Book 5 Chapter 9.2

Book 5 Chapter 9.2 - Top Seat

Since the topic had already been initiated, Su wanted to learn more about a few of the Blood Parliament’s higher level details. After all, his enemies weren’t ordinary dragonriders or noble clans, but rather the chairman Bevulas. 

“Then, let’s talk a bit about Bevulas. Even now, I still know almost nothing about him.” Su said. 

Madeline stretched out her long legs, sitting down a bit more comfortably before saying, “Several decades ago, the empress was the Blood Parliament’s highest ruler. Back then, the Blood Parliament had just obtained the recognition of the three great influential families, established the Black Dragonriders, and then began to expand their territorial borders. As for the empress’ background, that is something no one knows about. The only thing everyone knows is that when the empress appeared, Bevulas also appeared at the empress’ side. As for whether they were comrades or what other type of relationship they had, no one knew. In the following years, the empress fixed up Dark Red Castle, and thus rarely meddled with the parliament’s concrete political and economic affairs, to the extent where she didn’t even show her face for several years. During the empress’ period of inactivity, the Black Dragonriders underwent their first division. Due to a clash in opinions on the path of development and evolution, High General Gusglav led those who were loyal to him, separating themselves from the Black Dragonriders and headed north to create their own stronghold. This was the predecessor of the Holy Crusaders we know of today. Rumor has it that back then, Gusglav’s abilities could be said to be world shaking, with no one within the entire parliament aside from the empress able to match him. This was what allowed him to successfully break free from the Blood Parliament and the Black Dragonriders. However, what was strange was that even after such a major event happened, the empress still didn’t emerge from Dark Red Castle. That was why everyone believed that even if Gusglav had eleven levels of ability, he still wouldn’t be the empress’ opponent.” 

Madeline paused for a moment, and then she looked forward with a somewhat relaxed expression. “Su, did you know? That was an era of turmoil, with all systems still being formed. Many formidable figures continuously appeared, but most of them disappeared after a flash like a spark. Only the few who were both intelligent and lucky enough were able to live until the end, for example, Gusglav. However, everyone from that era believed that if there were deities in that crazy world, the empress would definitely be one of them. The empress of that era was the backbone of the entire parliament.” 

“The Bevulas at that time was not the chairman of the Blood Parliament, just someone who coordinated and managed the parliament’s internal affairs, as well as the relationship between various families. Only, after Gusglav divided the Black Dragonriders, there was still no sign of the empress leaving Dark Red Castle, nor did she pay any attention to the parliament’s internal affairs. Left with no choice, Bevulas assumed control over all of the Blood Parliament’s affairs. To be fair, the Blood Parliament the empress left behind was already large enough, but it was a mess, to the extent where there wasn’t even a future goal or direction. Up until now, the Blood Parliament continuously expanded under the empress’ scepter, but with the empress’ sudden silence, only then did everyone realize that without the empress, they didn’t know what to do at all. At that time, all Bevulas obtained was a Black Dragonriders that had its vigor greatly damaged, and this organization didn’t even really listen to him.”

“The empress stayed in Dark Red Castle for five whole years. Dark Red Castle was not only an ordinary caste, it actually has its own life. That was why no one could enter, nor could anyone contact the empress, to the extent where some even doubted if the empress was still alive. However, as long as Dark Red Castle’s life was still present, no one dared to barge in. I guess it could be said that with the help of the empress’ remaining influence, Bevulas thus started his own era.” 

“The first thing Bevulas did after taking over the Blood Parliament was to start the planning of factories and facilities. In order to gather enough resources to establish the first factory, the chairman back then had no choice but to lower his head towards each of the families, and only then did he obtain a small amount of essential resources. The first factory was established smoothly, and it produced the urgently needed pure water, food, and medicinal goods. After obtaining start-up funds, with a few of the empress’ guards as the base, he established an armed force that belonged to himself. In the battles that followed, Bevulas displayed tactical skills exceeded those of the organization’s geniuses, using weak military force to suppress all types of powerful mutated creatures again and again. Meanwhile, before these creatures that were quickly mutating, the various families who still, to a great degree, followed the olden era’s way of thinking on the battlefield suffered great losses. In the following few years, Bevulas’ expansion pace increased more and more, and large amounts of laboratories were built. The Blood Parliament comprehensively headed towards new era technology. Then, Bevulas raised the concept of preserving pure-blooded humans. He decreased the amount of resources he poured into the war industry, instead, he vigorously assisted research on genes, living creatures, and environmental transformation. Under his support, the Blood Parliament’s research towards the purification of radiation contaminated water obtained the first breakthrough, the purity of water already reaching a point where ordinary people could drink it without triggering any mutation reactions. The only problem was that the production costs of creating this water was still too high. With this set of knowledge came Dragon City’s constructs and remodeling plans, and thus emerged the Dragon City that we know of today. The second set of facilities was used by the parliament’s general headquarters on Manhattan Island. Simultaneously, the anti-radiation force field Dragon City uses is something you saw for yourself. That was also a project that Bevulas emphasized his support on, using up more than a decade to successfully research.” 

This was a part of history almost no one knew about, with no recordings of it existing even in the Black Dragonriders’ records. Under Madeline’s recount, Su heard about a completely different Bevulas. When Madeline paused, Su thought for a bit before saying, “In that case, wouldn’t it be true that the several hundred thousand pure-blooded humans living around Dragon City all survived because of Bevulas?”

“This isn’t all.” Madeline released a light sigh, and then said, “While explaining this segment of history to me, Dyke Avidar had previously said that Bevulas’ way of thinking wasn’t only to provide for several hundreds of thousands of people, nor was it limited to maintaining the purity of the basic human genome and bloodlines. He was looking for a method, a method that would allow the entire human race to survive and continuously evolve and adapt in this blasted era. He wanted to break out of this predicament that concerned the survival of the entire human race. And now, at present, it could be said that Bevulas already succeeded halfway.”

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