Book 5 Chapter 5.7

Book 5 Chapter 5.7 - The Light Before Dusk

“I’m fine. Cirvanas, leave us alone for a bit.” Su said. 

Cirvanas was a bit unwilling, but he couldn’t defy Su’s orders. In the end, he still withdrew. 

Madeline nodded. The nucleus connected her even more intimately with Su, but this was the first time it surged with such powerful energy, to the point where her constitution almost couldn’t hold on. Moreover, this type of energy possessed mysterious power, as if it could make all matter of common origin resonate, disregarding all distance, close or far. This was a terrifying energy that carried spatial attributes, and even more importantly, if there were other substances in this world similar to the Heart of Darkness or nucleus, then they might also sense the Heart of Darkness’ pulse. 

After all, in Frozen Throne’s research records, it was...

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