Book 5 Chapter 4.4

Book 5 Chapter 4.4 - Luck

Only with great difficulty did the captain prepare a battlefield mindset, lowering his large hands and pressing towards the screen while clenching his teeth. From the amount of strength he was exerting, one could tell that he really wanted to jab his finger straight through the screen.

Unfortunately, even though the captain’s intelligence system was ancient, it was still a hundred percent a military good. The military quality screen stopped the captain’s powerful jab without any suspense, and then Helen’s immobile face began to move. Her gaze was ice-cold like electronic eyes, but no matter how Curtis looked at it, he felt like she was laughing at him. 

“You owe me a favor. It’s time for you to return it.” The speaker played Helen’s message. 

“I knew it was going to turn out like this!!” The captain roared, brandishing his enormous fists to strike at the steel welded intelligence system table. However, his reasoning told him that if his two fists struck downwards, it would definitely smash both the table and intelligence system to pieces. For the captain who was in quite the economic bind, this definitely wouldn’t be a small expense. 

The fists came to an abrupt stop when they were less than a centimeter from the table. The captain’s face flushed with a wave of redness, and the steel table also released a vibrating sound. 

Since he already saw Helen’s message, even if he smashed apart the intelligence system, it wouldn’t change anything. Right now, he was like a red-eyed bull, but there was no matador to help him vent his anger. 

Curtis suddenly stood up and walked up to the icebox with large steps. He pulled open the door, brought out all of the beer stored inside, and then emptied every single one of them into his stomach. Only after completing this did he fiercely slam the icebox door and walk out. He crammed his way into the jeep and forcefully started up the engine. The jeep turned around with a groan, leaving through the courtyard’s main entrance. However, as soon as it left the entrance, it released a few clumps of smoke before dying out. Curtis stared hatefully at the key. A few ear-splitting friction sounds could be heard from the engine, and then it no longer moved.  

“Blasted luck! I knew it would be like this!” Curtis roared while squeezing his way out from the vehicle. He really wanted to give the car a kick, but this was his only vehicle, and it still had hopes of being repaired. When he thought of this, the leg that was already flying out changed directions, kicking heavily into a pile of cement, causing half of it to fly in all directions. 

The captain returned to the courtyard as fast as he could, rushing into the storehouse. A few minutes later, the captain that walked out had already changed into a tactical vest, all types of bullets and grenades inserted on it, on his back a machine cannon ammunition chest only a mobile suit would use. A glistening yellow chain extended out, the other end entering the multi-barreled rapid-fire machine cannon specially  designed for a mobile suit. 

The fully armed captain was full of killing intent as he stepped out from the courtyard. Then, with heavy footsteps that wouldn’t lose out to mobile armors, he jogged towards Persephone’s private hospital. 

The private hospital felt rather empty. This hospital that originally had four or five doctors, six or seven nurses, as well as a few other staff members in charge of odd jobs now only had an old man watching over the main building and doing some basic cleaning to prevent the hospital from becoming a trash scene. Helen spent most of her time in the underground regions, and she rarely left through the main entrance. 

Within the hospital, a few medicine bottles on the shelves began to shake slightly, and then the shaking became greater and greater. The old man that was half reclining on the chair behind the door noticed this. He opened his drowsy eyes, and through the dusky lighting, he saw that the medicine rack was shaking with greater and greater intensity, his face that was covered in wrinkles gradually displaying an expression of alarm. 

Before he completely stood up from the chair, with a bang sound, the two large locked doors were blasted open by an artillery shell. The chains and lock flew off of the door, smashing into the medicine rack, shattering quite a few of the medicine bottles. Flying glass fragments and medicinal liquid splattered outwards, quite a few landing on the old man’s body. However, he only stood there blankly, staring at the wide open entrance. 

Under a faint green-colored illumination, a mountainlike tall and sturdy figure appeared before the wide open entrance. He wasn’t all that tall, but the pressure he gave off was incomparable. The old man had already worked at this hospital for many years, and when Persephone was still here, he had seen quite a few individuals who were taller and sturdier than this fella. However, none of them exuded even half the pressure of this person. 

Rough air shot out from his nostrils like a furious bull. Without any delay, he directly made his way through the lounge and into the passageway that led to the floor below. The emergency passage was an old-fashioned spiral staircase, so the old man was extremely doubtful if it could even hold this man’s ridiculously wide body. 

The captain quickly dispelled the old man’s doubts, successfully forcing his way into the passageway and heading downwards without any decrease in speed. Only, when the old man heard ear-piercing sounds of metal grinding against the walls, he couldn’t help but feel worried, fearing that the ammunition covering the captain’s body might explode because of this. 

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