Book 5 Chapter 24.7

Book 5 Chapter 24.7 - Hurt

By now, the only ones who could still think this were those on Ricardo’s side. Hidden Dragon’s men had pretty much all been wiped out by the short-haired young lady, even Ricardo’s little brother no exception. He could only resist for half a minute under the barrage of magic attacks before being turned into a torch under three simultaneously attacking fiery streaks. 

Ricardo suddenly stood up, smashing open the wall before him, directly jumping off the third floor and rushing towards the young lady. He shouted loudly while running at full speed, “Hey! Girl! Still remember me? We met before! That time, you even slapped me flying with your large sword, you definitely remember!” 

The the young lady with the long, deep gray hair was precisely Madeline. Her and Cirvanas’ appearance here was purely coincidental, the reason for attack only because they discovered that the side that was attacking the small town was part of the chairman’s troops. As for Ricardo, she didn’t pay attention to him back then, while today, she only turned around to glance at him, nothing more.

When he saw her gradually leave with Cirvanas, Ricardo couldn’t help but stop his steps, his voice becoming quieter and quieter, “I already have seven levels of ability, handsome enough now, right? However, you are still a bit cooler…”

“Your friend?” Hanlon unknowingly when appeared by Ricardo’s side, narrowing his eyes that had experienced many things, looking at her pensively.

“My girl! What, not bad, right?” Ricardo immediately pulled himself together. 

Who would have thought that Hanlon wouldn’t give him any face, directly shaking his head and saying, “Don’t believe it!”

Ricardo shook his head, saying with a bit of embarrassment, “Of course, not yet right now. However, it’ll just take a bit more time. I am still working hard at it.” 

Hanlon produced a cigarette butt that would only allow for two more hits, took a deep breath, and then reluctantly handed it to Ricardo. However, he still didn’t forget to say, “That’s impossible!”

Ricardo smoked the cigarette butt to its end, and then chuckled in a somewhat carefree manner, saying, “Just a beautiful dream of mine. Isn’t there a famous saying in the olden era? We are loyal to our dreams.”

Hanlon released a snort, saying, “You shouldn’t forget that there’s a second half to that saying: let us face reality!”

Ricardo suddenly roared with laughter, placed his arm around Hanlon’s shoulder, carrying that large and long heavy sniper rifle in his other hand as he faced the setting sun, thus walking back to his own army. Under the blood-colored sunset, two robust and smoke covered men walked shoulder to shoulder towards an unknown future. They made it through this battle, but here were more enemies waiting for them ahead. In addition, from the moment he made this choice, he already knew what was waiting for him. However, no one knew why he would suddenly cast aside his family, choosing to stand by the Spider Empress, not even Hanlon understanding this. 

However, at this time, both of the men had the same scene engraved in their minds, the final moment when that young lady turned around, her eyes azure like the sea, a wound on her cheek that was still dripping blood. It was unforgettable. 

When the young lady and Cirvanas disappeared into the horizon, the entire world quietly pulsed, as if a new page was turned. 


Helen who was standing before two light screens was currently frowning, thinking hard, as if there was a hard decision to make. She suddenly raised her head, her eyes seemingly passing through the layers of building above her, gazing into the endless heavens. She suddenly revealed a cold laugh, and then reached out her hand to tap on the light screen before her, thus making a decision. In the private hospital’s underground shooting room, Lafite was currently holding a pistol, bombarding the target on the other side. His hand suddenly shot, one shot unexpectedly missing its mark! His expression suddenly became vicious, and then after thinking for a moment, the sword-like radiance gradually dimmed again. Meanwhile, at the top of the hospital, Curtis was currently raising a tin alcohol container, pouring strong alcohol down his throat. The container that poured down alcohol suddenly stopped, froze in the air for close to a second, before continuing down. Curtis didn’t seem to have sensed anything, continuing to enjoy himself, only, the pair of small and shrewd eyes forcefully blinked. 

In the distance, Li was currently running at full speed like a leopard, the two meter long blade drawing out sparks on the ground. She suddenly increased speed, brushing past the Scorpions of Disaster’s light tank as dangerous as dangerous could be, and the blade radiance disappeared with a flash. Li finally stood still, and behind her, the tank was cleaved flatly into two parts, continuously exploding with fiery light. She was about to look for her next target, but her body suddenly trembled, and then she gripped her chest, face immediately becoming pale. The indisposed feeling only continued for a short instant, and then it disappeared without a trace. Li looked around her in confusion, yet didn’t find any suspicious areas. 

Within an abandoned house, the main bedroom was fixed up again, clean, warm, and neat. On the spacious bed, O’Brien was currently laying on his back, calmly looking at the stunning Eileen. Eileen was currently sitting on his body, her bottom quickly moving about, carrying out a primitive and time old motion. What was strange was that both of their expressions were extremely calm, as if they were doing a job. However, this was a job. The movement was about to enter its climax, but Eileen and O’Brien suddenly sensed something, stopping their movements at the same time. The strange feeling disappeared in an instant. The room remained silent for a moment, and then Eileen suddenly said, “I think… we should still go back and participate in this war! I know you’ve been worried this entire time. I think that after this matter ends, our relationship can grow a bit.” 

“You aren’t scared of Haydn anymore?” O’Brien was a bit shocked.

“Of course I am! However, I believe that when the time comes, you will stand before me.” Eileen said calmly.

O'Brien gave Eileen a deep look, and then said, “I will.”

In the south, a new inhabited area was currently forming. At one corner of this inhabited land, a priest was currently standing before a newly constructed apostle image, borrowing the sky’s final bit of light to carefully carve its face. For some reason, his hand suddenly shook, the chisel releasing a sharp sound, leaving behind a thin scar on the face of the statue he had just finished sculpting that looked like a cut. This type of mistake was almost irreparable, but after the priest looked at it for a long time, he suddenly laughed, deciding to just leave the scar there and continue sculpting the other areas. 

Finally, in Manhattan Island’s enormous, far reaching, and gloomy private library, Chairman Bevulas got off the wooden stairs, looking at ‘De l'égalité’ in his hands, a book that gave off an ancient feeling. This was a book with great history, something he had kept for over thirty years. However, the reason why it was special, was because it was the first book the Spider Empress gifted him, as well as the only book. 

Bevulas slowly opened the cover with his hand that was covered in wrinkles. On the title page were Lanaxis’ parting words of advice. Her handwriting, under its elegant and refined appearance, gave off indescribable power. 

The parting words of advice wrote:

When the bright moon drops behind the mountain range, only then can the stars shine. 

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