Book 5 Chapter 24.3

Book 5 Chapter 24.3 - Hurt

For some unknown reason, this kind of thought suddenly appeared at the bottom of Cirvanas’ heart. 

After giving Cirvanas on the ground a glance, Madeline said indifferent, “Alright, get up, you’ve also cried about enough. Do you know what happened?”

Cirvanas stood up, forcefully rubbed at his tears, and then said through clenched teeth, “I know! Just not that clearly.”

Madeline nodded and said, “It’s enough as long as you know a bit. Then, do you fear death?”

Cirvanas stared blankly, and then said, “What are you going to do?”

“Participate in the Blood Parliament’s war, kill, look for his women, or perhaps his children.” From the way Madeline spoke, these all sounded like simple tasks. 

However, Cirvanas who had some understanding of the Blood Parliament naturally understood what this signified. However, he didn’t reply, only raising his hands to gather his now already somewhat excessively long silver hair. On his hands that were more feminine than a woman’s hands appeared an almost invisible flame. The silver hair that was originally hanging like a waterfall quickly curled up and broke apart. As all of the hair scattered down, only a centimeter of hair remained on Cirvanas’ head, jagged and uneven short hair. Meanwhile, his lips and eyes were red like the scar on Madeline’s face, a blinding red. 

When she saw Cirvanas’ actions, Madeline laughed and said, “You are quite special, different from us, living another few centuries or even a thousand years shouldn’t be a problem. That’s why you really should think things through. You sure you won’t regret it? If you walk away right now, I won’t take offense.”

“I won’t regret it.” Cirvanas said dully, as if he was speaking about a completely insignificant thing. From his expression and bearing, he suddenly seemed a bit similar to Madeline. 

Madeline nodded and said, “Then that’s good, we’ll leave after preparing a bit. Don’t worry, older sister here will take care of you, won’t let you die too early.”

“OIder sister?” Cirvanas released a snort, expressing his doubt. After his hair became shorter, his courage seemed to instead have grown.

“What? Is there something wrong?” Madeline’s expression became a bit dangerous. 

“I am already eighty-one years old!” Cirvanas argued.

Madeline released an en[1] sound, and then said, “I’m already seventeen.”

Then, the issue of address was set. Madeline was the older sister. 

In the dark night, Madeline and Cirvanas walked out from their temporary residence, one in front, one in back. When the icy-cold wind struck them in the face, Cirvanas suddenly asked, “Sis, I always feel like master should still be alive. Perhaps he might return after some time.” 

Madeline released a light sigh and said, “Even if he truly can return, it’ll still definitely… no, quite possibly no longer be him. That’s why…” 

“Then if… master truly can’t return?”

“Then… I will drag this entire world down with us.”


Two snow-white beams of light suddenly tore through the darkness, landing on Madeline and Cirvanas’ bodies. These were produced by high powered military searchlights, used in the past for nighttime anti-aircraft defense, the strong and powerful beam of light illuminating every hair on the two individuals’ bodies. 

Heng! Your tone is quite bold isn’t it? I really want to see if you all really have the ability to act like this or not!” A rough and powerful voice sounded from the darkness. Following this sentence, an iron tower-like robust man walked out from the searchlight’s shadow. His steps were steady and powerful, every step causing the ground to tremble slightly. The heavy alloy armor rested on a body that looked like it was cast from steel, adding to his intimidation. The sword and shield on his breastplate made it clear that this was a great knight, moreover one with considerable strength. 

Madeline’s elegy not only startled the nearby residents, but also woke up all of the nearby forts’ garrisoned soldiers. When she and Cirvanas walked out from the house, a great knight stationed at the fort already hurried here with a guard troop, moreover already arranged their positions. The last of Madeline and Cirvanas’ conversation was spoken in front of the great knight and his subordinates’ faces. 

The great knight was extremely angry, actually gathering all of his power, completely on guard. Even though he was facing two girls that were ridiculously pretty, he for some reason felt an indescribable uneasiness. Under the searchlight, he could clearly see the blinding scar on Madeline’s face, the droplet of blood that looked like it was going to drop yet didn’t making his heart slightly contract. 

Madeline’s eyes raised slightly, her line of sight sweeping over the great knights, squires, subordinate soldiers, as well as the ordinary residents who walked out after hearing the disturbance, and then said indifferently, “I don’t feel like killing people today, that is why all of you should get lost!”

The great knight’s face instantly turned a prune color, but before his surging anger had time to erupt, everything before his eyes suddenly became blurry. Madeline unexpectedly appeared in front of him, sending out a graceful fist towards his chest!

In that instant, he didn’t have time to retaliate at all, only instinctively crossing his arms in front of him to stop Madeline’s attack. An unstoppable force spread from his chest, sending his arms flying back without any suspense, and then striking down on his chest. However, when this tremendous power that was enough to smash the alloy breastplate landed on the great knight’s body, it miraculously disappeared, not delivering any feeling!

As soon as confusion clouded the great knight’s mind, everything before his eyes became completely dark! In the eyes of the spectators, they only saw Madeline’s fist land on the great knight’s chest, and then his head suddenly soared into the sky, exploding into a blast of bloody mist only after flying more than ten meters into the air! Meanwhile, his body was still standing there, only, blood continuously sprayed out from his neck. 

The great knight’s squires and soldiers stared blankly for an instant, and only afterwards did the sound of gun bolts being opened sound one after another. However, in the end, not a single weapon was able to successfully fire. All those who completed the safety removal and aiming movements stood rigidly in place, while a perfectly straight red line appeared in the middle of their faces. They all had lifeless looks in their eyes as they collapsed one after another, thin bloody mist spraying out from between their bodies, the blood dancing about like flags. 

Madeline’s figure flickered a few times, and then appeared in her original location again. The saber that originally belonged to the great knight had unknowingly when appeared in her hands, and only after twirling it about a few times did she casually throw it out. It instantly flew out a hundred meters, nailing itself deeply into a large tree trunk, the sword edge completely piercing through the tree body until a few centimeters stuck out from the other end of the tree. The sharp sword point perfectly stopped by the ears of an older man; if it had advanced another three millimeters, it would have been enough to penetrate his skull and enter his brain. That elder’s entire body trembled, sweat continuously pouring out from his forehead, the rifle in his hands also trembling continuously, the front sight completely incapable of aiming at Madeline or Cirvanas. This close dance with death seized the last bit of bravery he had, and then with a clang sound, the rifle slid from his hands, landing on the ground. 

The elder had abundant hunting experience, but not a trace of ability. He was just a member of the Holy Crusaders’ ordinary people. 

After killing a great knight and all of his soldiers, Madeline looked like she had just done a completely trifling task. She gestured towards Cirvanas, and then headed southwest. The ordinary people who were hiding in the darkness, not daring to display any movements, were completely ignored by her. They didn’t dare move either, because everyone cherished their own lives. 

The instantaneous battle also gave Cirvanas quite a bit of benefits. Along the way, he seriously consulted Madeline for battlefield art and strategy. 

“Older sis, didn’t you say just now that you weren’t going to kill people? Was this just to numb the enemy?”

“No, I didn’t kill any people. Ability users can’t be considered people.”

1. A written sound that indicates approval, appreciation, or agreement

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