Book 5 Chapter 6.6

Book 5 Chapter 6.6 - New Life

Cirvanas still didn’t know what happened, but Madeline understood clearly. This type of boundlessness, this type of pressure, was the unique phenomenon that appeared when ninth level abilities took form. 

She was pleasantly surprised, but there was also a bit of disappointment as she looked towards Su. 

Su finally moved, stretching out his body a bit, the scabs covering his exposed upper body coming off one after another, revealing new skin. He moved his head back and forth, his neck revealing a string of muffled and ear-piercing crack crack sounds. It almost sounded as if steel pipes were being twisted. Only after exercising his neck a bit did Su turn around to look towards Madeline and Cirvanas. 

The moment he made eye contact with Su, Cirvanas’ entire body suddenly trembled, his face becoming pale. Su’s green left eye looked a bit blurry, as if there was a shadow covering it. He almost felt as if when he concentrated his attention and observed carefully, he would be able to cast this shadow aside, but when Cirvanas really did this, he discovered with horror that the distance between void and reality was endlessly vast. A pitch-black expanse stretched between the illusion and reality like a bottomless abyss! Waves of powerful and mysterious attractive force swept out from within the abyss, pulling on Cirvanas’ consciousness to drag him into the endless abyss. In that instant, a powerful feeling of danger already covered his entire mind; he already couldn’t shift his gaze! Only by relying on his survival instincts to forcefully turn his head to the side did Cirvanas free himself from the suction of the endless abyss. 

The sudden change was comparable to a trip around the brink of life and death. A feeling of complete powerlessness immediately swept over the young man, cold sweat already pouring out layer after layer. 

Madeline’s eyes flickered with an expression of shock. She carefully looked at Su’s green left eye, and only after some time did she ask, “What kind of ability is this?”

The shadows over his green eye gradually became faint, revealing that his control over this new ability was currently strengthening. However, explaining the effects of this new ability was clearly a bit difficult, and as such, only after thinking for a bit did he say, “This ability… I’ll just call it Cross-Sectional Detection.”

The ninth level ability Cross-Sectional Detection wasn’t something on the dragonriders’ list of abilities. Through it, Su’s perception of space itself was greatly strengthened, and from this enabled him to detect spatial faults or cracks. When used in conjunction with the Panoramic View, it was still unknown what kind of new functions this ability would bring. 

When a new ability was produced, one generally needed a few days of time for consolidating and strengthening it, so the stabilizing period of a ninth level ability might be as long as several months. However, Su clearly didn’t have that much time. He placed the electromagnetic energy rifle on his back, and then directly called for Cirvanas and Madeline to pack everything for departure. As for the camp’s traces, Su didn’t waste time cleaning them up. Since the apostle already discovered this place, there is no point in disguising themselves. Su only hoped that his own suspicions weren’t wrong, that in the following fleeing process, Cross-Sectional Detection will display proper use. 

“Master, this is your distinguished self’s food.” Cirvanas unexpectedly secretly hid a piece of roasted meat from Madeline’s eyes, holding it towards Su.

Unexpectedly, Su only gave that piece of meat a single look, and then he gave an order that was the same as Madeline’s. “Eat it, immediately!”

Su’s order was undefiable, the nucleus’ understanding of the word ‘immediately’ also exceeded Cirvanas’ expectations. The enormous piece of roast meat was swallowed after a few bites, truly testing the limits of the young man’s throat. Su used this bit of time to slice up his ruined combat suit into cloth strips, wrapped them around his chest, and then he began to run on the snowland. 

The following journey finally made Cirvanas understand the meaning behind Madeline’s previous sentence. There were still creatures in the snowland, just extremely rare. Under Su’s panoramic view, regardless of whether it were the tree roots that contained water content or the little creatures hibernating under the earth, none of them could escape from the palm of his hand. Most of the food Su found were poisonous, or at the very least, not suitable for humans to eat. These things, regardless of what they were, were eaten by him. Meanwhile, the rare things that ordinary people could eat, for example, snow rabbits that haven’t mutated too much, were thrown to Madeline and carried by the young lady to use as food the next time they camped. 

Cirvanas suddenly developed an indescribable type of feeling. 

He suppressed his voice, and then asked Madeline who was running while carrying him, “Master… is he always like this?”

Madeline patted his head, and then said quietly, “He is always like this. You’ll slowly get used to it.”

Get used to it? How could he get used to this? Cirvanas found this impossible to understand. He felt as if something was burning within himself. 

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