Book 5 Chapter 5.3

Book 5 Chapter 5.3 - The Light Before Dusk

At lunchtime, Helen, Lafite, and Curtis gathered at the dining room once again. The two men’s bodies had a few more fresh injuries; it looked like they had some intimate contact in the restroom again. Correspondingly, their food intake was also tremendous. While waiting for the automatic kitchen to provide food, Lafite organized his silver hair that was no longer flying about, while Curtis pulled out a military knife, directly using the sharp cutting edge to shave his scalp, removing the short needle-like short hair until he was bald. 

“I’m leaving Dragon City tomorrow morning at seven to collect specimen from Virtue County, estimated return seven at night. Coordinates for specimen pickup is 3726, 5518.” Helen said nonchalantly as if she was talking to herself. However, these two men’s faces immediately changed slightly. 

“Gathering specimen at this time?” Lafite said. 

“There are battles going on all around Dragon City.” Curtis reminded. 

“It’s a personal matter.” Helen replied indifferently. Regardless of whether it was Curtis or Lafite, they both knew that once Helen decided on something, it would be extremely difficult to change her mind unless they used violence. 

The two men gave each other a look, their gaze drawing out sparks in midair, and then they left the dining room at the same time. Their steps were slow and unsteady, the injuries from their battle clearly not light. Right now, they had to hurry and recover. 

A new day quickly arrived. At exactly seven in the morning, Helen drove her off-road vehicle punctually out from Dragon City into the boundless wilderness. Aside from her, the off-road vehicle also carried Lafite and Curtis, the two men each with their own reasons for why they had to come. Lafite said that he had to protect Helen from being harmed by others, while Curtis was here to prevent Lafite from harassing Helen.

At precisely nine, seventeen figures of all different appearances stopped Helen’s off-road vehicle. They all radiated powerful, unconcealable energy, obviously the chosen who recently stirred up quite the commotion, moreover seventeen high-level ones!

“Yes! This is it! I’ll finally be able to capture you!” Dr. Connor who hadn't closed his eyes for an entire night watched this scene from the distance. He couldn’t help but cry out with excitement, smashing a fist heavily on the office table! These were the chosen they did everything to gather together, to the extent where it even included the troops that originally should have been handed over to Bevulas, and only then was this ‘extravagant’ battle formation assembled. 

The place Helen was to be stopped at was clearly chosen after careful consideration. This place was remote and desolate, forget about signs of human habitation, not even many lower lifeforms like bugs could be seen. This was a good place for robbery, murder, and arson. 

This was what the chosen thought, what Dr. Connor thought, and what many other people thought. This was even what the short silver haired Lafite and bald Curtis thought. 

Helen’s plan went extremely smoothly. 

At night, the gene specimen of seventeen chosen, through various secret and highly efficient channels, arrived at the hands of the Spider Empress’ representative. 

These specimens that included five samples of seventh level abilities and one eighth level ability left the Spider Empress’ representative shocked. A similarly shocking reciprocation entered the account Helen designated in a similarly mysterious and highly effective manner, even though this amount of money was enough to make even the most loyal individual develop thoughts they shouldn’t have. 

Those of the underground world sometimes really cared about integrity, of course, these situations were extremely, extremely few. However, the meaning these genetic specimen represented was enough to make the craziest people become clear-headed. 

When an alarm sounded at twelve, Helen opened her own account, discovering that the amount of funds she had been waiting for was already here without any surprise, the difference between the actual time and expected only a few minutes of difference. This bit of difference was tolerable. 

The number in the account was extremely long, long to the point of leaving one’s eyes feeling a bit dazzled. If this amount was completely turned into food, even with the rocketing prices during wartime, even with the current quantity of food available, it would still be enough to raise Lafite and Curtis for a hundred years. 

Moreover, it wasn’t Helen who asked them to take action today, they were just carrying out their responsibilities of protection. As such, everything they did today was extra. 

In addition, today, Helen didn’t let them take action, their job strictly to protect her. That was why everything these two did today were needless extra services. 

As she looked at these profits, Helen suddenly discovered that her urge to pull out all of Lafite’s silver hair had lessened quite a bit, and Curtis’ head that wasn’t properly shaved wasn’t all that offending to the eyes. 

“These two rice tubs seem like they still have some use.” Helen thought. 

The most important thing was that those two seemed like they could still be used to make more unbelievable profits. At this time, Helen finally discovered that Lafite was quite the rare handsome man. If she was purely comparing faces, only Su was more perfect than him, but Lafite had more personality. Meanwhile, Curtis that big black man, in fact, was also an outstanding candidate for a type of masculine aesthetics. Perhaps this type of man gave one a greater sense of security?

Helen began to carefully think about how she was going to make these two men stay a bit longer. 

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