Book 5 Chapter 22.3

Book 5 Chapter 22.3 - Rest

Su didn’t pay much attention to the battle ahead of him, everything done completely on instinct. All of his perception was concentrated on a prayer room in the back section of the church; this was where the terrifying energy vortex converged. There were three people inside, from their postures it seemed like some kind of ceremony was being carried out. Two of them were blocking off Su’s perception to some extent, making it difficult for Su to assess their ability levels. However, the energy reaction their bodies gave off was extremely powerful, simply like two suns in his Panoramic View! Meanwhile, the energy reaction of the kneeling individual’s body was currently growing at an inconceivable speed. In the short amount of time it took for Su to enter the church, he had already risen from one level to four levels, moreover still rising at the speed of one level per second. From the frequency and intensity of the energy movements, it would likely stop only after producing another eighth level ability user. 

Behind the church was a prayer room, the area not that large, only able to hold about thirty or so individuals. However, the sacred and solemn atmosphere was rarely seen. Almost every inch of space of this place was exuding thick energy. When bathed in this type of energy, one would feel a solemn, dignified, and generous feeling. At the same time, one’s body composition and the energy inside of them would undergo a type of fine-tuning. This was the so-called divine. 

At the end of the prayer room was a simple divine altar, on the altar embedded a pure gold painting, on it the image of a woman. The woman on the painting was extremely vivid and moving. Even though her appearance couldn’t be seen, from the moment one saw her, everyone would feel the misconception that the woman on the golden painting possessed her own life. Meanwhile, in Su’s perception, the figure on the divine altar was not just a lifelike painting. In another empty room was a similar religious image, but it was formed from black and white colors, and there was no substance. The two images had parts that matched up, but because they were divided into two empty spaces, they didn’t overlap. However, Su discovered that between the void and reality, the images displayed a bridging function, linking up the two worlds together at this point!

The void world didn’t have substance, but it possessed endless energy, and consequently, a tremendous amount of indescribable energy was concentrated on the religious images. Even though the amount of energy the void world transmitted to the religious image was extremely limited, it was still enough to ensure that the religious image’s energy never declined. 

Before this religious image stood an individual dressed in a pure white saint robe. In his left hand was a thick scripture, his right hand reaching out, pressing towards the direction of the half kneeling knight’s head. With a deep and profound voice, he said, “In the name of the divine, just, and free, I grant you this glorious power. We were born to bright light, and thus, we must illuminate the road ahead for those of the present world, drive off the darkness, all the way until the body turns to dust, returns to the earth…”

The kneeling knight had a tall and sturdy build, his stiff short hair already half grizzled. His body was covered in silvery-white alloy armor, the back and shoulder armor spots still empty. Anyone with some understanding of the Holy Crusaders knew that these three spots of the armor were where the crests were inlaid, the crest of every great knight different, mainly influenced by the special ability they obtained when accepting enlightenment. 

In this prayer room, a great knight’s enlightenment ceremony was currently being carried out. 

The great knight who was accepting enlightenment was already close to fifty years of age, one of the two clerics a slender elder who looked to already be around seventy to eighty years of age, the other a young man who still had a bit of immatureness on him. However, the one who ‘enlightened’ the great knight wasn’t the elder, but rather the youth. When the profound words left his mouth line after line, it was as if this young man merged together with some enormous silhouette, making it so that others couldn’t help but admire and look up to him. 

Energy poured out from the scriptures the young man was carrying like a tide, gathering in his opened right hand. Then, a miraculous change in nature took place, turning from violent and ferocious to gentle and harmonious. It then concentrated and entered the great knight through the top of his head, merging with the burning bright energy nucleus within him. Moreover, following the energy’s infusion, a mysterious code appeared from the scriptures, directly engraving itself in the depths of the enlightened great knight’s genes, changing them. As the gene structure quickly changed, new abilities formed one after another. 

Bang, bang, bang!

Three more gunshots sounded in the church. Three well-trained high level guards fell below Su’s body one after another, what took their lives nothing more than an unremarkable bullet. In terms of power, even if they were bombarded by the pistol’s bullets, they still shouldn’t have died this quickly. The angle at which the bullets entered through were all their weakest points, and the destination of the bullets were always the same, their brains. 

The price Su paid to kill the five guards was almost completely negligible. 

The other two great knights in the church were currently guiding the panicking normal people out from the back door, not grouping up with the three guards to try and besiege Su. These ordinary people were mostly the church’s staff members, from this one could see that the Holy Crusaders really did treat ordinary people as equal members. The two great knights clearly didn’t expect the five rather powerful guards to die in an instant, moreover by a pistol!

Su was already standing at the entrance of the prayer room, his hand reaching out and pushing open the heavy oaken door. His body was already no longer ice-cold like rock, light golden hair floating about like a flickering flame. Seething heat was continuously emitted from his skin, rising up, adding a bit of mysteriousness to Su’s appearance. His body was currently boiling, all energy surging at limit-exceeding speeds. Nearly every cell was mobilized and activated, his genes stretched to the limit, on the brink of rupturing. In Su’s brain, every single core was in an overloaded state, large amounts of energy, due to a lack of areas that could absorb and use it, were eliminated through his skin as to avoid exceeding the limit of what his nervous system could handle. 

The current Su was completely an erupting volcano!

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