Book 5 Chapter 4.7

Book 5 Chapter 4.7 - Luck

Ah!!” A blood-curdling scream suddenly rang through the spacious and luxurious room. Dr. Connor suddenly sat up, breathing in and out heavily, ice cold sweat continuously flowing down the strands of hair stuck to his forehead. His nightgown was long soaked through, incredibly uncomfortable as it stuck to his body. 

The doctor continued to gasp for breath, and only after some time did he recover a bit from the terror of the nightmare. He slowly looked around. 

The nightlights were extremely gentle, completely illuminating the 100 square meter luxurious bedroom. Their designs were ingenious, functioning both as decorations and sources of light without disturbing the owner’s sleep. The bedroom was gorgeous, yet simplistic at the same time, the work of a great master. The spacious surface area was especially to the doctor’s liking. Only after obtaining success in the chosen project did Dr. Connor obtain this residence that had both luxury and technology. This mansion that covered over three thousand square meters had several dozen servants in charge of various tasks, as well as seven or eight beauties with different styles. Connor liked them a lot, but he didn’t like sleeping with others. That is why each time he finished venting his desires, he would always drive them out from his bedroom. 

However, the room was spacious and empty to the point of making him feel suffocated. All areas of darkness in the room felt like they were hiding monsters that would jump out at any time, even though Conner’s perception clearly didn’t sense anything. The less he perceived, the more fearful Connor became. He was but someone with seven levels of Perception Domain ability! The powerful perception abilities were not only so that he could explore the world on a subatomic level, but because the greater one’s abilities in the Perception Domain, the greater the human brain would become. The other ability domains would also more or less bring some evolution to the brain, as well as nervous system abilities, but none of them were as great as Perception Domain abilities. 

The scenes from the nightmare he just had were still vivid in his mind. Even though it was still early, Connor didn’t feel any sleepiness. He got off the bed, removed the wet and sticky pajamas, took a shower, and only then did he feel a bit better. He walked to the phone, pressed a few numbers, but no one answered. It seemed like those women were all fast asleep, none of them even hearing the ringing of the phone. Even though they were only separated by one floor, this insignificant amount of hindrance got rid of all courage he had. He paced about a few times around the room, and in the end, he finally couldn’t hold back the restlessness he was feeling, dialing his assistant’s number. 

That male assistant who wasn’t all that special to look at was always silently working, in the last ten years continuously residing in the research room. He was a genius in certain areas, but in most fields, his talent couldn’t compare to Dr. Connor’s at all. Connor precisely needed someone like this who was hardworking, willing to take tasks despite criticism, someone who was extremely smart and could complete work on his own, but not smart to the extent where it threatened Connor’s position. 

The call went through, leaving Connor somewhat surprised. He originally wanted to leave his assistant with a message, not expecting the assistant to still be awake. 

“Hey… en, that…” The doctor whose brain was experiencing a momentary sluggishness couldn’t recall his assistant’s name. It was quite strange as well, this mediocre and hardworking assistant seemed to become like air, indispensable, but often overlooked. 

“There still hasn’t been any news.” The assistant’s deep voice sounded from the other end. 

“No news?” The doctor gave the current time a look, and then he frowned. There should have been results a long time ago. Even if no one was able to hurry back, there should still be news of success or failure. How come there was still no news?

The assistant on the other end of the phone remained silent for a moment, and then said, “To be more precise, they should have reported back to Bevulas. 

Connor obviously understood his assistant’s intentions. If it was purely from a standpoint of status, Yevuka wasn’t much inferior to Connor himself. If it wasn’t because of Helen’s involvement in the chosen project, he wouldn’t be able to order Yevuka around at all. The doctor’s current status was achieved because of the chosen project, and only then did his importance continuously increase. The reason why Yevuka and two other high level ability users were dispatched was also because of Bevulas’ orders. After experiencing continuous defeats, even the doctor himself clearly understood that high level abilities were completely wasted on these chosen who lacked intelligence and experience, their performance on the battlefield far inferior when compared to ability users with similar levels of abilities. For example, an assassin like Yevuka, purely in terms of abilities, had about the same levels as the elite chosen under Connor. However, if they were to fight on the battlefield, not even ten chosen could kill her. 

When the chosen project achieved a breakthrough, Dr. Connor’s status experienced a sharp rise, already reaching the edge of Bevulas’ core ring of strategic decision-making. That thing stored at the very depths of the research base, as well as the mysterious resources Bevulas grasped, would all be opened to him. Connor knew that in that mysterious world, there was at least one thing that possessed unrejectable temptation. 

That was, true eternal life. 

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