Book 5 Chapter 24.6

Book 5 Chapter 24.6 - Hurt

That person’s right hand raised, and then long flame snakes shot out from his palm, moving through the air in an invisible trajectory, flying a hundred meters through the sky, shooting towards the loading truck’s engine with speed that wasn’t much inferior to bullets. The light colored long flame snakes possessed astonishing power, burning the outside of the heavy loading truck’s exterior armor a red color in under a few seconds of time. What followed were world-shaking explosions! The energy waves sent several dozen soldiers flying, to the extent where the three of the mobile armors that had just crawled out from the carriage were destroyed! As for the four mobile suits that could still be considered intact, only a single one reacted, accelerating towards the attacker. Even though its weapon systems hadn't been preheated, temporarily unable to fire, the goal of the pilot was clear, to first pull close the distance. 

“Damn it! A magic expert!” Hidden Dragon released a roar of anger, and then also rushed towards the thin and weak looking attacker. 

With his six levels of speed, several hundred meters of distance was quickly covered. Everyone knew that magic ability users had the greatest firepower, while the fella before him also had an extremely rare long-range offensive ability. Allowing this enemy to freely bombard their side would definitely be a terrible idea. It was commonly accepted in this era that as long as one closed the gap between magic ability users, it would be hard for them to fight Combat Domain ability users. Hidden Dragon had eight levels of defensive force, so he had confidence in holding off the other party’s attacks with this and close those several hundred meters of distance. Once he entered close combat range, his seven levels of power and six levels of speed, as well as refined combat art, would definitely leave the other party with a deep impression. 

The smile on Hidden Dragon’s face was extremely sinister. He already saw that the two hands reaching out from the black cloak were extremely gentle and beautiful, hands that could only belong to beautiful and young women. Even though he could already be considered someone with status in the Blood Parliament, this type of hands wasn’t something he had ever had the chance to touch. As long as he got close… Hidden Dragon’s breathing began to become rough. 

However, that magic ability user turned a blind eye to Hidden Dragon and the mobile suit that was rushing over. His hands brandished about, completely focused on sending low level magic abilities pouring down on the panicked and disorderly soldiers one after another, creating an overwhelming one-sided massacre. Even though the abilities he used were all commonly seen low level abilities, the amount was great, and the firing rate was fast, immediately making Hidden Dragon’s heart feel a chill! In just a few more minutes, the soldiers he brought would all be slaughtered by this woman!

At this time, the individual who remained still this entire time suddenly moved. Her upper body leaned forward, Hidden Dragon only saw a flash in front of his eyes before she already rushed within a hundred meters! The cloaked cowl was blown away by the fierce wind, revealing a head of dark gray long hair. The moment her appearance was displayed, Hidden Dragon immediately held his breath! In that instant, the only thing that remained in his line of sight were those two azure eyes.

How beautiful of a woman this was...

Before Hidden Dragon had time to be deeply moved, his breathing suddenly completely stopped! His pupils rapidly contracted, his face completely stupefied as he watched the young lady rush over to the mobile suit, unexpectedly grab the machine’s leg, and then brandishing the mobile suit that was over ten tons in a circle, viciously slamming it over towards Hidden Dragon!

Hidden Dragon suddenly discovered that his mind couldn't keep up with the changes that were happening. Just as he was still stunned at the disparity in size between the enormous mobile armor and young lady’s frail body, everything before his eyes suddenly became dark, the mobile suit already stirring up raging winds as it arrived! The speed was fast to the point where Hidden Dragon couldn’t dodge at all!


A blazing ball of flame erupted in the wilderness. Under the powerful explosion, the mobile armor’s components flew everywhere! When the explosion’s heat waves gradually scattered, everyone discovered with amazement that Hidden Dragon was unexpectedly still standing there. His entire body was scorched black, arms covering his head and face, legs one in front one in back, forcibly making it through the mobile suit’s impact and explosion. As expected, his eight levels of defense ability weren’t just for show. However, the next thought that appeared in everyone’s mind was, how terrifying was then the strength of the young lady who sent that mobile suit smashing down?!

The dark gray long-haired young lady had already turned around and returned, not paying any attention to the opponent who was still standing tall at all. Hidden Dragon was still standing, yet she treated him like he was already dead. Meanwhile, the other individual’s combat cloak had also been lifted by the raging wind of the magic abilities, revealing a silver, short-haired girl, her stunning small face carrying a bit of fierceness. Magic abilities continued to pour down like rain, the power of several high temperature fiery streaks especially vicious, not even the outer shells of the mobile suits able to hold on for more than a few seconds. It seemed like she wouldn’t stop until all of the enemies were eliminated. However, not a single magic attack was aimed at Hidden Dragon, this shorter girl having great confidence in the long, gray-haired young lady. 

Sure enough, a few seconds later, Hidden Dragon still maintained the same posture, but slowly collapsed, never to stand again.

To be able to kill the Hidden Dragon with eight levels of defense in one attack, who exactly was this young lady?

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