Book 5 Chapter 9.3

Book 5 Chapter 9.3 - Top Seat

“Only halfway?” Su frowned and thought deeply to himself. From what he knew and learned, she should have said that Bevulas should have succeeded more than half. 

The anti-radiation force field, water purifying and gene therapy technologies already reached practical levels, and every single one of the dozen or so ultra intelligence systems the chairman constructed were comparable to the computing ability of the entire past world. The only thing separating them from their goal of ensuring the survival of ordinary humans was the issue of manufacturing costs. However, the number of people still alive in this entire world might not even be a hundredth of the olden era, so regardless of whether it was energy, goods, or mineral resources, when compared to the average population, it could be considered extremely abundant, so the production costs shouldn’t be a problem. Meanwhile, technology was currently experiencing rapid development and breakthroughs, the evolution and mutation of creatures in the past few decades already exceeding the changes the earth experienced over several hundreds of thousands of years. It was to the extent where some creatures could already use the ever present radiation energy to replenish their body’s energy, and with these creatures as specimen, both the elimination and exploitation of radiation were quickly heading towards new paths. Even without these new breakthroughs, if the Blood Parliament unified the continent, just with its current level of technology and amount of resources, it could still provide for the survival of tens of millions of people. 

Then why was his goal only half realized?

Madeline fixed her hair that was blown all over the place by the wind, looked towards Su, and then said, “It is because there are still many holy level ability users. In addition, holy levels of ability aren’t the absolute limit.”

Su silently thought about this. 

The Spider Empress told her from the first day that from here on out, she would no longer be human. For truly high level ability users, it was already impossible for normal humans to restrict them. Any holy level ability user was equivalent to an olden era nuclear weapon, to the extent where they might even be more terrifying. These people had to be controlled, just like how it was portrayed in many of the olden era’s movies and fantasy novels; those who were different had to serve under the country, or they had to live under the surveillance and control of the country. However, the problem rested in the fact that in the current era, this was clearly already impossible. 

Regardless of which criterion one looked at it from, Su was already a hundred percent a holy level ability user. His ninth level Cross-Sectional Detection still had quite some room for growth. If one were to look at it from a combat strength perspective, Su was even more so not just an ordinary holy level ability user. After killing Claudia and stealing her ability, Su’s true fighting ability was already above that of ordinary ninth level ability users. 

People like Su preferred to live freely, not willing to be tied down, restricted, or even monitored and controlled. If Su encountered this type of treatment, then he would without a doubt choose to overthrow this regime with his own strength. In this era, overthrowing a so-called regime wasn’t that difficult; all one had to do was kill the few individuals leading it. It was to the extent where in the great lakes western region, after killing Ledesma, Su smoothly took over everything he left behind. 

Su wasn’t someone with great ambitions. While aimlessly wandering about in the wilderness of this era, he only wished to maintain the minimum requirement for survival, not having any thoughts of using his own abilities to achieve any great goals. It was to the extent where due to an unknown fear, he even purposely suppressed the development of his own abilities. However, even someone like Su clearly understood that in any era, those without ambitions made up a very small few. Ambition was like weeds in the wilderness, as long as there was a bit of water, it would flourish to no end. Even the most petty and low human, upon obtaining power and resources, their ambitions would also inflate disproportionately. 

Those holy level ability users with such destructive power, how many of them didn’t want to rely on their own powers to become a ruler, or at the very least obtain a position of power? Who among them would truly be willing to become like the special individuals in the olden era’s films and fictions, willingly resigning themselves to blend into the lifestyle of ordinary people, to the extent where they would even completely disguise themselves as ordinary people? If these so-called scenarios truly happened, then it only meant that those so-called special individuals were too weak. Such things would never appear in the present era where powerful ability users completely overwhelmed everything. 

Only sheeps would ask lions for equality. The lions themselves would never have such thoughts. 

Regardless of what kind of objective Bevulas initially had, his actions produced a place of survival for more ordinary people, and these efforts were currently progressively becoming reality. Before this world that was seemingly more beautiful arrived, was the handful of extremely powerful individuals of this age of turmoil. What was rather discouraging was that at both ends of the horizon, this ‘handful’ of individuals possessed power that was far greater than the combined sum of ordinary people, even though the population of the latter was tens of millions that of the former. 

For the final part of her explanation, Madeline concisely analyzed both Bevulas and the empress’ way of cultivating their respective powers. All of the Spider Empress’ attention was concentrated on the growth of individual strength, and her own power was definitely something that didn’t need to be doubted. As for training of her direct subordinates, the empress always maintained a non essential attitude. It was rumored that Dark Red Castle itself already became a living body, while the Spreader of Darkness Dyke Avidar himself was equivalent to an entire army. 

Dark Red Castle never had servants, and few individuals were allowed inside. In the past few decades, Madeline was the third person to live for a long time in the castle. As for the guards directly under the empress, they were directly selected later on from the Black Dragonriders and various families’ outstanding young disciples, attaching greater emphasis on external appearance and etiquette than individual ability, completely creating a ‘flower vase’ army.

Even though Madeline never explicitly stated this, it was quite clear that the Spider Empress lacked interest even towards eighth level ability users, let alone wasting energy to foster them. In the past dozen years or so, aside from Dyke Avidar whose origins were unknown, Madeline was the only one who obtained the empress’ careful training, changing her from the little girl who was pretty like stars into a Dark Saint whose name alone made the faces of everyone else change. 

Meanwhile, Bevulas walked a different path. He was extremely mindful towards the system of power’s construction, and he also attached importance towards the fostering of talents. After more than ten years of searching, the cultivation of ability users was gradually heading towards the right track, producing powerful and unique ability users like Claudia, Haydn, and Eileen one after another, with several hundred more currently still undergoing growth. Most of these ability users were under half-militarized strict supervision, excelling in coordination, displaying combat power greater than what they could achieve individually through small teams. In addition, Bevulas himself didn’t lack truly powerful individuals, for example, Lagerfeld. 

It was rumored that along with their control over natural resources that was becoming greater by the day, as well as the breakthroughs in biochemistry technology, Bevulas even began focused ability user growth plans. This process was to use a portion of resources to produce specialized ability users with only a single or few abilities. Once this plan succeeded, the chairman would have a large and steady flow of ability users directly under him. However, Dr. Connor’s current apostle project already obtained its first step of success, so these chosen with low production costs might replace this project. 

The two of them had different paths, so perhaps they were destined to become enemies. Only, in a battle between a pack of wolves and a pack of lions, it was hard to say who would be the ultimate victor. 

As for the mysterious apostle, not even Madeline knew anything. 

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