Book 5 Chapter 5.6

Book 5 Chapter 5.6 - The Light Before Dusk

“Seems like the start of a powerful empire!” While carrying a smile that contained mysterious meaning, Madeline stood behind Su, similarly gazing towards those soldiers as she softly spoke. 

Su laughed, and then said, “You are using the word ‘seems’?”

“But of course! This army looks powerful, but in the eyes of true high level ability users, it is just a matter of how long they have to fight for. If it was you, would you be scared of them, even if there was over a hundred thousand of them? Only if you establish an army made up entirely of third level soldiers will it pose a bit of threat towards high level ability users. That is why the empire you built is actually extremely weak.” Madeline said. 

Su nodded, and with a bit of regret, he said, “This era’s order and authority is completely grasped in the hands of the powerful. It really doesn’t seem like the olden era’s democracy and freedom will ever return.” 

“But of course.” Madeline spoke directly. When the Trials Division was under her control, she concentrated single-mindedly on strengthening herself, completely uninterested in the fostering of arbitration officials’ strength. She had long seen through the fundamental nature of this era. Before high level ability users, all ordinary people and low level ability users were dispensable cannon fodder, and before ability users who stepped over into the true holy levels, even mid level ability users were cannon fodder. 

She thought for a bit, and then suddenly said with a smile, “Su, your current title seems to be the Spreader of Death! You’ve already become a powerful individual who has the qualifications to establish order in this era, becoming a member of the supreme club. Only, those who gave you this nickname don’t understand your true intentions. The reason you initiated war is only for the sake of allowing more people to live.”

Su laughed again. He released a light sigh and said, “It doesn’t matter if they don’t know. In fact, my greatest objective is just to leave behind a power, a foundation for those three to live a bit better. As for whether or not more people can continue living, that is just an additional result that further set my resolution. It doesn’t matter what others think of me. Madeline, I am just an extremely simple, ordinary person. I don’t have the ability to save the world, nor do I have the ability to ensure the well-being of more people. The only thing I wish for, is to be able to properly take care of those around me.” 

“Then am I one of those by your side?” Madeline suddenly placed her arms behind her, jumping to Su’s side and asking in an extremely naive and innocent manner.

As he looked at this incredibly beautiful young lady, Su suddenly discovered that it was already extremely hard for him to associate her with the little girl with the porcelain doll like face. As a result, his right hand that originally wanted to stroke her hair froze in midair. When she saw this scene, Madeline released a laugh of victory, just like a little girl that received some candy. Meanwhile, Su, naturally wouldn’t answer this question that couldn’t be more obvious. 

However, what Madeline wanted to know wasn’t only this. Only, she still didn’t want to ask this, so Su didn’t know how to respond. 

Right at this time, a bang suddenly sounded within this office, the sound heavy and distant, as if it was the drumbeat of an ancient battlefield, almost making the entire building shake! Madeline looked at Su with a somewhat shocked expression. She could sense that this sound came from the pulsing of Su’s heart, but why did the beating of a heart release such a powerful sound? Moreover, what accompanied this powerful heartbeat was the surging of energy from within Su’s body! It immediately covered his entire body, the energy that seeped out even creating an energy storm that didn’t scatter in Su’s surroundings, supporting his body until he was floating in midair! Only after a while did he slowly descend. 

The moment Su’s heart pulsed, another streak of energy shot out, and through resonance methods, the enormous power was directly transmitted into the nucleus within Madeline’s body, shaking up all of her body’s cells. Under the shaking of the energy, all of Madeline’s genes trembled, all ability domains displaying some type of reaction, vaguely displaying signs of producing an independent ability. This baptism of energy disappeared in an instant, not bringing Madeline all that many evolutionary points, but when her ability potential was examined, there seemed to be some faint expansion. This baptism of energy proved that the young lady had, at the very least, the potential to develop all ability domains. However, Madeline had her own thoughts on combative matters, only wishing to develop abilities in the Combat Domain, all the way until she ran out of potential in that direction. She was less than ten evolutionary points from another sixth level Combat Domain ability. The young lady already decided to immediately choose six levels of power strengthening as soon as she had enough evolutionary points. 

Su’s abilities were on a path of comprehensive development, battlefield omnipotence, at the same time leaning towards control and survival. Meanwhile, what Madeline wished for was unstoppable offensive power. This decision, when compared to her choices for power while in the Trials Division was already greatly different. 

Even more powerful energy swept through Su’s entire body. All of his genes were shaking, groaning, strenuously resisting the battering of the berserk energy. Energy poured over like a torrent, continuously washing Su’s genes, as well as even every cell in his body. Under this cleansing, many tissues fragments that weren’t sturdy enough were stripped off, shattering under the twisting energy. A portion of the energy was directly absorbed by his body and even genes. The portions that absorbed this energy began to quickly develop mutations, from time to time producing new parts. At the same time, there was a lot of tissues that were filtered out like residue, crushed under the energy. 

These extremely fine changes happened quickly. In the eyes of outsiders, Su only floated in midair for around a minute, and then he spat out a large mouthful of foul smelling black blood, afterwards slowly descending to the ground. The energy around his body lost control, spreading in all directions, forming a gale that turned everything inside the room into a mess. 

“Master! Are you alright?” The room’s door was suddenly pushed open. Cirvanas rushed in, staggering and crying out involuntarily. 

His face was morbidly pale, his lips so red they looked like blood was going to trickle off them. If one looked carefully, they would discover that blood really did drip from the young man’s lips. The energy that pulsated from Su’s heart was not only transmitted to Madeline’s body, it seemed like it similarly brought Cirvanas quite a bit of suffering. 

After landing on the ground, Su’s body went weak, almost falling onto the ground. Cirvanas released a cry of alarm, rushing over, but was stopped by Madeline’s outstretched hand. When the young man who was in the middle of having comprehensive second level Magic Domain abilities smashed into Madeline’s arm, it was as if he ran into a wall, unable to move even a step closer. 

As expected, after staggering a few times, Su finally found an equilibrium, slowly straightening his body. Then, another large mouthful of black blood sprayed out! However, after this mouthful of blood was released, Su’s complexion clearly became a bit better, the energy within his body rising once again. 

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