Book 5 Chapter 3.2

Book 5 Chapter 3.2 - Protection

The child absorbed a large amount of her genetic energy, yet it didn’t bring her any true injuries. From a certain standpoint, the child was fighting with her against Eileen, so the little life even used a bit of the power it absorbed to strengthen Persephone’s genes. Its strengthened areas’ uses weren’t clear, and the methods of strengthening weren’t included in Persephone’s scope of knowledge. However, after obtaining this strengthening, Persephone's control over energy was increased substantially, and the power of the abilities she still had was also increased, and this was why she could still contend against Eileen. Otherwise, the difference in their combat experience was far from enough to compensate for the tremendous difference in ability levels. 

Her speed became faster and faster, and the final two kilometers were crossed in an instant. 

The main building’s window began to release raging flames. Under the contrast of fiery light and smoke, five figures of different heights were currently walking out from the manor. They were all extremely young, four males and one female. Two males and a female walked in front, while two males with bigger physiques followed behind them. The faces of the two men in the rear looked somewhat slow, while the three individuals in the front had good looks, only, the expressions on their faces just seemed a bit unnatural. Even though they were laughing, they were still laughing a bit too crazily. 

The five of them were all covered in large amounts of bloodstains, yet no one wiped it off. The two stupid looking robust males following behind them would lick at the blood on their arms from time to time, appearing to enjoy it quite a bit. The male walking in the middle was on the skinnier side with a fiery red mohawk. He wore a flower pattern shirt with the collar opened, revealing part of the nude female tattoo covering his chest. He buttoned up his pants while staring at the woman next to him. The woman was young and pretty, her short hair dyed an orange color, waist slender and bottom full, her figure extremely sexy. She wore a tattered short skirt, and while walking, everything inside was completely visible. It was clear that she wasn’t wearing anything under this short skirt. 

“Only this amount of people? Not even anyone formidable, truly not enough to satisfy my craving. Pari, when we reach our destination, why don’t the two of us do it a few times?” The young man suggested. 

“Get lost! Someone like you who chewed on the flesh of a corpse just now makes me want to throw up!” The woman cursed in reply without any trace of politeness. 

“I’m not dirty right?” The other male asked with a smile, his face an unnatural blue-green. 

The woman looked over from the side, nodding and saying, “You can.” 

The cyan faced male laughed, and then lowering his voice, he said to the skinnier male, “Wait for me and her to start doing it, and then you can come…” 

The slender male laughed in tacit understanding. Their voices were actually not that low, but for some reason, Pari couldn’t hear them at all. 

The five of them swaggered off just like that, their words completely unrestrained as well. Their bodies were all brimming with excess excitement, clearly still not over the taste of murder they just experienced. They completely lost the vigilance they should have towards their surroundings, to the extent where they didn’t even notice Persephone who was hiding just a dozen or so meters out. 

When she saw these five people, Persephone felt incredibly shocked as well. The five of them were all powerful individuals with abilities that weren’t weak. Even the two who clearly had intellectual issues had five levels of abilities, while the male standing in the middle had three sixth level abilities! These people, any one of them possessed enough strength to be at least mid level officers in the Black Dragonriders, let alone the fact that all five were walking together. However, Persephone didn’t recognize a single one of these individuals, so this meant that there was some kind of problem. Not even Bevulas could hide so many ability users without ever using them, as this would be just too much of a waste of resources. Those like Eileen and Claudia were a whole different matter, as normal battles didn’t require their participation. Moreover, even though they were usually in dormant states, Persephone would still know of their existence. 

Even though the five of them had powerful abilities, their potential and hobbies clearly had some issues, their levels of battlefield experience more or less equivalent to rookies. Regardless of whether it was before or after the battle, how could they not check their surroundings? The fastest route to evolutionary points was through battles and slaughter, so which ability user with five or six levels of abilities wasn’t a battle hardened veteran, their hands dyed with the blood of countless victims? How could their performance be so lacking?

Under this type of distance, if Persephone had a heavy machine gun in her hands, even if those five all had their defenses up, a barrage of bullets would still inflict injuries, with the two fifth level ability users even possibly dying. If Persephone launched a sudden attack, the most powerful individual would definitely immediately die, and then the remaining four would slowly be dealt with. 

Persephone’s eyes narrowed, her body arching in preparation of launching out. However, her mind suddenly trembled, making her lay back down. 

In the distance, a streak of energy rushed into the skies. From the distance, it was as if a blood-colored flame was rising. Within these blood colored flames, needlelike killing energy shot out from time to time. 

When this great display of power shot out, the five of them, no matter how careless they were, still showed some kind of reaction, all of them turning their head around to take a look. The one who released the blood-colored flames arrived quickly; he was originally a few kilometers out, but in the blink of an eye, he already reached these five individuals! This was a male whose handsome appearance carried a bit of sinister charm, his entire body releasing faint blood-colored flames. His fiery red long hair drifted in the fiery light, similarly looking like a blazing flame. 

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