Book 5 Chapter 4.6

Book 5 Chapter 4.6 - Luck

Following a crash sound, the door into the restroom was forcefully kicked open by the captain’s large foot, and then his square steel-like body squeezed out. Curtis walked with his head high and chest out, but not even his coal black skin could hide his swelled eye socket or injured lips. Due to the darkness of his skin, the injuries weren’t all that noticeable, only, the tactical vest had already been been turned into tattered cloth strips, and the sturdy trousers already became triangle briefs. In addition, his movements were extremely stiff, actions that required slightly more motion making him grimace in pain. It was clear that his injuries weren’t light. 

From when the restroom door was closed to when it was reopened, less than a minute had passed. However, the captain’s condition was completely different. 

Curtis’ body took a few steps with difficulty, and then he suddenly released a muffled groan, his enormous body staggering, almost falling onto the ground. He immediately reached his hand out towards the wall, no longer having time to worry about appearances, but this still wasn’t enough. In the end, his entire body leaned against the wall, and only then did he stabilize himself. 

Lafite’s figure emerged from behind the restroom door. His head of silver hair was no longer fluttering about in this place without wind, but instead falling down in a disordered and messy manner. The delicate white jadelike skin on his face and upper body was covered in purple color, with fist marks and finger traces everywhere. There were some areas that were swelled high up, his situation seemingly not much better off than the captain’s. This was especially the case when one saw that the left side of his face had an especially clear shoe imprint, and from its size, it was clear that it was the exact same as the captain’s shoe. From top to bottom, Lafite’s only unchanged part was the silver colored blindfold. 

Lafite’s gait was more steady and calm than the captain’s, but as soon as he left the restroom, his body couldn’t help but shake. He immediately held onto the restroom door, and only then did he prevent himself from falling. His eyes that were covered looked in the captain’s direction. 

“What are you looking at? Could it be that you weren’t beaten into submission yet?” Curtis laughed coldly. 

“You speak like you won!” Lafite sneered. 

“At the very least, I didn’t lose.” 

“Is that so? Then should we have another round?” Lafite challenged. 

“I don’t see why not!” Curtis cheerfully accepted. 

The two men who were on the verge of collapse stared at each other for a long time, but neither of them showed any intention of taking action again. As such, they both released a snort, and then gave each other the middle finger. 

Eventually, the captain dragged his heavy body towards the stairs. 

“Where are you going?” Laftie asked. 

“Going to look for a place to sleep!” The captain mumbled in reply.

“Helen’s bedroom is but over there! What, you aren’t going to protect her at her side? Aren’t you scared that I might suddenly get excited and then decide to just do her? If that time comes, how are you going to explain things?” Lafite said with a cold laugh. 

The captain sized up Lafite with an expression of ridicule. “Getting excited in your current state? Have at it, I’ll even  advise her not to resist.” 

Lafite didn’t get angry, instead saying, “Your injuries are greater than mine!” 

“But I’m not as fragile as you.”

After another vicious exchange of insults, the two momentarily couldn’t find anything new to throw at the other party, finally deciding that it was a bit senseless. They moved towards the staircase one after the other.

While walking, Lafite suddenly thought of something. He revealed a mysterious smile, and then slowly said, “If those puppies under Bevulas knew about our current condition, they’d definitely rush here as if their assess were on fire.” 

Curtis similarly revealed a rare meaningful smile, saying, “Probably. Back then, when we were locked up in the same prison cell, each time we finished fighting, there would always be unsightly fellas who wished to take advantage of the situation…” 


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