Book 5 Chapter 7.3

Book 5 Chapter 7.3 - Snow Country

A weak light flashed past the dark forest. Based on his intuition, Aire felt that it should be the radiance released by that thing. That was a dark and weak purple light that flashed past within the shadows. However, in that instant, Aire discovered that it wasn’t two lights, but rather an expanse of brilliance displayed by many light specks together. 

“Damn it, another mutated creature!” Aire swallowed his saliva with difficulty. The palms of his hands were covered with sweat. The automatic rifle felt more and more slippery, continuously sliding towards the ground. Most advanced creatures in the olden era had two eyes, but many mutated creatures’ distinctive trait was their multiple eyes. From a biological standpoint, this didn’t seem to make much sense, but this was reality. 

Aire hated mutated...

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