Book 5 Chapter 6.4

Book 5 Chapter 6.4 - New Life

The snow around them had long been swept away by the two streams of heat, revealing spots of frozen earth one after another. All types of little creatures that were hibernating below the frozen earth shot out from the ground, and almost the moment they left the ground, their bodies began to expand, in the blink of an eye turning into bombs filled with fiery liquid!

Fireballs continuously exploded, devastating streams of heat immediately occupying the entire region. The water content in the tundra immediately released steam, and then it was further broken down by the high temperature, producing an environment that allowed these flames to flourish even greater. The blast waves caused piece after piece of tundra to overturn, and the the stream of heat would melt them, turning them into half solid states like magma. 

Under the heaven overflowing stream of heat, from time to time, there would be beams of light similar to high energy lasers, these high energy light beams that possessed destructive force far exceeding that of lasers sweeping a meter above the ground! If there was anyone running within the fiery streams, they would be directly chopped in half at the waist by these beams of light!

They were just small creatures that were hibernating under the tundra, yet the destructive force they delivered unexpectedly exceeded that of heavy artillery!

When these little creatures broke through the earth, Su already carried Cirvanas more than ten meters out, the two little creatures that were within blast range were sliced in half by the bone blades that extended from his arms. Madeline also seized the short interval between attacks to rush over to Su’s side. Her method of dealing with these bombs was even more simple and effective, directly brandishing the heavy sword to send the little creatures flying far into the distance. 

Su grabbed Madeline over, pressing her against the ground shoulder to shoulder with Cirvanas. Then, he threw himself over, covering them underneath. Streams of heat and crazy winds immediately covered the three of them, streak after streak of deathly energy almost brushing Su’s back as they passed. The flames landed on Su’s body clump after clump like liquid, burning him until there were zi zi sounds not even the raging firestorm’s roaring could suppress.

Outside the firestorm region, a mutated snow yak rushed over. Thick air was released from its nostrils, and apart from its bloodshot eyes, it didn’t look any different from a normal yak. However, its charging speed was already close to a hundred and fifty kilometers, and when its four hooves landed, they never truly made contact with the ground!

The yak’s massive eyes were already reflecting the firestorm ahead, and as a result, it began to run with even more ferocity. The several hundred meters of distance, with its speed, would only take a few seconds. 

However, the firestorm suddenly released a dazzling blue light, and then a blazing blue shooting star flew out from the flames, covering several hundred meters of distance within less than half a second. Almost the moment it flew out from the firestorm, it already arrived by this yak’s skull!

This was a piece of metal that was burned to the extreme. Before the tremendous kinetic energy and several thousand degree flames, even steel would become as soft as tofu. The electromagnetic bullet easily passed through the yak’s head, and then left through its tail, immediately flying far into the distance.

The yak’s body silently collapsed. When its hide was opened up, what was revealed wasn’t flesh and inner organs, but rather an expanse of blue sparkling radiance!

That was the color of plasma!

The blue-colored radiance immediately dyed everything within a range of a hundred meters, several dozen spheres of electricity with varying sizes roamed about. They looked elegant and cute, but every single sphere of lightning contained terrifying energy. 

This yak was the true killer inside of this entire trap, but before it was able to display its use, it was shot by Su ahead of time. 

The firestorm finally withdrew. Su slowly got up, removing his already melted combat clothes. His naked body was covered with fine crystal granules, but the skin made from these crystal granules was still charred badly. The electromagnetic rifle was still releasing great heat. When a piece of his combat clothes drifted down and stuck to the rifle, a strand of clear smoke immediately rose. Su tried to stretch out his body, but the tearing pain immediately made his eyebrows lock together. 

“Does it hurt a lot?” Madeline stood by Su’s side, hanging her head slightly as she asked. Cirvanas’ head was completely lowered, not speaking a single word.

“A bit.” After speaking, Su suddenly sucked in a cold breath of air, his handsome face a bit distorted from the pain.

Madeline produced an external wound spray from her backpack, gave it to Cirvanas, and then ordered, “Go, help him spray it!”

The young man’s thoughts were a bit disorderly. He really wanted to ask ‘why me’, but his intuition stopped this stupid question at the corners of his lips. He silently accepted the external wound spray, uniformly applying it on Su’s back. All of the crystal granules had already withdrew from Su’s back, only leaving behind large areas of cracked skin. The charred skin continuously fell off, replaced by new light colored muscle tissue. The external wound spray left behind a layer of film over the new tissues. With Su’s speed of regeneration, a completely new layer of skin would be produced soon. 

This was an extremely painful process. 

“Let’s go. This game still has quite the playtime left.” Su said rather meaningfully. 

Madeline dragged her heavy sword, quietly following him north. Cirvanas’ eyes lit up, tightly following behind them. Since the game was far from over, then that meant he had enough time to become more powerful, powerful enough to be able to participate in this type of battle instead of purely being a burden like just now. 

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