Book 5 Chapter 8.4

Book 5 Chapter 8.4 - Face of Darkness

The apostle remained silent for an entire minute, and then said coldly, “Pridekla, King of the Northern Sea, it is best that you understand what you are currently doing. Do not forget what you really are after attaching the title ‘King of the Northern Sea’ onto yourself. A title is loud and resounding, while you are just a larger reptile. Wait until my strength completely recovers, I’ll then have you pay the price for your decision today. At that time, you will understand what a true high level life form is.” 

Pridekla laughed in a overcast manner. “I’ll be waiting, waiting for the day when your strength recovers and becomes a true Thunder Apostle.”

After a momentary deadlocked standoff, the apostle suddenly released a roar of anger, and then the undercurrent moved southward. 

The apostle’s sudden retreat almost caught Su who was following closely behind off guard. He didn’t dare spare stamina, continuously using Extreme Assault, and only then did he shake off the apostle’s consciousness. However, under this complete eruption of strength, he couldn’t completely conceal the energy traces he left behind. A faint trace of energy gave away his escape trajectory. 

The apostle’s consciousness gradually shrunk, ultimately becoming less than a square kilometer in size. However, its speed also correspondingly increased. Right at this moment, the edge of his consciousness suddenly discovered the energy traces Su left behind, causing it to immediately stop. The energy traces clearly pointed towards the direction Su ran towards, but before the apostle reacted it in time, the remaining energy traces already began to gradually fade. By now, Su had long fled into the distance, so relying on this several kilometer long energy trace to track him down was simply an impossible task. In addition, the remaining energy traces finally allowed the apostle to understand that what he was chasing wasn’t Su at all. Su had been chasing behind him the entire time, playing hide-and-seek. It was clear that Su had a way of detecting his consciousness. 

This was a tremendous humiliation. In the black and white world, the apostle’s consciousness fluctuated intensely, yet there was nowhere to vent his anger. He could also clearly sense Pridekla’s cold laughter from the extreme north. 

Pandora continued to aimlessly wander about, waiting for the apostle to send information. It looked like she was searching earnestly. 

She suddenly sensed something. Standing still, her beautiful eyes stared forward blankly . Her spiritual sensation told her that the apostle already arrived, that he was right in front of her. However, Pandora didn’t have perception ability like Su, so she couldn’t see the apostle’s existence. The only form the apostle displayed before her was that of  the pillar of light that connected heaven and earth. 

“Pandora!” The apostle’s dignified voice directly sounded in her mind. 

Pandora immediately knelt down on one knee, lowered her head, and respectfully said, “I await your distinguished self’s orders.” 

“Await my orders? Are you sure you aren’t treating me like a fool?” The apostle’s voice became increasingly severe. 

“I follow all of your distinguished self’s orders, and have always done so.” Pandora spoke with an unchanged voice. 

“Follow? Do you think that I have the same level of intelligence as those crawling beings on this celestial body? Something you can deceive?!” 

The apostle’s anger didn’t produce any results on Pandora’s body. She continued to reply plainly and respectfully, “I am loyal to your distinguished self.”

“Loyal? Fine, I will properly reward you for your loyalty!” The apostle’s voice became cold.

Pandora suddenly rose from the ground. Immediately afterwards, she was pulled into midair by a mysterious force, thus completely unable to budge an inch. In reality, all of these movements were produced by her body on its own, completely unrelated to her consciousness. The soul in this body was Pandora, but the body was the Black Flame Seal, the highest level authority Black Flame Seal the apostle possessed. 

The Pandora in the air undid her clothes’ buttons, removing all of the clothes on her body, and then floated naked in midair just like that. Before her, a long whip condensed out of flames suddenly appeared! The flame whip that was more than ten meters long suddenly lashed out, heavily striking between Pandora’s legs!

The high temperature flames burned Pandora ruthlessly, the Black Flame Seal even more so directly delivering the pain into her soul. Pandora couldn’t help but release a low cry of pain, her body curling up into a ball, trembling continuously. What she couldn’t endure wasn’t the pain of her flesh, but rather the intolerable humiliation. 

All of Pandora’s feelings were transmitted to the apostle. The apostle was extremely satisfied with this reaction. As such, the flame whip in midair immediately produced more than ten whip tips, fiercely striking the various parts of Pandora’s body! Flames licked her snow-white body, leaving behind streak after streak of scorched black marks. Then, the burned portions would come off, her powerful recoverative ability immediately recovering her injuries. What followed after was a new round of whipping. 

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