Book 5 Chapter 8.3

Book 5 Chapter 8.3 - Face of Darkness

In the vast uninhabited region, the apostle was like a tide that drew an arc through this rugged earth, surging violently as it headed north. Unknown if it was because the little creature sensed the apostle’s hesitation towards the north, the little thing changed directions towards the north without any hesitation, and then frantically ran with full speed. While running for its life day and night, its body was correspondingly changing. The amount of creatures on the snowy plains was sparse, and it didn’t even have much time to eat, and as such, the amount of energy its body stored was depleted increasingly by the day. However, its movements were more rational, its head shrinking somewhat, the powerful limbs on its back section becoming longer, and a few claws were evolved. This way, when borrowing force from the ground, it could step on matter that was slightly more flexible, for example, frozen earth and tree trunks. In this primitive forest, these were definitely the two most common things. 

Right now it wasn’t purely running on the earth surface, but rather leaping into the air from time to time, its body pulled together into a more aerodynamic state. Sometimes, its scales would unfold and release energy streams to draw force from, and other times, it would open a few newly evolved, larger scales, borrowing the powerful northern winds to glide through the air. 

Between its energy consumption and speed, it finally found a point of balance with great difficulty, able to maintain a certain amount of distance from the undercurrent that was chasing behind it. Only, the amount of energy stored was still depleting, about to become empty in a few days. It was different from ordinary creatures, able to extract up to the last drop of energy from its body. However, when it ran out of energy, that would signify its death. While between life and death, its intelligence obtained explosive development. Now, it understood clearly that the undercurrent was chasing after itself, and it understood even more clearly that it definitely couldn’t be caught. That was something similar to instinctive fear. 

That was why it continued to flee for its life. 

The mountains ahead continuously rose and fell, unknown where exactly the end was. It also didn’t know that at the other end of the mountain was the sea, an endless frozen sea. 

It frantically headed north, feeling like there was an aura that could bring it safety there. 

The undercurrent surged violently towards the north, and because it was advancing at full speed, there wasn’t much time for it to vent its anger. There was almost no signs of human life along the way, nor were there many other things that it could display its anger through. This perhaps made Su who was closely following behind feel much better. 

Pandora was the only one leisurely wandering about. The northern region was so vast, perfect for her to wander about as she wished. She suddenly felt that the scenery wasn’t all that bad. 

The snow country was vast and boundless, but under the little thing’s full speed sprinting, a few days later, it still approached the north’s frozen sea. 

The little fella who was recklessly gliding through the air suddenly felt its entire body go rigid, unexpectedly falling from the sky! The instant it landed on the ice surface, its is limbs all emerged, to the extent where even the two blades that were meant for attacking enemies were used, nailing themselves deeply into the icy surface, stopping its body from continuing forward. However, its speed of traveling in the air already exceeded three hundred kilometers per hour, its momentum extremely great, so how could it stop that easily?

Its limb’s blades drew out several deep gashes on the icy surface, releasing screeching sounds that make one’s teeth hurt. Under the tremendous momentum, the incomparably solid blades on the limbs were quivering, as if they might break at any time. After sliding for several dozen meters, the little thing finally successfully stopped its body on the frozen ice surface. However, there wasn’t a trace of happiness on its face, instead changing directions in a panic, anxiously screeching about. Its sixteen compound eyes flickered frantically, observing its surrounding environment for a way out. 

This place was still a hundred kilometers from the frozen sea, but it didn’t dare head north any further, not even daring to travel a meter further, as if there was an invisible border before it. While quickly flying, it suddenly sensed that the environment changed somewhat, as if it entered a brand new country. The instant it entered this country, it heard a roar from a spiritual level, as if the entire frozen sea flared up with this roar!

This was an indescribable roar. That enormous pressure felt like they were facing a mountain range that extended over ten thousand li! Not even the undercurrent that chased behind its body possessed much superiority in front of this power. 

The roar was a warning, a declaration of its power over this domain. However, it didn’t understand why it would do something like this! It was so young, so how could it give rise to such a powerful reaction? However, regardless of whether it understood or not, it didn’t have much time left. It couldn’t head further north, and even more so couldn’t retreat backwards. Once the undercurrent chasing behind it caught up, it had no idea what would happen. 

It suddenly released a shrill scream, leaping more than ten meters into the air with a single jump. Then, its scales completely opened up, not trying to save energy at all. The powerful yellow energy made it shoot out like a rocket, immediately disappearing into the eastern skies. 

Several minutes later, the undercurrent already reached the edge of this country. The apostle’s will was like a deep black and white sea, sky reaching waves rising and falling. Meanwhile, the border of the country was like a rugged coast, the tall coastal rocks hacking down on the tides like blades. Even though it was battered by the waves, it still towered there, unmoved.

In another world, another dimensional plane, two mountainous existences were currently confronting each other, mutually assessing the other party’s strength and dignity. 

“Fitzdurk, go back, this is my domain!” The enormous figure north spoke with a thunderous voice. 

“I am looking for someone, and it is extremely important. He fled into your domain. I have to catch him!” The apostle said without any intention of yielding. 

“No one special entered my domain, so withdraw, Fitzdurk, or else I will take this as war!” 

The apostle’s voice suddenly increased a few notches, not hiding its fury at all. “Pridekla, let me repeat myself one more time. I need to find him! Are you going to open up your territory or not?”

The voice north became overcast, but his resolution was unquestionable. “This is my territory, and I will not let it be violated! No one special entered my domain, so you are bound to end up empty-handed. Look for him elsewhere! Pridekla doesn’t lie, so do not question my reputation and dignity unless you wish to immediately start a war!” 

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