Book 5 Chapter 3.1

Book 5 Chapter 3.1 - Protection 

When she returned to the Blood Parliaments after several months had passed, Persephone discovered that everything seemed to have already changed. As for what exactly changed, she couldn’t say, but she could feel that the air was filled with a faint bloodiness and killing intent. After her Mysterious Fields ability truly entered the holy level, Persephone discovered that she herself had developed a vague connection to the entire world, to the extent where she could even slightly sense the direction this world was headed in. If one could conform and adapt to these changes and hidden meanings, then that would naturally bring very good results. This was precisely the most important change True Luck brought. 

After giving birth, all of her abilities experienced some extent of atrophy, the fundamental levels between six and seven levels. Her Mysterious Fields abilities were no exception. However, True Luck’s effects surprisingly remained, something that completely defied reason, yet it still really happened. For the sake of proving this point, Eileen and Persephone even secretly gambled a bit, with the main stake of gambling stripping. This type of gambling that would stir up the most nasty thoughts in mankind was something O’Brien unexpectedly didn’t have the rights to participate in or observe. 

The process of this gambling session was extremely important, and the results were important as well. The conclusion was that Eileen came out with an ashen face, while Persephone’s face blossomed with smiles.

In the era of abilities, the simplest test of luck was to gamble without any usage of abilities. Nine levels of luck was greater than eight, eight suppressed six, that was how it generally went. If there was an exception, then that meant that the two’s fundamental level of luck were different. 

After travelling together with Eileen and O’Brien for two days, when her injuries basically healed, Persephone looked for an excuse to leave. Unlike O’Brien, Persephone was female, and an extremely beautiful female. As for what kind of things might happen when her abilities decreased, there were too many examples in history to learn from. Meanwhile, O’Brien was simultaneously the Arthur Family’s clan leader, so unless it was some great figure like Bevulas or a crazy woman like Eileen, regardless of who it was, they would all have to carefully think before acting. Once news leaked out, even if it was just to protect their honor, the Arthur Family definitely wouldn’t let off the murderer. 

That was why Persephone no longer moved together with Eileen, but instead left alone, using a different path to sneak back into the Blood Parliament. She needed to restock on some supplies and seek out information on Su, and then leave again. Regardless of whether it was in the Black Dragonriders or the Blood Parliament, Persephone had many pursuers that would drool at her beauty, but her true friends were few in number. However, she believed that even with her current situation, there were a few people who would definitely help her. 

As for her child, she already forgot about her. Aside from the event of giving birth previously, everything else related to the child, including who the child’s father was, was completely erased. The manipulation of memory, even though an extremely difficult task, was still something Persephone could do. If she landed in her enemies’ hands one day, Persephone had to put an end to all possible questioning of her child. 

As long as she wasn’t in the Blood Parliament’s central area of control, with Persephone’s current abilities, she could still act quite freely. Even against those seventh level ability users, with her endless schemes and unscrupulous combat style, they would still likely die with remaining grievance. 

When night fell, a manor vaguely appeared before Persephone. This was already the border of the Blood Parliament’s area of control. There was a small scale family that established their base here, and used this place to expand outwards. This small family only had two low level dragonriders, the clan leader a retired second lieutenant. There were two to three hundred soldiers here. They were always the Arthur Family’s vassals, and the family’s clan leader watched Persephone grow up. That was why she wanted to obtain some intelligence, seeing how the current parliament’s inner situation was, especially Bevulas’ attitude. 

However, when she was still a few kilometers from the manor, Persephone felt a trace of uneasiness. The manor was full of a deathly aura, and under the dark night’s backdrop, the yellow light released from the main building’s windows seemed too bright, not like that of lights, but more like blazing flames. A moment later, there was even more roiling thick smoke that rushed outwards. 

This was clearly a flame that had been ignited after people were killed. This little family that was in charge of expansion was already destroyed, and the one that did this didn’t travel too far. Persephone decided to go and take a look, at least to find out what happened. The destruction of a small family like this wasn’t that big of a deal, but it wasn’t minor either, especially when this family was a vassal to the Arthur Family. 

Persephone took a deep breath, lowered her body, and borrowed the cover of the dim lighting and all types of terrain as she quickly headed to her destination. At first, her movements still felt a bit awkward, but after moving for a kilometer, her speed gradually increased, and the concealment effects became better. In a flash, Persephone seemed to have returned to the seventeen or eighteen year old young girl. Back then, her level abilities were equivalent to her current self’s, just starting to fight against powerful enemies, her heart still carrying endless dreams and hope. 

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