Book 5 Chapter 23.5

Book 5 Chapter 23.5 - Treading on the Path of Return

Finally, the enormous, desolate celestial body finally fully appeared beneath Su’s feet. Then, the scenery around this planet also gradually appeared. In the dark bluish-black heavens above suspended another extremely large planet, the planet flickering with a deep yellow radiance, yet still giving one an ice-cold, deathly still feeling. 

As the stellar stream swept over, Su’s spiritual world also began to quickly spread, enormous planets that defied normal reasoning appearing one after another. In the pitch-black space, apart from these densely packed planets, no other source of light could be seen. There wasn’t even a small meteorite belt in the void, the only things in existence these ice-cold celestial bodies that were either static or rigidly moving based on some type of trajectory. 

In the universe that already appeared, there wasn’t a single star. It was unknown where the radiance came from, but these celestial bodies were still illuminated one after another. However, even though they reflected light, they still gave off a feeling of incomparable coldness. 

Moreover, this world was extremely quiet without any sound, peaceful to the point of driving one mad. 

Meanwhile, behind the woman created from light and fire, the stars that were displayed were flourishing with vitality. Even though they were stars, they were still frantically spraying out light and heat, completing the cycle of birth to destruction, and then returning to stillness in a single breath. This was a violently moving world flourishing with life. 

The two entirely different worlds silently collided. A layer of drizzling brilliance suddenly rose from the celestial body below Su’s feet, and then the earth silently ruptured, large pieces of stone floating weightlessly. Then, as if a formless wind blew past, they broke down into countless little granules, turning into nothingness. If one looked from an even higher angle, they would see the entire celestial body silently collapsing, breaking up into elementary particles. This didn’t only happen to the celestial body Su stood on, the countless planets behind him also began to break apart and collapse. The river of stars that smashed over similarly had countless stars explode, blasts of dazzling fiery light rising and falling in succession. 

Su discovered that he had unknowingly when restored his body, now standing on an intact dead planet. The waves of planetary collapse quickly reached this celestial body, but in a flash, Su discovered that he was already standing on another planet. 

The two worlds were currently mutually swallowing each other up, melting each other away, a cosmos story of millions and millions of years concentrated into a few seconds. On a spiritual world battle of this scale, willpower already withdrew to a negligible level. 

At this moment, the crystal coffin in the sacrificial hall silently opened to the sides, pure colorless water quickly pouring out from inside the coffin, flowing out through a hidden channel. The sleeping woman’s body moved, the energy she released instantly evaporating all of the water, causing large amounts of steam to rise. In the smoke clouds and mists, the goddess-like woman slowly sat up!

The young man was originally shivering with cold, only now raising his head after sensing a tremendous change in the energy ahead. When he saw the woman in the crystal coffin sit up, he immediately revealed an expression of joy, reaching his arms out towards her, crying out loudly, “Mama!”

However, right at this moment, the woman opened her eyes! Her eyes didn’t have pupils at all, only a golden color that continuously released flowing flame-like light! There wasn’t a trace of human aura from her body, to the extent where there wasn’t even an aura of life. That type of vastness, loneliness, it was unknown where it came from, yet it could make any creature tremble in fear!

“Ma… ma…” The young Machard was clearly frightened. He softly cried out, but his body involuntarily stepped backwards. 

The woman slowly lowered her head, her golden line of sight finally having a focal point, landing where the young man was. However, she didn’t show any reaction towards the young man’s calling. An aloof and remote manner gradually solidified, and clear, biting cold killing intent was being released! When she produced killing intent, all lives that were a bit weaker would directly die. 

Even though the powerful energy in Machard’s body and the holy scripture he carried protected him, the killing intent’s pressure still made his face turn miserably pale, so cold it felt as if he was standing naked in the middle of a snowland. This wasn’t the mother he had imagined. Machard took a few more steps backwards, but his back seemed to have bumped into something. The sudden change made him release a shrill cry of fear. He suddenly turned around, and then he released an even greater cry of fear!

Behind the young man, was Su.

Su supported his body with his two arms, the legs below him completely limp as they were dragged behind him, seemingly already losing their function. Behind him was a winding ring of blood!

Su’s eyes were opened, his eyes lacking pupils, not having a focal point either, completely a vacant dark green. His head was raised, looking directly at Serendela in the coffin, Machard who stood between these two treated completely like transparent air. 

When he suddenly saw the inhuman Su, moreover right behind him, Machard whose mind already had a huge shadow looming over it immediately went rigid. He wanted to run, but he also wanted to plea for help from mother, however, the tremendous fear that instantly overcame him completely prevented him from moving! Just as his brain was on the verge of completely blanking out, Su suddenly leapt up, throwing himself onto the young man’s body, one hand pressed against the top of his head, one hand on his shoulder. Both his hands exerted force, and then he flew high into the air, pouncing towards Serendela!

The young man fell down on his back from Su’s momentum. However, the scenes of Su throwing himself over like a devil were extremely clear in his mind, engraving themselves into the young man’s brain. Machard could feel Su’s lower body and legs smash against his head, face, and chest, and then borrowing the force of this process to pass him. However, that type of feeling...

That type of feeling was just like being licked by some type of enormous beast’s naked tongue! Machard couldn’t feel any bones from Su’s collision. This was something that definitely shouldn’t have been displayed by a human body!

Machard suddenly felt as if his face was extremely uncomfortable, and as such, he subconsciously wiped at it. When he looked at his hand, it was completely red! The young man who was nearing mental collapse couldn’t tell if that was his own blood or Su’s, only gasping for breath violently as he stared at this redness. Suddenly, his pupils contracted, the inverted images in his pupils showing that there were actually blood wisps extending from that blood, these blood wisps continuously brandishing about. Moreover, the thick blood even more so defied the rules of matter, unexpectedly moving up along his fingers. When they gathered at his fingertips, they then released long wisps of blood!

When he saw this blood that didn’t belong to him at all, Machard grasped for breath, his body’s trembling becoming greater and greater. He suddenly released a silent, high-pitched shrill cry, the formless sound wave spreading in all directions. The hall’s floor, walls, and everything else seemed like it was submerged in water, producing waves of ripples, only the altar at the center and its immediate surroundings unaffected. Immediately afterwards, the ground and walls suddenly released blasts of fine mist, the incomparably sturdy stone materials all turned into fine ashes, flying everywhere! Meanwhile, Machard crawled to his feet, and then rushed up the altar with inconceivable speed, throwing himself into Serendela’s crystal coffin, firmly hugging her exposed thigh. Machard didn’t realize that Su was currently hanging from Serendela’s body, his hands wrapped around her neck, teeth clamping rigidly down on her shoulder. 

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