Book 5 Chapter 23.4

Book 5 Chapter 23.4 - Treading on the Path of Return

The words weren’t that pretty at all, and the edges were crude and peeling off, the style extremely rough. He could feel an incredibly vast, deep, and rich aura rushing at him, one that was accumulated from many years of unstoppable massacring!

These two lines that were concise and simple gave off an indescribably strong emotion, as if it wasn’t just limited to a man and women, but rather on a whole nother facet, enormous, vast, strong, and decisive. 

Just these two lines that were left behind alone gave Su a near suffocating sensation!

In front of the monument, the young Machard was currently kneeling there, his head hanging, praying something with a soft and hurried voice. His frail body was trembling, energy continuously flowing out from his body. The thick divine scripture was held tightly in his embrace, the corner that was exposed continuously flowing with milky-white radiance. Each time the light flickered, the energy would always scatter like water ripples. 

The Land of Rest’s underground scene greatly exceeded Su’s expectations. He had previously thought that buried here was an organ similar to the Heart of Darkness, or that there would be a General, like how it was with Cirvanas back then, with creatures whose foundations were tied to these organs, never expecting to meet this type of woman. Strictly speaking, she couldn’t be considered a woman, as she only had the outer appearance of the human race. She was currently in a strange state between tangible matter and energy, yet he couldn’t sense her will. From the message left on the monument, she should be a life form with intelligence, only, it was unknown why she was currently in this type of state. 

These thoughts flowed through Su’s mind like lightning. He still had many doubts and suspicions, but now wasn’t the time to search for answers. After all, what he was looking for was right in front of him. Su supported his body, crawling towards the crystal coffin. As soon as he crawled a meter, Su’s face suddenly made contact with something. Several formless wisps of energy were quietly broken. 

Su’s heart trembled, he knew he had already triggered some type of mechanism. Following the energy wisps’ collapse, the entire hall, no, Land of Rest’s entire energy system trembled! This wasn’t because of Su’s invasion, but rather that some type of enormous will was currently awakening!

Su’s expression fell. In the endless void, a pair of enormous ocean-blue eyes gradually opened, overlooking Su who was more insignificant than an ant. 

A strong life aura gathered from the void, pouring into the body of the woman sleeping within the crystal coffin. Her face immediately developed a flush of color, and even her eyelashes moved, clearly about to wake!

All of these changes happened in an instant. As soon as Su barely managed to support his body, preparing to face the incoming battle, the pair of ocean-blue eyes concentrated on his body. As a result, Su’s will suddenly exploded, expanding boundlessly, linking up with the enormous spiritual body that appeared from the endless void. 

“Why is it another spiritual world battle?” Su only had time for this thought before his entire consciousness was sucked into a different plane. 

In this world ruled by darkness and nothingness, a streak of light suddenly lit up, a heaven reaching radiance. At the center of the radiance was a goddess-like woman. She was indescribably beautiful, and even more so possessed a world ruling imposingness and awe. Her blonde hair rose in the pillar of light, with every movement releasing large amounts of brilliance and flames. Meanwhile, her eyes didn’t have pupils, only possessing a dense golden radiance, not a hint of emotion visible, only endless coldness and prestige. Her body was condensed from flames and light without hands or feet, the several dozen streaks of dancing flames likely serving as her limbs. 

Su stood in the void. He didn’t see his own body, nor did he sense his surrounding environment, as if he was just a formless consciousness floating in the darkness. However, the woman who approached was a real existence, the radiance she released passing through the endless distance. When this radiance landed on Su’s consciousness, it brought him a lacerating pain!

When the flame and heat releasing goddess approached from the void, it meant that the heavy curtains before the spiritual world’s scenes finally began to slowly open behind her. 

When he was seizing the fishmen’s secrets, Su had previously inadvertently made contact with the Lord of the Frozen Sea Pridekla’s spiritual world, thus engaging in an unexpected intense battle. At that time, Pridekla’s spiritual world was symbolized by a roaring great wave that could cover the great earth, while what Su displayed was a grain of desolation, loneliness, cold, a celestial body without any auras of life, an enormous planet! That battle that had taken place on a spiritual facet was more daunting than dangerous for Su. After that experience, Su became aware of a completely new way of fighting, and he also began to understand the basic rules of this type of battle. The spiritual worlds’ collision looked at the persistence and firmness of one’s will, as well as the vastness of the spiritual world, while the latter was more of a decisive factor. 

When this woman’s world slowly unfolded, appearing before Su’s eyes, it was a boundless sea of stars!

Enormous despair seized Su’s mind. When the thousands of specks of lights, each representing a star, formed a stellar stream behind the woman’s body, he quietly released an order he had long prepared beforehand. 

As the endless flames swept over, Su’s spiritual world finally began to emerge under the pressure. 

First, it was a desolate, ice-cold floor that appeared beneath his feet. The ground was made from deep red crude rock and sand, currently releasing dazzling radiance from a light source that came from who knew what direction. However, this was an extremely cold and arid world, the great earth covered in cracks, completely without any aura of life. Not even ultra life forms could survive long-term in this type of environment. 

The earth extended in all directions, a horizon starting to appear at the limit of one’s  vision, the slight curve representing that this was an enormous celestial body similar to a star. The celestial body’s surface was ice-cold and deathly still, the earth reflecting deep red, dark purple, and pale white, the variety of colors all coldly testifying the reality that this place didn’t have life, nor would it ever produce any life. 

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