Book 5 Chapter 5.6

Book 5 Chapter 5.6 - The Light Before Dusk

“Seems like the start of a powerful empire!” While carrying a smile that contained mysterious meaning, Madeline stood behind Su, similarly gazing towards those soldiers as she softly spoke. 

Su laughed, and then said, “You are using the word ‘seems’?”

“But of course! This army looks powerful, but in the eyes of true high level ability users, it is just a matter of how long they have to fight for. If it was you, would you be scared of them, even if there was over a hundred thousand of them? Only if you establish an army made up entirely of third level soldiers will it pose a bit of threat towards high level ability users. That is why the empire you built is actually extremely weak.” Madeline said. 

Su nodded, and with a bit of regret,...

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