Book 5 Chapter 6.1

Book 5 Chapter 6.1 - New Life

The clock’s hand turned towards twelve. It was already deep into the night. 

Madeline stood quietly in her own room, her right hand reached out, holding the heavy sword flat like a sculpture. This heavy sword was something that had been reforged. Through Steel Gate’s developed smelting ability, the sword’s blade reached 170 centimeters, its width 40 centimeters. If the long sword hilt was included, it exceeded two meters, its weight reaching 280 kilograms. After the sword body’s casting was completed, Kane then used his Moulding ability to refine it inch by inch, so the sword quality was already hardly any different from the weapon she used in the Trials Division. This heavy sword was still a bit more than what Madeline could currently handle, but when she evolved six levels of strength, there wouldn’t be any hindrances in her control. Madeline’s six levels of power was already equivalent to the doorstep of normal ability users’ nine levels. When she brandished the sword with full power, it could easily tear through the gun turret of an olden era main battle tank. 

When all of her attention was focused on controlling the movement of energy in her body, the room’s door was suddenly pushed open with a creak sound. Su walked inside. 

Madeline’s eyebrows were raised, looking at Su in a somewhat shocked manner. She had sharp perception, all things big or small around her surroundings unable to escape her detection. Su was the only one she sealed off all extra-visual perception abilities for. As such, each time Su appeared, it would always be a pleasant surprise for Madeline. 

This was the first time Su entered Madeline’s room in the middle of the night. 

Su stood at the doorway, looking around out of habit, nothing escaping his sharp green gaze. Madeline’s room was extremely simple. Apart from a bed, there wasn’t any other decorations or furnishings. There was only a backpack thrown into a corner, inside of it some prepared clothing. This place was even simpler than the room of a prisoner, not like the bedroom of a young girl at all. 

Madeline’s heart suddenly began to beat faster. 

In this quiet bedroom at night, her beautiful self and the beautiful Su were together alone. There seemed to be too many coincidences. 

Madeline suddenly couldn’t control herself, her thoughts running wild like a fearless rampant horse. She inadvertently looked at her bed, finding it more and more unsightly the longer she looked at it, only feeling that it was just too simple and crude, simple to the point where it was basically a metal rack with a layer of cloth, so how could this be comfortable? For the first time since her birth, Madeline felt that there was a need to make her residence a bit more comfortable. 

From the perspective of those from the new era, Madeline wasn’t young anymore. Moreover, when she held authority in the Trials Division, she had already seen all types of relationships between men and women, men and men, as well as women with women, among them no lack of desires monstrous and grotesque, all types of variations that challenged the limits of the human imagination, to the extent where all types of other creatures were sometimes involved. With the threat of death ever looming, the part of human nature belonging to instincts were magnified without end. 

As a result, Madeline was actually extremely experienced and knowledgeable, at the very least much more so than what Su had witnessed. 

As soon as these thoughts emerged, they could no longer be controlled, just like the current Madeline. In addition, not only could she no longer control her thoughts, even the circulation of energy within her body’s tissues began to go out of control, and as a result, her heartbeat sped up, blood flow quickened, and body temperature rose. At this moment, her wisdom as one of the Trials Division’s three dark giants left her, leaving behind only a pure woman. 

However, the only law that would forever remain unchanged, was that there would always be unexpected events. 

Su’s eyes passed by Madeline’s face, and then said, “Prepare a bit, we are about to leave this place, departing soon.” After speaking, Su left in an unhurried manner. 

While looking at Su’s rear figure, Madeline felt stunned, her cute little mouth forming an ‘o’ shape, but this didn’t draw the slightest attention from Su. This enormous disparity in what she expected made this young lady whose reasoning was still far gone suddenly wish to smash something apart, but the cold and crude feeling of the heavy sword in her hands reminded her that if she really did do this, then nothing in this building could bear the blunt of her blow, including Su. 

Wait! Su!

Madeline’s eyes suddenly lit up, shining so brightly that it was a bit frightening. She began to carefully think things over, however, her intelligence was still roaming about in the distance, not coming back. The sudden drop in IQ didn’t affect the young lady’s train of thought, let alone the fact that for what she was currently thinking, intuition was a more reliable method. 

“How did Li end up getting with Su? Let me think, I think I heard a bit… it seems like she was the one that provoked him first, and then after angering him, ended up being done. What about Helen? Yi, Helen doesn’t seem to have any relationship with him, but it’s really hard to say. That woman’s thoughts are something not even I can see through. I won’t worry so much about this, other women… He doesn’t seem to have other women, and even if he did, these were all things that happened before joining the Black Dragonriders. En? How come after joining the Black Dragonriders, his nature became so powerful? What do I do…”

In the blink of an eye, countless thoughts passed through the young lady’s mind, but not a single one was useful. Moreover, the burden of excessive thinking brought her quite the headache. 

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