Book 5 Chapter 4.3

Book 5 Chapter 4.3 - Luck

She hid in the darkness. Suddenly, an indescribable dry heat overcame her, as if there were flames all around her. She knew that her own temperature was rising, but this was completely inconceivable! As a veteran assassin, ever since she was just ten years old, she could make her body temperature the same as her surroundings for an entire night. In the new era where experts with strengthened vision could be found everywhere, not making one’s body temperature the same as he surroundings was the same as a lamp in the darkness, as eye-grabbing as she could be. Right now, it wasn’t that she couldn’t control her body, but rather that she couldn’t control her state of mind. 

She was nervous, indescribably nervous. 

In the darkness, the two trash bags that were sticking out from the trash can carried some type of magic force that was currently calling out to her. Sweat continuously poured out, drenching the black-colored facemask covering her face. Her back was quickly and slightly rising up and down; it was clear that she couldn’t control the rhythm of her breathing. 

Finally, she still couldn’t resist this calling that was like the temptation of the devil. Like a ghost, she leapt out, moved past the concentrated darkness, throwing herself at Persephone’s private hospital. 

That place already became the nest of the devil. 

Several hundred meters of distance was crossed in an instant. She was like a cat with an arched back, silently closing in on that trash can. Then, with a swipe of her right hand, several long gashes appeared on the large trash bags, and then what these bags carried fell out with a huala sound. This time, she finally saw what was inside the trash bags: human body parts! Body parts that had been randomly chopped up!

On one of the arms, she saw a familiar tattoo, indicating that this was one of her companions. Meanwhile, among the other body parts was a perfectly preserved head, the face just happening to be looking at her. That was her other companion. 

As such, she understood the conclusion of her companions, and fear finally overwhelmed the temptation and curiosity.

She suddenly turned around, and as her body moved, it was already compressed to the limit, allowing her to immediately erupt with unprecedented speed in escape!

Power surged from her body, yet she didn’t leave the ground. From the nape of her neck down to her tailbone, a total of six streaks of blood shot out from her back, the blood carrying parts of her vertebra, tissues, and muscles. Her body swayed back and forth, struggling to stand still, however, in the end, she could no longer command her own body, finally falling heavily onto the ground. When her face made contact with the floor, what she felt wasn’t the rough concrete, but rather smooth plastic.

That was the trash bag the male had thrown out just now. 

“When did he make a move?” This was the first thought that emerged in her head after falling.

“Turns out this trash bag was prepared for me…” This was her second thought after falling down, as well as her final thought. 

Following a crash, the metal gate was opened again. Lafite walked out, and with a casual kick, the female assassin’s body was covered by the trash bag. Lafite tied up the bag, and then casually flung the bag to the side of the trash can before leaving. At this moment, a flickering piece of metal suddenly caught his attention. Lafite leaned over, gave it a look, and then said to himself, “Yevuka? What a strange name. Is she well-known?” 

With a casual toss, the metal engraving tag drew out a graceful arc in the air before landing in the trash. 

In all of the Blood Parliament, the name Yevuka was extremely famous. Lafite didn’t know this, but even if he did, he wouldn’t pay much attention to it. For a corpse, all reputation became meaningless. 

After a brief moment of noise, the night once again became peaceful. 

Outside Dragon City’s market, a shabby-looking jeep was releasing thick black smoke, driving along the rugged road with difficulty. It was quite the historical machine, a vehicle that should have long been scrapped for metal. The jeep carried two trademark characteristics of the federation: the vehicle was large, and the horsepower great. However, even though only a single person was riding inside the vehicle, it was still so cramped that it was a bit hard to breathe. 

The jeep finally roared into the old warehouse district before stopping. The driver shifted his wide and square body, squeezing out from the vehicle with difficulty and jumping out. When his feet landed on the ground, the entire surface shook. 

Captain Curtis’ upper body was bare as he walked with large steps towards the simple and crude residence. His black-colored skin flickered with a faint radiance, perfectly displaying his muscle’s lines, his square-shaped body looking like a black steel ingot. When he returned to his room, he pulled open his incredibly old-fashioned icebox, fishing out a can of beer and fiercely pouring the contents into his mouth. Only when the entire can of beer was emptied did he swallow with a gulp sound. There were a few more cans of beer in the icebox, but the captain only gave them a few glances of desire before clenching his teeth and closing the icebox’s door. 

Soon after, the captain walked over to the study, sitting his enormous bottom on the steel welded chair. He leaned backwards, and only when he got into a comfortable position did he press the old-fashioned intelligent system’s power button. The captain’s intelligence system already had twenty years of history. For it to even be usable right now was truly a miracle. 

Under the steel chair’s creaking sounds, the screen finally unwillingly lit up. The first thing that jumped out, was the one the captain didn’t want to see the most.

When he saw Helen’s expressionless face, the captain buried his face in his hands with a pa sound. 

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