Book 5 Chapter 3.5

Book 5 Chapter 3.5 - Protection

The curtain of night descended once again. For Dragon City, this meant that it would be another disquiet night. However, compared to the unrest outside the city, this place was still as peaceful as heaven. 

Under the darkness, a group of ability users were currently moving through the wilderness, hurrying towards their destination. This group was composed of four people, two of them possessing woodlike faces; this had already become the trademark characteristic of these chosen squadrons. The four chosen didn’t deliberately try to hide their presence, these individuals were clearly not understanding of the concept of an ambush yet. Meanwhile, they were still an hour from their target, the road there dry and tedious, already making them feel a bit vexed and restless. 

Just as these four were hurrying along the way, the unexpected happened. Unknowingly when, a fine black alloy thread rose from the ground. Even though the one at the front had the most powerful perception abilities, he only discovered that something was wrong when he was about to make contact with the alloy thread. He cried out with shock, and then leapt high up into the sky! He barely avoided this alloy thread’s interception, while the next two individuals only received slight injuries. The robust male at the very back was extremely clumsy, his body staggering about as he continuously ran into three or four alloy threads before finally collapsing with a howl. Meanwhile, his two small legs were dripping with blood, almost completely removed from his body!

Before the chosen leader that jumped up high into the air even had time to rejoice in the speed of his own reflexes, a feeling of danger once again swept over him. In the darkness, several fiery lights simultaneously shone. Hundreds of machine cannon artillery shells moved through the air, blasting this chosen leader who had no way of evading into a sieve. Then, several machine cannons simultaneously changed directions, the terrifying storm of bullets now covering the three wounded chosen, sending them directly to the otherworld. 

The machine cannons roared for an entire minute, stopping only when the four chosen’s bodies were no longer humanoid in shape. The only thing apart from blood and pieces of flesh, were concentrated bullet holes. 

Several pairs of fine and and sturdy boots stood on this chaotic land. 

“Puppies under the old dog, let’s see if you all can still bark after this.” A voice coldly said. 

The quietly flowing blood seemed like a silent testimonial that the wilderness was not a safe place. 

If one looked down from above, they would see that there were flames all over the great earth. From time to time, the muffled rumbling sounds of cannons would echo through the air. 

Inside an abandoned church, a youth and an elder were currently huddling in a corner, their bodies pressed against the ground to evade the whizzing bullets. A fire was burning at the back of the church, and the front door had long been blasted rotten. Bullets and even machine gun shells tore through the church as if they didn’t cost money, blasting everything to pieces. There were three corpses collapsed at the center of the church, but they didn’t receive peace after death, still twitching about from time to time after behind hit by bullets. If they were hit by a machine cannon shell, then half of their thigh or another body part would be blown off. 

The young man’s face was already warped from hatred. He roared loudly, “Teacher, we should fight them to the death!” 

“Shut up! Right now, we should defend for as long as we can!” The elder shouted in anger. He leaned against the corner, relying on the thick stone walls to protect himself. In his hand was a large caliber pistol. His left leg was twisted at an unnatural angle, blood continuously seeping out from his pants. 

The elder understood clearly that the enemies outside the church occupied the topographic and firepower advantage. As soon as they charged out, they would definitely be blasted into sieves. Fortunately, in this type of sudden attack, the other party didn’t have any way of using things like heavy artillery, or else both the youth and himself would immediately be turned to ashes along with this small church. 

The firepower outside the church suddenly stopped. A rough voice sounded, “The two little spiders inside, shouldn’t you consider surrendering? You two only have one chance!” 

Surrender? The elder laughed bitterly. He wasn’t young anymore, and he recognized these people outside, understanding their style of doing things. Surrender was definitely not an option, but he still wanted to buy a bit more time for a possibly non-existent reinforcements to arrive. As such, the elder cleared his throat, but right when he was about to say something, he suddenly saw a small round can thrown into the church. The moment his line of sight landed on this rather inconspicuous little can, his eyes immediately widened, his entire body already becoming completely rigid!

Heavy artillery shells weren’t the only things that could destroy a building. A high energy incendiary bullet could also accomplish the task. 

Flames that were almost transparent immediately sprayed out from every window of the church, and then they formed fiery clouds that rose into the sky. Several figures watched the magnificent flames with looks of admiration from behind a distant bunker. 

“The spiders inside should be cooked through, right?” One of the men said with a laugh, his rough voice carrying an indescribable cruelness. 

This raging flame similarly proved that the wilderness, was not a safe place. 

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