Book 5 Chapter 3.6

Book 5 Chapter 3.6 - Protection

In reality, the heavily guarded Dragon City wasn’t all that safe either. General Morgan had never closed off Dragon City, so as long as they were a legitimate citizen or of the Blood Parliament, they could enter and leave as they wished. As such, under the cover of night, battles would still break out from time to time in Dragon City. The scope and range of the conflicts would be somewhat restricted, but it was becoming more and more uncontrollable. 

Under the cover of night, two individuals slowly closed in on Persephone’s private hospital. Their footsteps were light and graceful, ingeniously borrowing the surrounding topography, their figures almost completely blending with the darkness. It seemed that these were experts at concealment and stealth movement. However, the back of one of the two was still targeted by the crosshairs of a front sight. 

A silent smile appeared on the corners of Lynch’s lips. He was a specialist at concealment, while those two could only be considered experts. 

However, Lynch’s smile froze in an instant. A military blade that didn’t reflect any light was already pressed against his neck. 

“Don’t move unless you want to die.” A deep and alluring female voice seemed to sound right next to Lynch’s ears. Before she spoke, Lynch didn’t sense her approach at all. 

Lynch’s body went rigid, he didn’t dare display any movements. In his front sight, those two individuals walked into Persephone’s private hospital at a speed that wasn’t fast or slow. Before entering, the one lagging behind suddenly turned around, smiling towards Lynch’s direction. At the center of those crosshairs, his teeth looked exceptionally bright. 

“Boss will be fine…” Lynch said quietly to himself. 

“It’s better if you worry about yourself first!” The female voice said coldly. Then, Lynch suffered a heavy strike to the back of his head, darkness covering everything before his eyes. 

In the underground private hospital, Helen was currently squatting on the ground, using a knife to chop up a large piece of beef. When she cut off a piece, she placed it at the center of her palm and extend her hand forward. The strange creature named Snow would then throw itself forward, using its agile tongue to scoop up the piece of flesh from her palm, directly swallowing it. Its disproportionately large mouth was covered in sharp teeth, yet the process of feeding didn’t bring Helen’s hand the slightest bit of harm. 

Next to Helen was an extremely large piece of beef that was at least ten kilograms in weight. This amount still wasn’t enough for Snow to eat its fill, and if it ate on its own, it would have finished the meat together with the bones in a few minutes. However, Helen patiently cut up the chunks of meat, and then fed them piece by piece to Snow. Her brain that excelled at calculations seemed to have forgotten that this was a complete waste of time. Meanwhile, Snow’s dozen or so compound eyes flickered about, not in a rush to throw itself at the meat either, instead eating these pieces one after another from Helen’s palm, from time to time licking her hand. 

As soon as Snow lifted another piece of meat from her hand, it suddenly whimpered, its body shuddering involuntarily. It was clearly scared, but it jumped forward, standing in front of Helen!

The door into the laboratory was already opened. Two men quietly walked in, looking Helen up and down. Their eyes only swept through Snow’s body, immediately disregarding it as a small existence similar to a housecat. In the olden era, Snow might be able to scare others, but in the present world, there were just too many types of mutated creatures, so Snow was just another one of them. 

Helen stood up and calmly asked, “You all are Bevulas’ subordinates right? Dr. Connor probably doesn’t have the ability to control you two.” 

A male laughed in a reserved manner and said, “Dr. Connor’s status is quite high. He is also rather important, and now even more so. However, even now, he doesn’t have the authority to order me. I only listen to Lord Bevulas’ commands. Miss Helen, your distinguished self is exceptionally intelligent, and also unimaginably beautiful. Your house pet… Oh, I should say, your taste for things is extremely unique… it is also extremely smart. Even though I already did my best to retract my aura, it still knows to fear a seventh level expert like myself. This type of perception ability truly makes one sigh with praise! Miss Helen, please allow me to introduce myself first, I am…” 

Before the male had the chance to say his name, he suddenly released a muffled groan, falling weakly onto the ground, unexpectedly losing consciousness! His companion was no exception, similarly going unconscious. 

A tall figure appeared behind them, and then a loud and clear laughter rang out within the laboratory. “That little fella is scared of me! Two idiots!” 

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