Book 5 Chapter 7.4

Book 5 Chapter 7.4 - Snow Country

Aire didn't know that the little thing nailed to the tree was currently in an awkward situation as well. Compared to the meat bull, the male before it was clearly tastier. In its eyes, the tastiness of something came from the amount of abilities it contained. The power within the bull meat was pitifully low. Even though it ate half of it in a single meal, it only barely satiated its hunger. In its opinion, the meat cow was completely dull and uninteresting, but Aire was releasing a warm light and energy radiance. 

It had more than ten compound eyes, every single eye’s use different to some extent. The combinations of more than ten eyes overlaid on each other were numerous to the point of being difficult to count. However, no matter how they switched modes, Aire still looked more appetizing than the flesh bu...

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