Book 5 Chapter 24.5

Book 5 Chapter 24.5 - Hurt

The engine lid of the off-road vehicle on the left suddenly released a string of sparks, and then the entire engine completely exploded, the scorching flames and flying metal components creating a storm of death. The one on the roof who looked like an officer reacted extremely quickly, jumping out before the bullet even struck the vehicle. However, a part of the motor flew out from the explosion, tearing through his legs like cutting through cheese. The reaction of the off-road vehicle to the very right was a bit faster. To cross a distance of a thousand meters, even a heavy sniper bullet would take half a second to reach its destination. Precisely during this half second, the off-road vehicle unexpectedly spun a half circle, moving the crucial engine area, aiming the heavy armored side at the incoming fiery streak. The fiery streak silently entered the vehicle, and then the entire off-road vehicle suddenly leapt a meter into the air, releasing great flames from the car windows, door gaps, and even bottom of the vehicle, as if a bomb exploded inside! Regardless of who it was inside, it didn’t seem like they had much chance of survival. 

The young man at the top of the off-road vehicle at the center was precisely the little brother Ricardo described through clenched teeth. When he saw the fiery line that arrived in an instant, his expression changed, but wasn’t too flustered. The off-road vehicle suddenly released an angry roar, the wheels frantically spinning, the sturdy vehicle shifting out several meters. This wasn’t enough to completely evade the sniper shot. No matter what part was struck by the bullet, the violent explosion would still turn this off-road vehicle into a moving flaming coffin. 

While moving horizontally, the right door suddenly flew outwards. A short and sturdy figure jumped out from within the vehicle. He grabbed the flying door, and using it like a shield forcefully blocked the incoming sniper bullet! Bang! A sound similar to heavy artillery sounded. The heavy armored door immediately caved in, a blinding flame shining at the center, sending blazing metal liquid splashing in all directions! However, the car door unexpectedly wasn’t penetrated! The man behind the car door released a groan, his face revealing a flash of paleness, and then returned back to normal. After taking a direct hit from this sniper bullet, he only took half a step back. 

crash sounded. The already completely deformed and scrapped car door was flung aside. His appearance was rather good-natured, only, his pair of eyes that weren’t large constantly released ice-cold killing intent. He looked towards the window a thousand meters out where this bullet was shot from, smiling coldly as he stuck out his thumb, making a throat slitting gesture. 

“It’s Hidden Dragon! Damn it, why did he come too! We have to break out immediately. You bring the others away, I’ll hold him off!” Ricardo’s face fell, beads of sweat dripping down from his forehead. The danger of the present situation already exceeded what he had anticipated. Right now, he wasn’t setting up a trap for the other party, but rather was in a pit of death prepared for him by his enemy!

Hanlon stood up, not fighting over the role of delaying the enemy, only saying, “How confident are you in returning alive?”

“60%! Hurry and leave, if you stay behind, there’ll only be a 20% certainty!” Ricardo roared while reloading the heavy sniper rifle. 

Hanlon didn’t hesitate, directly smashing into the wall with his body. A rumbling noise sounded; he had already broken through the wall, jumping down from the third floor. 

Seven heavy loading trucks packed with soldiers quickly overtook Hidden Dragon, rushing towards the small town. They stopped four hundred meters from the small town, and then released the soldiers stored within. Hidden Dragon really wanted to see what kind of expression Ricardo and those under him would have upon seeing seven mobile suits. 

However, right at this time, two unfamiliar guests appeared at the edge of the battlefield. Their entire bodies were covered in black-colored cloaks, walking over from the side of the small town. When the soldiers jumping out from the loading trucks saw them, the distance between them was already less than a hundred meters. This was a battlefield; in the eyes of bloodthirsty veterans, there was only one way of dealing with suspicious targets. A veteran raised his automatic rifle, then pressed the trigger, sending an entire magazine of bullets pouring out. 

The slightly shorter individual suddenly reached out with his left hand, and then a faint barrier of light surrounded the two of them. The barrier of light released several dozen water-like ripples, every single one produced by the passing of a bullet. Meanwhile, when they passed through this barrier, the bullets would lose their energy, falling onto the ground one after another. An entire magazine of bullets only made the light screen dim slightly, and then immediately became like before. This was Long Range Protection, an extremely normal magic ability that should only be able to deviate the trajectory of pistol bullets, yet in this person’s hands, it easily stopped the sweeping of an assault rifle. 

The veteran stared blankly for a moment, and then quickly exchanged ammunition before raising the weapon again to take aim. He possessed ample experience, fighting against magic ability users quite a few times, understanding that these defensive abilities all had an energy limit. As long as the energy was used up, the ability would fall apart, while he had more than enough bullets. 

However, the other party clearly didn’t have any intention of letting this veteran fire as he pleased. He raised his left hand towards the veteran, and then the automatic rifle in the veteran’s hands immediately released a faint light, the radiance identical to the Long Range Protection, only the scale a bit smaller. The veteran suddenly felt as if something wasn’t right, but he already pressed the trigger! The first bullet released a bang sound, running into the Long Range Protection ability, having all of its kinetic energy stripped. However, the gun bolt that was still moving at high speed already pushed the second bullet into the barrel, and then it locked in, firing!

The automatic rifle in the veteran’s hands swelled up, and then suddenly exploded! Half of the gun bolt shot upwards, entering his brain at a diagonal angle, and shot out from the back of his head with a rain of blood! The veteran had a lifeless look in his eyes. His lips moved, yet he couldn’t utter a single word, slowly falling down on his back. 

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