Book 5 Chapter 23.6

Book 5 Chapter 23.6 - Treading on the Path of Return

At this moment, a strange scene happened. Serendela’s body began to release blazing radiance, and then Machard’s arms unexpectedly began to gradually enter Serendela’s thigh. His face that was tightly pressed against Serendela’s face also sank in halfway, moreover still continuing to gradually do so. Machard looked like he was melted, continuously absorbed by Serendela, ultimately actually entirely merging into her body! Only the clothes he wore remained in the original location, while the holy scripture rolled down her thigh, landing at the base of the crystal coffin with a pa sound. 

The spiritual battle continued. Su’s constellation of death was still endlessly expanding, to the extent where several stars of death were still moving, in the end blasting towards the incoming river of...

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