Book 5 Chapter 9.1

Book 5 Chapter 9.1 - Top Seat

The interaction with the apostle was tense but not particularly intense, no direct clash happening from start to finish. However, the dangers he experienced weren’t any less than any of the battles he experienced in the past. Even though it seemed like the apostle gave up on his pursuit, Su still didn’t dare act carelessly, from time to time opening up the Cross-Sectional Detection integrated Panoramic View. 

Towards the apostle’s sudden retreat, Su was also a bit curious, and as a result carefully headed north. A day later, when he approached the frozen sea, not only him, but Madeline and even Cirvanas sensed a vague but terrifying aura. This was a type of warning for those powerful enough to sense it that this was Pridekla’s domain. Entry was not allowed unless the owner permitted it. As for those weaker creatures, Pridekla wasn’t...

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