Book 5 Chapter 23.6

Book 5 Chapter 23.6 - Treading on the Path of Return

At this moment, a strange scene happened. Serendela’s body began to release blazing radiance, and then Machard’s arms unexpectedly began to gradually enter Serendela’s thigh. His face that was tightly pressed against Serendela’s face also sank in halfway, moreover still continuing to gradually do so. Machard looked like he was melted, continuously absorbed by Serendela, ultimately actually entirely merging into her body! Only the clothes he wore remained in the original location, while the holy scripture rolled down her thigh, landing at the base of the crystal coffin with a pa sound. 

The spiritual battle continued. Su’s constellation of death was still endlessly expanding, to the extent where several stars of death were still moving, in the end blasting towards the incoming river of stars. However, the blazing stellar stream multiplied without end, continuously born and destroyed, from the process of life to death releasing tremendous power, attacking and destroying these star clusters of death. Su was already at a complete disadvantage, the expansion of his death constellation completely not enough to keep up with its speed of destruction. 

However, while standing on a new star of death, Su instead released a faint smile. He knew that his body also accomplished its task, successfully biting a small piece of tissue from Serendela’s body, acquiring a few drops of blood. Immediately afterwards, his body became like a wild beast, relying on its instincts to deliver it back as fast as possible. 

Meanwhile, in the spiritual world, Su could only drag things on as long as possible to prevent Serendela from attacking his body upon waking. 

Destruction was inevitable. Once he was defeated in this clash between spiritual worlds, Su’s entire consciousness would disappear, his body becoming a wild beast that would only run on instinct. Su wasn’t sure if his body would develop intelligence again after his death under its instincts’ orders, or develop a new consciousness. Even if he developed new intelligence and consciousness, that would still be an entirely new person, it would no longer be Su. However, for Su, this was already no longer important. Before entering the battle of spiritual worlds, he gave his body one final order, and right now, the order was already in progress. 

The stars of death were destroyed one after another, going from an endless star cluster to countable groups of stars. Endless light spots flickered, the result of death stars collapsing one after another. Meanwhile, Su who stood at the center of the group of stars suddenly displayed flaws and a different frame of mind, thinking about a few unrelated matters.

Why did he have to do so much for her? Su thought. 

Immediately afterwards, he laughed a bit helplessly. There was no reason, there truly was no reason at all. It was as if everything just ought to be so. From the moment Su set the resolution to raise her up, it had always been like this. 

In reality, there didn’t have to be a reason either. Since he did it, then he already did it. This world could also be extremely simple sometimes. 

“Really is motherfucking…” Su laughed in spite of himself, speaking a rare line of curses, seemingly learned from Li. 

The cosmos storm that would wipe out the death stars was already not far away. Su watched as it did so, waiting for it to arrive.

In the main hall, Su who was currently latching onto Serendela’s body fiercely flung his head, unexpectedly forcibly tearing off a strip of flesh from her incomparably tough body! Serendela released a painful shriek, the resounding cry shattering everything in this main hall!

Su closed his mouth tightly, the devoured flesh quickly moving down his throat. He suddenly reached out his hand to grab his own throat, viciously digging into it, unexpectedly gouging out a large chunk of flesh, almost tearing out two-thirds of his own neck! Then, he exerted strength, flinging this chunk of flesh towards the entrance of the hall. While still in midair, the flesh quickly began to change, reaching out four slender tentacles, as well as displaying two flat yet sharp forelimbs. It turned into a small irregular creature in the blink of an eye, moreover rushing towards the staircase with a speed and nimbleness that didn’t match its body, releasing an ear-piercing sharp shriek as it climbed upwards. In just a few seconds, it already rushed past the several hundred meter long passage!

At the entrance of the prayer room that led to the underground passage, several great knights surrounded the elder’s corpse, their faces full of shock. Everyone was huddled together in panic, not knowing how to deal with the current situation. The place beneath the prayer room was the Holy Crusaders’ holy land, a place they were normally strictly forbidden from entering. However, right now, there was an inconceivably powerful enemy that killed the elder, breaking into the restricted area, so what were they supposed to do? Moreover, who was it that had this type of skill, to be able to kill this Morning Star Knight Samilian, one of the seven knights who followed Gusglav, one of the founders of the Holy Crusaders, in such a short amount of time? In the endless years, the seven knights from the past had already withered away one after another, and only Machard filled the most important position of Light Bringing Knight.

Now, today, all seven great knights from the past were completely dead. 

A great knight walked to the passage entrance, extending his head into the serene and hidden passage, hesitating as to whether or not he should break the taboo and investigate the holy land. However, with even Morning Star Knight Samilian who had ten levels of ability falling under the enemy’s hands, would he, or the several colleagues at his side be able to do anything?

However, not only was there an enemy in the underground holy land, there was also Light Bringing Knight Machard! Machard’s importance was something every great knight understood clearly. Controlling the holy scripture wasn’t an ability, but rather an innate talent. Losing Machard meant that there would no longer be any new great knights. 

His fear towards the future shattered all misgivings he felt towards breaking the taboo. This great knight set the resolution to enter and investigate the holy land. As soon as his body entered the passage, a wave of sensitive and extremely shrill cry rang out! He immediately entered a stupor, a feeling of extreme danger suddenly overwhelming his mind, but there were no human figures in his field of view. During his moment of distractedness, an extremely vicious and ferocious force smashed into his chest, as if he was struck by a great hammer! Everything before his eyes went dark, and then his body couldn’t help but fly backwards, a string of blood shooting outwards. The sturdy alloy chestplate correspondingly caved in greatly. 

A shadow rushed out from the passage with a speed the naked eye couldn’t capture. After bouncing off the great knight’s chestplate, it then shot about between the walls a few more times before rushing out of the prayer room. After smashing through the sacred hall’s thin outer wall, it immediately vanished into the distance. 

From start to finish, none of the great knights even saw clearly what exactly rushed out from the passage!

Just as they were looking at each other in dismay, the ground beneath their feet suddenly shook, and in the blink of an eye, the entire sacred hall began to shake. Before they had time to react, the ground surface suddenly ruptured, a blast wave abruptly released from underground, blasting the entire sacred hall into the night sky!

In the boundless darkness, an incomparably thick pillar of white light rose up in the Land of Rest, directly shooting into the heavens! Inside the pillar of light, the holy temple tumbled upwards, continuously breaking apart, sending chunk after chunk of stone material in all directions, as well as tossing human figures upwards. At the center of the pillar of light, a woman who released dazzling radiance from her entire body rose up. After releasing a long cry that echoed through the cloudy night, she then flew in the direction of the great sea. 

The roar was resounding and fierce, full of anger, as well as a bit of unwillingness to accept this reality. 

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