Book 5 Chapter 24.4

Book 5 Chapter 24.4 - Hurt

The location Ricardo chose was an abandoned little town, a place that originally housed several hundred households. The small town’s surroundings were undulating mountain ridges, the terrain complex, favorable for ambushes and escape. After circling and advancing for several hours, fighting many small-scale intense battles, Ricardo finally occupied the intersection to enter the town. His fingers groped around in the pocket of his jacket that was so filthy its original color couldn’t be recognized anymore for a long time before finally producing a cigarette butt that only had two centimeters left. He lit it, took a deep breath, and only then did he aim his sunken eyes at the peaceful little town before him. He stood there just like that. The soldiers that survived scattered on their own, searching for suitable places to lay in ambush inside the town. Meanwhile, that previously tall, sturdy, and steady man inspected their battle positions one by one. 

Ricardo put out the cigarette butt after taking only a single hit, and then carefully returned it to his pouch. He then walked towards one of the abandoned stores in the town with large steps, climbed up to the third floor, and then looked outwards from the broken window. This was a high point in the city, the field of view quite good, and at the same time not too eye-catching, quite suitable for observation and sniping. He removed that ridiculously large sniper rifle from his back, placing it by his legs. This heavy sniper rifle was almost thirty centimeters longer than an ordinary sniper rifle, the weapon’s style simple yet heroic, a bit similar to the olden era’s Barrett, only much thicker and longer. The pitch-black muzzle was a whole ring thicker than the Barrett, the dark blue radiance that occasionally flashed through the gun barrel displaying that it was made of some type of superior function super alloy. Meanwhile, the electromagnetic energy support installations proved that this was already completely a new era sniper rifle. 

Ricardo opened the gun bolt, pressing three rounds of special green bullets into the barrel. Instead of calling these 25mm caliber fellas bullets, it was better off calling them artillery shells. The new ammunition and electromagnetic energy’s speed supplementation provided this weapon with an initial firing speed of over 2000 meters per second. The cost of the great increase in power, was the extremely high requirement for the shooter and firearm’s quality. 

Smoke slowly surged from the horizon outside the town. Three light armored off-road vehicles rushed out from the smoke and dust, roaring as they sped towards the small town. Then, seven transporting off-road trucks followed. If every vehicle could carry 20 people, the troops that tailed them were six or seven times that of Ricardo’s. 

Pah! Ricardo spat heavily onto the ground, cursing with a low voice, “Motherfucking… why are there so many of them! This doesn’t look too good. Hanlon, how is our retreat path looking?”

The male named Hanlon was currently observing the surroundings from another window. When he heard Ricardo’s question, he replied without even turning his head around, saying, “There are around thirty people at each side trying to outflank us. Our retreat path will be cut off in a few more minutes. 

“60 in total? Not that many then.” Ricardo didn’t seem too bothered. He slowly raised his shockingly large heavy sniper rifle, and then aimed at the leftmost armored off-road vehicle. 

“60 isn’t that much, but there are definitely many ‘old friends’ within. At the very least, hindering the two of us shouldn’t be too big of an issue.” Hanlon reminded. 

Ricardo took aim, a large grin appearing on his mouth, revealing a rather lazy looking smile. “If those ‘old friends’ truly want to do this, then they’ll definitely be in for quite the surprise.”

Ricardo wasn’t wrong. In the recent half month, Hanlon already became different from before, while Ricardo changed even more significantly. Some men were naturally suited for survival in steel and flames. 

Ricardo was only able to smile halfway when his face suddenly became a bit distorted, squeezing out a few names from the gaps of his teeth. “Fucking piece of shit, why is it him?!”


“My family’s old fifth… as well as my most, most ‘beloved’ little brother.” Ricardo didn’t hide his anger at all.

Hanlon frowned and said, “I heard that apart from you, he is Fabregas’ strongest ability user. He should have six levels now, right? What, you can’t set bring yourself to take him down? Then let me!”

“No! This good chance definitely can’t be given to you! I did like him quite a bit before, but now, I like mother more. That woman looks just over 20, just the right flavor. Did you know? After deciding to take the empress’ side, the stupidest thing I did was entrust my two girls to this dear little brother of mine. They are extremely obedient, moreover giving birth to my children, but now, I already know what happened… let’s not talk about these matters! When we win this war and capture this little bastard’s mother, how about it, you interested in playing around a bit?” Ricardo’s voice became lower and lower, his face also appearing more and more sinister. 

Hanlon on the other side couldn’t see Ricardo’s expression, but he could well imagine what he looked like. He replied indifferently, “I don’t like old women! However, I can lend you a hand in this matter, go at the same time, me in the front and you in the back.”

Haha, good, then this matter is settled!” Ricardo laughed loudly, the trigger pulled down under the ear-splitting laughter!

The heavy sniper rifle’s muzzle continuously released three blasts of flames, the gunshots sounding in succession, gathering into a thunderous rumbling sound. The scorching heat produced a small storm in the house, and along with the muzzle’s minute movements, the three special alloy bullets drew out a fiery arc, separately shooting at the three armored off-road vehicles. 

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