Book 5 Chapter 24.1

Book 5 Chapter 24.1 - Hurt

Madeline was woken up from the bitterness and pain in her mouth. 

She slowly opened her eyes, eyelids feeling heavier than ten tons, rising in an extremely unwilling manner. Her train of thought was still extremely slow, body also weak and powerless, every part filled with a somewhat numb sensation. Even though it was currently fading, it made her more sluggish than even a normal person. 

The moment she opened her eyes, what occupied her view was a creature that wasn’t that large and was extremely ugly. It looked just like piece of skinless flesh, the surface covered in fine web-like blood vessels, all of these vessels squirming about. There was also a layer of interweaving red and yellow mucus covering its surface, seemingly a mixture of blood and tissues. The mucus was extremely viscous, tightly...

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