Book 5 Chapter 6.5

Book 5 Chapter 6.5 - New Life

The three of them faced the gradually worsening weather, continuing towards the north. As for why they had to head north, that was something that could only be found at the bottom of Su’s heart.

When Su left, within the apostle’s special space, Pandora’s near perfect body no longer continued its irregular floating state. Her eyes gradually opened.

At this time, the apostle’s voice sounded once again. “Pandora, that lamb is extremely crafty, actually overcoming the present I left him. Now is your time to set off. Look for him, kill him, and then bring the Limitless Heart back. There is no need to worry about his whereabouts, I will guide you to him!”

Pandora landed on a formless surface. She knelt onto the ground, lowered her head, her falling black hair covering a portion of her body. With a voice that didn’t contain a trace of emotion, she replied, “As you wish!”

“Good, then you can head out now.” When the apostle’s voice dropped, another pillar of light descended, surrounding Pandora’s body. When the pillar of light disappeared, Pandora also disappeared.

A whole day after Su left, the black denim clothed Pandora who looked like a fashionable olden era young lady appeared where the firestorm previously wreaked havoc, her exquisite long boots stepping on the edge of the firestorm’s range of destruction. Her arms were inserted into her jacket’s pockets, black eyes sweeping through the chaotic battlefield inch by inch. 

Thirty minutes later, Pandora who had already repeatedly swept her eyes over the battlefield more than ten times found all the clues that could be discovered. She knew Su headed north, but that was all. As for what speed Su left at and whether he changed directions, Pandora didn’t know a thing. Su had abundant wilderness experience, and he was even a Perception Domain holy rank ability user, making him a true master of wilderness tracking and anti-tracking. Even with Pandora’s terrifying power, right now, she could still only feel at a loss. 

After a few minutes of hesitation, Pandora stood there perfectly straight, looked into the sky, closed her eyes, and then started to call out to the apostle. A moment later, the apostle replied, moreover transmitted Su’s rough whereabouts directly into her consciousness. The target area was more than ten square kilometers, the coordinates extremely vague, but for Pandora, this degree of precision was already enough. Pandora didn’t know how the apostle found Su, its abilities deep like an  abyss. Even now, she still didn’t completely understand the apostle’s abilities. 

Pandora changed directions, heading towards the direction indicated by the apostle. 

In a small valley to the north, Su had his eyes closed, currently using this time to rest. At the center of the temporary camp was a burning bonfire. Madeline was currently roasting a snow deer she caught from who knew where. Cirvanas’ body was curled up at the edge of the flames, currently asleep. He needed to seize every moment they had to recover his stamina.

When the snow deer was almost finished roasting, Su suddenly opened his eyes, standing up! Cirvanas was still asleep, while Madeline continued to roast the deer. Only, her right hand was already placed on the heavy sword right beside her. 

Su raised his head to survey the boundless mountains. Only after some time had passed did he release a breath, softly saying, “It found me again.” 

Madeline understood what the ‘it’ Su was talking about referred to. She calmly said, “Is it extremely accurate?”

Su sat down again, and after thinking a few minutes with a frown, said, “Shouldn’t be that precise. However, there isn’t a need for it to be that precise. As long as they narrow it down to a set region, it is enough.”

“How did it find us? It’s fine even if you don’t know, we can just continue running. If we really can’t run any further, then let’s just fight.” Madeline spoke somewhat indifferently. 

However, Madeline’s words helped Su set his resolution. He said to Madeline, “I need an hour. I’ll have to rely on you during this time.”

Su’s internal energy was aroused, and then evolutionary points were thrown into the Perception Domain one after another. A new self produced ability gradually took form. This was a powerful ninth level ability, so the formation process was complex and slow, far slower than that of an eighth level ability. In addition, even when most of the evolutionary points had been used up, the new ability already close to completely forming, Su still didn’t know what kind of use this new ability had. 

Next to the fireplace, Madeline was currently eating the roasted snow deer with Cirvanas, the amount the two of them ate completely disproportionate to their slender figures. It seemed like this fat snow deer might not be enough food for them. When Su woke up, there might not be much left for him. 

Cirvanas still felt a bit of hesitation, wishing to leave the meatiest portions for Su, however, under Madeline’s forceful gaze, he had no choice but to devour the portion Madeline gave him. When one reached their level, the only appraising factor for whether food was good or bad was how much energy it contained. As such, the fattiest portions were the best foods. This was something related to survival, the factor of taste already completely irrelevant. However, Madeline clearly gave him the best portions, she herself eating much less. As for Su, there was pretty much nothing left for him. This made Cirvanas extremely uneasy inside. He felt that he himself with the lowest level of combat strength should be eating the least. In addition, his master had already stood there for close to an hour, yet he didn’t budge an inch. Cirvanas knew that the process of ability formation was extremely fast. He had never seen an ability that took a whole hour just to form. 

As he looked at the piece of deer meat that was dripping with grease, Cirvanas finally conquered his fear towards Madeline, asking nervously, “When master wakes up in a bit, what will he eat?”

“That’s none of your business. He can eat anything!” Madeline said, still fiercely working at her deer meat. 

Cirvanas didn’t dare say anything else, only doing his best to decrease his speed of eating as much as he could. If Su woke up a bit earlier, then there might still be some food left. 

After an entire hour passed, a feeling that was difficult to describe suddenly surrounded the entire camp. This type of feeling was extremely similar to that of each time Su opened his Panoramic View, but there were some differences. The difference was actually extremely slight, but before truly sharp individuals, for example, Madeline and Cirvanas, this type of difference was extremely great. A muddled and hazy feeling could be felt this time, unexpectedly making the two of them shudder with fear deep down! If Su who previously opened his Panoramic View was still a person, then this time, at least half of him became a great ancient beast!

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