Book 5 Chapter 6.7

Book 5 Chapter 6.7 - New Life

Su didn’t notice what was happening behind him. In his eyes, the entire world was already divided into two parts. One was colorful and gorgeous, a world with clear scenery, while the other was a black and white world. In addition, from time to time, everything experienced slight warping deformations. 

The two worlds looked like they completely matched up, but in reality, they didn’t have any points of intersection. Most of Su’s attention was focused on his perception of the void shadow world, a small portion to search for food that was hiding under the snow. As for the two behind him, Su believed that Madeline could take care of Cirvanas. 

More and more responsibility was placed on Madeline, the little girl from back then now truly growing up to be an outstanding young lady. However, if a truly undefiable situation arose, an order of priority existed in Su’s heart, a self sacrificing priority. 

Suddenly, an enormous shadow passed over Su’s consciousness!

He immediately stopped moving, his perception abilities completely activating. Sure enough, in the black and white world, an enormous shadow that stretched over several dozen kilometers was currently slowly sweeping its way over!

Su immediately flashed over to Cirvanas’ side, lifted him up, and then even activated the Extreme Assault ability to quickly rush to the side. Madeline’s five levels of speed supported her, and even though her acceleration couldn’t compare to Su’s Extreme Assault, her sprint still didn’t fall short of an eighth level ability user. She closely followed behind Su, and within a few minutes, their group already traveled ten kilometers. 

The shadow was like a dark cloud, passing over the area where Su had just stepped foot on, the edge of this dark cloud less than a hundred or so meters from his current location. When it passed over Su’s original position, the shadow suddenly released a fluctuation, as if an ocean spray was produced. Shortly after, this ocean spray broke through the void shadow world and real world’s dividing line, a tentacle reaching into the real world. A gloomy, ice-cold spiritual fluctuation immediately swept through an area of several kilometers, but it ended up empty-handed. The large shadow continued to roil forward, not remaining here. 

This was the first time Su ‘saw’ the apostle, even though he only saw a portion of it. 

This full force sprint made Madeline’s little face a bit pale. She quietly waited, not asking anything. Only when Su’s grave expression relaxed a bit did she quietly ask, “What’s wrong?”

“I saw it, and I have a way of dealing with it.” Su said with a smile. This was the first time he smiled after leaving Steel Gate. When she saw Su’s smile, for some unknown reason, Madeline suddenly slightly lowered her head. 

Any place with Su, was a place with sunshine. 

Su didn’t notice the young lady’s slight change. He stood tall in the wilderness, and then slowly swept his eyes over the boundless snowland. He suddenly pointed towards the direction where the shadow came from, and with a calm yet firm voice, said, “Let’s go over there!”

At this moment, confidence and fighting intent once again returned to Su’s body. Only in the wilderness, in this snowland, in this chaotic and desolate era, did Su believe that he was a true king. 

Less than ten hours after Su left their second camp, Pandora’s tall and slender figure appeared here. From the traces of bonfire and camp left behind, she already determined that the distance between Su and herself had been shortened by fourteen hours. If this continued, she’d find Su in another two days at most. Only, after inspecting the camp, Pandora discovered that Su wasn’t running on his own, instead bringing two people with him. As Su’s enemy, as well as obtaining Su’s blood, Pandora’s understanding of Su was far deeper than most people. She deeply understood how difficult Su was to deal with in an environment like the wilderness. Those two individuals definitely didn’t bring Su any help, but were instead a burden, unless, the one he brought was the young lady she met last time. The silver-gray haired young lady with blue eyes left Pandora with an impression that wasn’t much less than Su himself. Pandora had yet to meet someone with such terrifying combat instincts before her, the word ‘great master’ already ill-fitted to describe her. Even though there was an enormous gap of at least three levels in ability between them, Pandora couldn’t do anything to that young lady for an extremely long time, to the extent where she even suffered losses again and again. If the two of them had similar levels of abilities and Pandora didn’t have this nearly indestructible body that had the Black Flame Seal, then the battle’s result might be completely flipped! However, the likelihood of this happening was insignificantly small, something that could be completely disregarded in the real world. 

It was extremely normal for Su to bring that young lady, as they were together during the last battle. However, what was going on with that third person? From the leftover traces, the third person was a complete burden, moreover, his body not tall, and extremely light as well. Who was this person? Could it be Su and that young lady’s child?

Even though Pandora sensed from the previous battle that the young lady was seventeen or eighteen years old at most, this was completely an age that could give birth. As for how the child managed to grow this big in just a year, that already wasn’t an issue. After all, in this blasted era, anything could happen. After seeing enough inconceivable things, seeing children that could mature in a few months already wasn’t all that shocking. 

Pandora who always carried a calm and innocent expression suddenly shouted from her smooth lips. “Damn it!”

Then, Pandora’s innocent and naive young lady appearance returned, as if nothing happened just now. She inspected the traces left behind in the camp carefully just like last time in an attempt to determine where Su headed. However, in the end, just like last time, all of the clues from the camp clearly pointed that Su headed north, but after she traveled a few dozen meters out from the camp, all clues and traces vanished. If one wanted to track down Su, not only did they need abundant experience, they also had to have perception ability that was at least at Su’s level. Pandora didn’t have either one of these, so if she only relied on effort, it naturally wouldn’t produce any results. 

A moment later, Pandora finally gave up and raised her head, starting to call for the apostle’s assistance. However, this time, even after waiting a long time, she still didn’t obtain any response. 

Pandora stood there quietly, waiting. In that divine country of nothingness, she already learned to have patience. However, this time, no results came even when night fell. There was no way the apostle couldn’t hear her call, so the only possibility was that not even the apostle could determine Su’s whereabouts. 

Not even the apostle could catch Su?

The blankness in Pandora’s eyes gradually faded, replaced with bright and sparkling light. She decided that she wasn’t going to wait any longer and would instead continue to pursue Su, even though she had no idea where Su currently was. 

Pandora’s first step headed northeast. However, after thinking for a bit, she instead headed north. 

As for why she changed direction at the last moment, the reasoning seemed to make a lot of sense: a woman’s intuition was often unreliable. 

In the direction where she originally took a step, Su had just set up an overnight camp. Meanwhile, the apostle’s consciousness had just searched through this region half an hour ago, currently heading northwest. 

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