Book 5 Chapter 4.2

Book 5 Chapter 4.2 - Luck

From start to finish, none of them paid any attention to the two laying on the ground, as if they were completely forgotten by the world. In reality, they had long woken up, but they didn’t dare display any movements, even pretending to still be unconscious. These two were both vicious and savage people, but right now, they were experiencing so much fear that they couldn’t even control their own bodies, as if they encountered their natural predator. 

Helen and Lafite’s conversation finally came to an end. Right when they were about to sneak away, they suddenly felt a wave of dizziness, once again falling unconscious. 

Just like the first time, they still had no idea how exactly it happened.

After walking into the highest authority small laboratory, Helen closed the laboratory’s separating door, and also activated the highest level of restrictions. However, regardless of whether it was the alloy doors that could block a direct bombardment from heavy artillery or the layers upon layers of secret codes she personally set up, it couldn’t bring her the slightest sense of security. Pressing her back against the door, large amounts of sweat immediately poured out from Helen’s body, and her face appeared quite pale as well. 

Lafite looked just like a street thug who didn’t know how great the world was, but the pressure he brought Helen was incomparable. Only after taking some time to adjust her breathing did she produce Snow from her bosom, carefully looking at the two burn marks that still didn’t fade. A large portion of the pressure she faced originated from worry for this little fella. 

Snow continuously licked at the injury on its body, clearly unable to rely purely on its own recoverative ability to restore its body. Helen released a sigh, and after thinking for a bit, she placed this little fella into a cultivation trough and started up the restoration procedure. As the anesthesia of the nutrient fluid kicked in, the deeply worried Snow slowly calmed down, quietly floating in the fluid. 

A few minutes later, the amount of time needed for Snow’s body to recover was displayed on the light screen: 26 hours and 45 minutes. This amount of time made Helen frown slightly. When Snow fought with her companions in the past, no matter how severe the injuries she received, the recovery process would still be around two or three hours. 

After carefully thinking for a bit, Helen tapped on the light screen next to her. The communications menu only had a few portraits, one of them shockingly General Josh Morgan. She paused for a moment over Morgan’s portrait, and then swiped it to the side, switching to the portrait on the side. 

A moment later, the beep for leaving a message sounded from the light screen. After thinking for a bit, Helen said, “You owe me a favor. It’s time for you to return it.” 

Dragon City’s night was extremely peaceful, peaceful to the point of making one feel a bit suffocated. Under the darkness, Persephone’s private hospital wasn’t all that big, nor was it that grand of a structure, yet it suddenly felt a bit cold. 

The woman hiding in the darkness stared rigidly at the private hospital, feeling more and more uneasy inside. Time passed, one second, one minute at a time. There was no news or activity from her two crafty companions. She looked at her watch; half an hour had already passed. 

For a high level ability user like herself, she was extremely sensitive towards the passage of time, her perception precision far exceeding that of a normal wristwatch. Meanwhile, the watch on her wrist was capable of gathering coordinates, communications, long distance scouting, served as a portable intelligence system, as well as many other functions. The watch in itself was also a powerful explosive. The function of telling time was purely for decorative and disguise purposes. The fact that she looked at the watch only meant that she was currently in an extremely nervous state. 

Half an hour! This amount of time was already enough for the two of them to search the Empire State Building once over! 

A shadow silently surrounded the entire region. She turned around to look at Lynch who didn’t budge an inch, and only then did she feel a slight sense of ease. A high level sniper like Lynch was extremely rare, his fundamental value far above just his ability ranks. If this was a trap, the enemy definitely wouldn’t have used Lynch to serve as the bait. Even if something truly unexpected happened, if Lynch was used as the bargaining chip, she would still definitely be able to exchange for something. 

The private hospital’s rear door suddenly opened, but it was opened in a rather brash manner. The steel doors smashed against the wall with a bang sound, releasing a loud noise, shattering this night’s peacefulness. The sudden sound unexpectedly scared her until she trembled slightly, almost breaking away from her hidden state. 

A leather boot moved back into the darkness behind the metal door, and then a handsome and unruly male walked out, his short silver hair extremely dazzling as they fluttered about in the darkness. It was precisely him who crudely kicked open the metal door, giving the female assassin who was hiding in the darkness quite the scare. In his hands were two large black trash bags, unknown what exactly was stored within them. 

Following two thunk sounds, the large trash bags were tossed into the rubbish cans, scaring away quite a few mutated stray cats. The male clapped his hands a few times, and then suddenly produced another trash bag from who knew where. With a casual toss, it was thrown in front of the trash can. After completing these mysterious motions, he looked into the darkness, displaying a charming and enigmatic smile before leisurely waking back into the private hospital, closing the door behind him with another bang sound. 

For some reason, the sound of the door closing startled her once again!

The night thus became peaceful again. 

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