighed softly, saying, “If we discovered that there was still this type of fella, perhaps… the war between the empress and the chairman wouldn’t have happened.” 

Even though being urged to leave by the wind and snow didn’t feel that good, Su didn’t have a choice. Forget about the great disparity in strength, even if his power was greater than Pridekla’s, in an environment like the frozen sea, he might not even be able to display half his strength. 

Wind continued to roar, tons of snow smashing down on the three of them in a berserk manner. Pridekla was like a child that endlessly vented its bad temper. Even though he was being hindered by the wind and snow, Su continued to head east along the border of this frozen ocean country. Staying too close to the lord of the frozen sea Pridekla did incur its anger, but just like how Su couldn’t enter the frozen sea, he believed that once Pridekla whose form was unknown came ashore, it might similarly be difficult for it to move about. Since not even the apostle who could travel through spatial faults could capture Su, Su believed that the big fella up north had even less chances of capturing him. 

As for this small inconvenience, Su didn’t take it to heart. 

However, Cirvanas didn’t think this way. He tightly wrapped the clothes around his body, the small face that was exposed outwards flushing with an abnormal redness. The air that was exhaled out produced thin layers of frost under the coldness, sticking to his face. His body was trembling slightly, his body temperature at least ten times that of an ordinary person’s, but this also meant that he would feel even more coldness. 

The young man was extremely scared of the cold, and as his magic abilities increased, he became increasingly sensitive to the outside world, his perception able to move past obstacles and detect changes in the outer world’s temperature. This was not a good thing, because it meant that no matter how much clothes he wore, it was completely useless for him. If he wanted to resist the cold, he could only rely on his own energy. Cirvanas, who had just reached comprehensive third level magic abilities, was completely powerless in resisting the frozen ocean region’s coldness, especially this downpour of hail and snow that was far colder than regular snow. Only by operating flame abilities at full strength could he slightly alleviate the coldness. 

The young man’s body had long gone rigid, so right now, he was being carried in Madeline’s hands. Su and Madeline were masters of combat, but towards the young man’s cold feeling, they were still completely helpless. The cold wouldn’t kill him, instead sharpening him. The process of resisting this cold wasn’t inferior to a prolonged intense battle, so as this went on, his number of evolutionary points was slowly climbing as well. Once his strength increased to the point where it could withstand the north’s coldness, his body’s process of evolution would thus come to a stop. 

Even while enduring the cold’s torment, Cirvanas’ body remained around 30 kilograms from start to finish, because he continuously worked hard to maintain the anti-gravity force field. He obstinately insisted on lowering his burden on Madeline, even though the few dozen kilograms of weight the force field counteracted, when compared to the heavy sword the young lady carried, was truly insignificant. 

Under Su’s perception, danger didn’t originate from the northern frozen sea, but rather from the southwest. The feeling of danger he got from that direction wasn’t much weaker than that of the apostle. In addition, this feeling of danger was currently getting closer, perhaps catching up to them in just a few days of time!

After becoming alert, Su increased his speed of advance, moreover once again displaying his expertise in the wilderness, his route of advance becoming strange and complex. This was going to be a slow and long battle of pursuit. What the two sides were competing fiercely in was patience, willpower, and stamina, as well as their ability to adapt to the harsh environment. 

Three days later, Pandora who was dressed in a hunter’s attire appeared in the camp Su left behind. While standing here, she similarly sensed the consciousness to the extreme north belonging to the lord of the frozen ocean, understanding that she stepped foot in the frozen ocean country’s borders. However, she didn’t feel the slightest bit of apprehension. After slightly sensing the direction, she then headed northeast. This path of pursuit already entered the frozen ocean country’s territory, but Pridekla didn’t show any reaction, while Pandora also entered as if it was only proper and to be expected. With her speed, as long as the general direction was correct, even if she made quite a few detours, she could still catch up to Su in a few days of time. 

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