Book 5 Chapter 5.2

Book 5 Chapter 5.2 - The Light Before Dusk

The serious breakfast time quickly passed. Helen didn’t head towards the laboratory to work, instead returning to her own personal office and opening the intelligence system connected to the outside world. She skillfully entered an address, her fingers flying about as the several dozen digit username and over a hundred character password were entered. The light screen suddenly dimmed, and a moment later, it lit up again. What appeared on the screen was a room that was empty to the point where there were almost no decorations, as well as a middle-aged man whose attire was no different from that of an armed refugee. 

“Venomous Snake, hey! It’s been quite some time since you last contacted me, how’s it been? You still workin’ for that little girl? Haha, I heard that even though your new owner doesn’t have any abilities, she definitely isn’t simple. Here’s a word of advice, you better not have any ideas, or else she might just directly slice you up! If that happens, I’ll lose a ton of business you know?” The middle-aged man enthusiastically called out in an extremely familiar manner. 

Venomous Snake was the code name of the account she was currently using, as well as Lynch’s past nickname in the underground world. Ever since she subdued Lynch, Helen easily accepted everything he had, including his various channels and relationships. The one the middle-aged man saw on the screen was Lynch’s covered face. Disguise, for Helen, was just an insignificant matter. 

“Let’s talk business.” Helen said. When her voice reached the other end of the light screen, it already became Lynch’s voice, and it even went through further camouflaging means. 

“Just say it! Old pal, it’s been a while since you’ve given me good business! My reputation is something you understand clearly, so if you need something, just say it.” The middle-aged man was smiling to the point where his mouth cracked open, revealing the large pile of shining golden teeth beneath. 

“I wish to sell a batch of chosen gene specimen.” 

The middle-aged man immediately jumped out of his seat, crying out in alarm, “Chosen?! Heavens, don’t tell me that the chosen you are talking about is… those things under that person.”

“Precisely them. Isn’t the other side offering a high price for chosen gene specimen?” Helen said calmly. 

Sweat began to pour down from the middle-aged man’s forehead. He continuously wiped at it, laughing bitterly while saying, “That is the case, you aren’t wrong, but you know that this is the same as a disguised slaughtering bounty. We all believe that side’s battlefield situation isn’t looking good, as only then would they need to rely on money to hire mercenaries who don’t fear death to kill the chosen. If that side really is the one that is defeated in the end, then the ones who offer gene specimen might be in big trouble! That is why even though the reward has been announced for a period of time, it seems like they still haven’t received much genetic samples.” 

“I need money.” 

“But one has to be alive to spend money! Do you need a lot? If it isn’t too much, I can lend you a bit first, of course, with a bit of interest… damn it, this amount of money can equip an entire army!” When he saw the number Helen sent through, the middle-aged man couldn’t help but curse outwards. He took a deep breath, calmed himself down, and then said, “Alright, I won’t ask why you need so much money. However, this amount really is something only Dark Red Castle can bring out. I can contact the people on that side, so when are you planning to hand over the genetic specimen?”

“... day after tomorrow.” After calculating a bit, Helen passed on this message. 

The middle-aged man was shocked. “So fast! It seems like you already got rid of a few chosen… alright, I shouldn’t be asking this kind of stuff. However, I still have to remind you that those chosen aren’t as easy to defeat as the rumors say. It’s best if you prepare yourself.” 

Lynch’s figure on the light screen flickered a few times, and then it dimmed. The middle-aged man shook his heads with a bitter smile, lit a cigar, and then heavily breathed in a few times. He then began to contact the representative from Dark Red Castle. 

Helen gently rubbed her temples, and then she placed her right hand on the keyboard sensor. The light screen began to quickly flash about, the refresh rate and flood of data completely not something an ordinary person could handle. Soon after, Helen found what she needed. 

With another identity, she once again entered a mysterious transaction room. Soon after, two virtual young ladies walked over, bringing her into a VIP room. A dignified elder then walked over and sat down across from Helen. With a smile, he asked, “What are your distinguished self’s orders?

Helen was currently in the image of an ordinary young girl, but what she looked like wasn’t important; what was important was her scope of authority here. In this fictitious world, authority was built up bit by bit, and it brought with it enormous benefits. The one controlling the old man understood clearly that no guests with high levels of authority here were simple. 

“I wish to sell some intelligence.” Helen said. 

The old man’s eyebrows were raised, and then he asked with a serious expression, “Would it be possible to be a bit more specific?”

“An important figure from within Persephone’s private hospital is preparing to set out, the information is on her time of departure and destination.” Helen said. 

“This piece of information…” The old man frowned. At the same time, he searched through the library, and then his eyes quickly lit up. “... is extremely valuable! I believe it can be sold for a good price.”

Helen fetched a piece of paper, and after quickly writing some digits, she handed it to the elder. “Then that’s good. This is the amount I hope to receive, so when the transaction is complete, please transfer it into this account. Everything else will be handled as per usual.”

The elder accepted the piece of paper, and after seeing the number written on it, his eyelids couldn’t help but jump. However, he quickly recovered his calm and collected smile, telling Helen, “No problem, I believe that the next time we meet, your distinguished self’s level of authority can increase once again.”

Helen’s young girl avatar smiled, but didn’t say anything, instead gradually fading from the room.

Following the elder’s withdrawal, this virtual world was also drowned out by darkness.

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