Book 5 Chapter 22.4

Book 5 Chapter 22.4 - Rest

Su was overdrafting his own life, all mechanisms operating beyond their limit. During the short moment of ignition, his combat strength was raised several fold, the cost being that large amounts of tissues would completely die off after his energy reserves were exhausted close to completion. For ordinary creatures, recovering from this was an impossible task. This might perhaps be an exception for Su, but it definitely wouldn’t be an easy process. This wasn’t something he wished for, but rather an instinctive survival reaction his body displayed when faced with an overwhelming enemy. The religious image, scriptures, prayer room, youth and elder, the amount of energy they possessed was tremendous, truly making Su feel the threat of death. 

That was why Su altered the original plan, entering a complete battle state at the very first stage, using the simplest and most effective methods of weakening the enemy’s power. That young man could turn the scriptures’ surging sea of energy into the enlightenment radiance the great knight could absorb, so he could similarly convert the energy into a terrifyingly destructive energy storm. If the saint-robed young man directly smashed the holy scripture into Su’s body, and then instantly triggered all of the terrifying energy stored inside, Su would be vaporized on the spot. 

The holy scripture was just like the religious image, both of them equipped with void world connecting properties, as well as endless energy. The energy the young man possessed himself was similarly frightening. When Su fixated his eyes on him, he felt like he was looking straight at a sun, waves of intense sharp pain stinging his eyes. This young man’s body was simply like a living nuclear reactor!

The elder behind this young man possessed similarly tremendous energy, but it wasn’t incredibly forceful like the young man’s. He was more reserved, the feeling of danger Su got from him a bit greater. However, most of Su’s attention was still placed on the young man’s body. He knew the elder was more scared of battlefield experience, but right now, Su only feared great power. 

The moment Su pushed aside the door, his eyes landed on the young man’s body. However, he didn’t make any movements, instead closing his eyes, standing there quietly for two whole seconds. In the eyes of true high level individuals, two seconds was already enough to decide many, many things, for example, the two great knights already delivered most of the ordinary people near the exit, and then turned around towards the prayer room, for example, the elder speaking in a deemphasized manner to them ‘all of you stay back’, making those two great knights cease their steps in shock. Moreover, most importantly, the young man finished reading the scripture in that profound manner, released a shout, and then his right hand released a powerful radiance that was comparable to a sun, completing the ‘enlightenment’ ceremony. 

The blazing energy crazily poured into the half-kneeling great knight’s body, reconstructing and shaping certain key organs and tissues. Even though his body received serious damage during this process, close to the point of collapse, he still endured this transformation. 

A new great knight was born before Su’s eyes. 

Under the Panoramic View, almost no secrets regarding the great knight production process remained. However, during these two seconds, not only did he pry into the great knight birth’s secrets, countless scenes even danced about in his mind at the same time. This was the intelligence obtained at the cost of overloading his intelligence cores and using himself as fuel, deducing countless possible situations. In the end, all of the flying variables gathered into a single scene. At the center of the scene, she laid on the ground, silver-gray long hair scattering like clouds, a quiet and content smile resting on her face, as if fast asleep. 

This was an extremely beautiful scene. He could see blinding dark red blood gushing out from beneath the young lady’s body like red silk, gradually spreading, ultimately occupying the entire canvas. 

Su suddenly opened his eyes!

His green gaze pierced into the young man’s body like a sword. The young man’s forehead was already covered in sweat, hair also drenched, sticking to his forehead. He had a pair of maroon-colored eyes, pure and without a trace of impurity. He met Su’s gaze, and then as if he didn’t sense the undisguised sharpness of Su’s gaze, he revealed a tired smile and said, “Thank you!”

Su knew that he was thanking him for allowing him to complete the great knight’s enlightenment process. However, Su had his own reasons for waiting two seconds. The final split second of enlightenment unexpectedly drained the young man of most of his energy. Meanwhile, the newly born great knight was incomparably frail without any combat strength, instead becoming Su’s hostage and shield. This young man gave Su quite the favorable impression. However, these two seconds, the final scene of these two seconds made Su fully enter his battle state!

“What do you want?” The elder suddenly asked. 

He undid the white robe, the symbol of holiness. Below the white robe was a set of silver gray skintight armor, the coat of arms embedded in the chest area unexpectedly three small golden crosses! Normally, only great knights with great contributions could have a single silver cross, while golden crosses were things only those exceeding a certain level could wear! However, while speaking, he didn’t move at all, only nailing his gray eyes at Su. 

Su revealed a slight smile, and then suddenly took a step towards the young man. The young man was startled, while the corner of the elder’s mouth involuntarily twitched, but he forcefully endured the urge to move. His shrewd and ruthless eyes told him that Su was just testing things out. If he moved, Su in his current explosive state might very well deliver a vicious blow towards the young man!

Su pointed at the ground, and then he said with a dull tone, “Give me what is below.”

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