Book 5 Chapter 4.5

Book 5 Chapter 4.5 - Luck

In the underground experiment region, Lafite finally found a room that he barely felt satisfied with. From his perspective, no matter what kind of room it was, they were actually all the same; as long as the bed in the room didn’t have a sleeping Helen, then he couldn’t really be considered satisfied. Right now, he had just taken a bath, his upper body naked, his lower body dressed in a pair of casual trousers. In his hands was a silver-colored cloth strip. He slowly tied it around his eyes, and then carefully tied a knot. His movements were slow and graceful, as if his fingers were playing a musical instrument. 

However, a slight quaking noise sounded from the ground surface, making Lafite’s movements suddenly become rigid, completely ruining the rhythm and aesthetic. He stood there, pausing for an almost unperceivable moment, and then suddenly disappeared from the room. 

The door was originally closed, but the moment Lafite disappeared, it suddenly opened. It moved back and forth, and then suddenly released an ear-splitting creak. The light alloy door was suddenly covered in cracks!

Lafite opened the door and walked out from the room in quite the proper fashion, only, the speed at which he opened the door was too fast. As a result, the alloy door was unable to endure such tremendous power, falling apart. 

Underground second floor, at the two ends of a short corridor, two ferocious whirlwinds suddenly swept about. Captain Ben Curtis’ wide body squeezed out from the corridor, his little eyes that shone brilliantly staring rigidly at the other end, even though there was nothing there. When the captain’s gaze drifted over, a ghost-like figure already appeared.

When he saw that handsome face with eyes covered by a silver cloth, the captain’s face suddenly changed, becoming serious and full of shock. He couldn’t help but cry out, “Silver Hair?” 

The calm and unhurriedness Lafite always displayed also disappeared without a trace at this moment, his face now covered with disbelief and shock. He cried out involuntarily, “Black Steel?” 

“How come you’re here?!” The two individuals seemed to have asked at the same time, and then they both closed their mouths. The captain stared deathly at Lafite, and even though Lafite’s eyes couldn’t be seen, all of his perception was concentrated on the captain’s body. 

The air here seemed to have frozen still. 

After an entire minute had passed, Lafite suddenly laughed and said, “Black Steel, after all these years, your vile tastes still haven’t changed, liking those lousy copper rotten steel things. Who are you trying to fool?”

Curtis spat out a heavy clump of spittle onto the ground, and then he laughed coldly. “What can I do? There are so many people in this world, and there will always be some idiots who only know to look at this junk. Saying all this shit about me, aren’t you the same as before too? Always with that look that’s not masculine or feminine, displaying your old body regardless of the weather!”

Lafite was still smiling, but his smile was now full of a deep chilliness. He said slowly, “Black Steel, I’ve already told you many times that I am not old, at the very least younger than you!” 

“The young girls now all call me uncle!” The captain displayed an unprecedented harshness. 

The muscles on Lafite’s face clearly jumped, but he seemed to understand the captain well, not continuing this bickering with him. He instead changed the topic, asking, “Why would you show up here?”

Without waiting for the captain to reply, Lafite couldn't help but add, “After not meeting for so many years, from your current appearance, it seems like you haven’t been doing all that well! I’m even willing to bet that right now, you’re not even a major general. With your nature that’s like a wild boar’s, a few mistakes and you might not even be a colonel.”

When he heard Lafite’s sarcasm, the captain surprisingly didn’t become angry, instead cracking open a grin, revealing a row of large shining teeth. “Right now, I am a captain!”

“Captain?” Laftie’s smile immediately disappeared. He put away his frivolous attitude and coldly said, “I truly didn’t expect that you didn’t change in the slightest. Just now, I underestimated you. Alright, we should discuss some proper things now. Why are you here? Morgan, that old thing, entrusted me with protecting Helen. Even though I find that old thing quite unsightly, I already agreed to his request, so I’m going to see this to its end. It’s best if you don’t set your eyes on Helen.” 

The captain cracked open a large grin, laughing silently. “In my opinion, the one that has his eyes on Helen is you, right? Don’t think that I can’t see through this bit. I still remember those things from back then! I say, you should just let your mission end here. Helen already asked me to protect her. This place isn’t that big, a bit too cramped for two men. That’s why it’s probably best if you roll back to your old nest to grow mold!” 

Lafite’s body suddenly relaxed, revealing an enchanting smile before saying, “Alright, Black Steel, it seems like you really can’t stop yourself from getting involved! This is perfect, I haven’t had some exercise in a long time, my body about to rust. There’s a restroom over there, so how about the two of us enter and properly compete a bit?”

“You mean to fight like a man?” The captain gave Lafite a sidelong glance. 

Lafite’s face became covered in a layer of blue as he squeezed out a sentence from between the gaps of his teeth, “When we come out, let’s see who it is that’s not like a man!”

The captain revealed his white teeth again. All of the weapons and ammunition were unloaded, only wearing that tactical vest. He followed Lafite up the stairs, walked into the restroom, and then closed the door behind him. 

The entire private laboratory shook, and then everything became quiet. 

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