Book 5 Chapter 6.2

Book 5 Chapter 6.2 - New Life

Madeline’s nature was, in reality, not the slightest bit sweet-tempered. She was more like a calmly flowing volcano. Right when she was about to erupt, the radiance in the young lady’s eyes finally released a cool-headed decisiveness. She instantly compared her own battle ability with Su’s, and then fiercely thought, “Wasn’t there a way a long time ago? It’ll just be like Persephone! That crafty fella…” 

What made the young lady feel vexed was that when Persephone used forceful methods, Su’s combat ability was completely negligible, not something that could be compared to his current self at all. If it was the current Su, before Persephone obtained him, there might be a great battle first, the victor and loser uncertain. 

Her terrifying battle instincts returned, helping the young lady continuously analyze and simulate different battle scenarios with Su. The rest of her intelligence was still roaming in the distance. 

A few minutes later, Su reappeared at the doorway. On his back was the electromagnetic energy rifle, and inside the knapsack that wasn’t that large fuel cells and electromagnetic bullets were stored. Two specialized custom-made 60 centimeter daggers were inserted next to his legs. Apart from these, he didn’t bring anything else. 

Madeline didn’t have anything to pack. The young lady lifted her bag, put on her hat, and then followed behind Su while dragging the alloy heavy sword. 

Under the drooping hat’s cover, the young lady’s azure eyes flickered continuously. Cirvanas who was walking in front of her suddenly sensed danger, his entire body trembling, involuntarily looking all around him. When his eyes swept past Madeline, he immediately felt the young lady’s slowly rising loftiness. The various painful experiences that happened to him these past few days appeared before his eyes once again, making him immediately avert his eyes, not daring to look at her anymore. However, Cirvanas felt that today’s Madeline felt a bit strange, but as for where the strangeness laid, he couldn’t really say, only feeling that she was a bit different from the past. Even though the young man experienced close to a hundred years of life, he spent most of his life in the underground research base. Aside from Ansuna, the only other creatures he associated with were infected researchers. Their intelligence already degenerated to the level of animals, so it could be said that he completely lacked social experience. 

Su was oblivious to the slight changes that were happening behind him, only walking out from the city at a constant speed. Avoiding the patrolling troops along the way was but a trifling task. 

The wilderness appeared once again before the three of them. The wilderness was complex, a place where anything could happen. 

Su brought Cirvanas and Madeline into the wilderness without any hesitation. 

However, the young lady’s wisdom still remained in Steel Gate. 

After leaving Steel Gate, Su didn’t head south, but rather turned around to the north towards the endless wind and snow. He ran at a constant speed, Cirvanas and Madeline following behind him. Thirty kilometers per hour, for someone like Cirvanas wasn’t too great of a burden either. Under Su and Madeline’s occasional help, he could continuously run for seven to eight hours. After obtaining the nucleus, energy was no longer a problem, what restricted the youth was his body’s strength. 

When night withdrew, and then returned, the land Su’s feet treaded upon was already covered in snow. With a crash sound, a pile of snow suddenly blasted apart, a white furred mutated creature that resembled a snow leopard jumping out from within .However, its four blood-red eyes revealed that it was not that olden era creature. 

It was clearly a vicious carnivore, its senses extremely sharp as well, not immediately throwing itself at the three of them, instead slowly retreating while whimpering. It sensed that these three prey were extremely hard to deal with. The aura Cirvanas released made it feel even greater fear. 

Su continued to advance at a constant speed, as if he didn’t see it. He still didn’t lack food, so there was no need to waste any time on it. 

Su’s military boots stepped out, entering the snow. When he was about to lift it again, he suddenly froze! 

His eyes immediately landed on the snow-white beast that was already preparing to turn its head. Madeline’s eyes were a moment slower than Su’s, while Cirvanas didn’t detect anything, looking somewhat vacantly at Su who suddenly stopped.

boom sounded, as if a gloomy drum was struck. Energy surged once once again, triggering a resonance. However, this time, the heartbeat sound did not come from the heart in Su’s chest, but was instead completely baseless, as if sounding right next to these three’s ears. 

The snow beast whimpered, and then it was suddenly shot into midair, its body continuously distorting, expanding in the void, its body that quickly inflated immediately pushed aside the fur around it, revealing its bloody muscle tissues. Its skin and fur began to split open inch by inch, and there was naturally blood that flew out. However, this blood was similar to the blood from Su’s body, after flying out, automatically gathering into blood beads. After drawing a circle in the air, they returned to the snow beast’s body!

After the snow beast sprung up a dozen or so meters, when it landed on the ground again, its body already expanded four or five times, its snow-white skin and fur dyed with blood. Its forehead was cracked open as well, a yellow bubblelike structure floating, staring deathly at Su! Blood continuously flowed out from his body, but gravity seemed to have lost effectiveness. This blood flowed extremely quickly in reverse, even intertwining, just not dripping onto the ground. It really was a horrifying sight!

It had already become a blood beast from head to toe. Meanwhile, the energy that frantically flowed through its body was already ten times that of its previous self! Su sensed that all of the blood within its body seemed to be boiling, every cell ignited, frantically transporting energy into its surroundings. It could be said that several decades of its life had been concentrated in this short minute, and it was on the verge of erupting!

The blood beast roared towards Su, inside its mouth no longer sharp teeth and a long tongue, but rather a burning fireball! Immediately afterwards, a thick pillar of raging heat shot out, immediately blasting at Su!

This blast of energy’s power was comparable to being hit head on by heavy artillery!

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