Book 5 Chapter 22.2

Book 5 Chapter 22.2 - Rest

He slowly turned around, his gaze landing on the only conspicuous building at the center of the Land of Rest, a church that couldn’t be considered too large. This church’s style was unique, entirely pure white, on the stone pillars carved the stars and radiance, but none of the most commonly seen angels or apostles of religious narratives. The church’s style was also unlike any olden era church Su had seen, its style graceful and lighthearted, the color tone bright. This type of building rarely appeared in the northern environment. Many of the small town’s houses already had over a century of history, signifying that they were preserved from the olden era, just renovated a bit. Meanwhile, this church clearly had less than fifty years of history, quite likely constructed by the first generation founders of the Holy Crusaders. 

The church was currently brightly lit, calm and dignified music vaguely audible, one or two people occasionally going in and out from the half covered-up side door. Some type of ceremony seemed to be held in the church, but Su didn’t sense many people, so it shouldn’t be an important ceremony. However, this wasn’t important. What was important was that this church was the only building in the Land of Rest that produced a powerful energy reaction. 

After calmly watching for a few minutes, only then did Su stretch out his fingers a bit and walk towards the church. 

The closer he got to the church, the more he felt as if waves of energy were hitting him in the face. A few minutes later, Su was already standing before the small church’s half-open side door. The warm radiance that seeped out from the door’s opening scattered over his body, producing a bit of faint mist in front of his refined face. Just like that, Su bathed in the warm radiance, standing there without moving. His face looked like it was frozen, not the slightest trace of emotion visible. 

Right at this time, the side door suddenly opened a bit wider, an individual rushing out with his head down in a hurried manner. He never expected there would be someone standing by the door, let alone someone whose existence he had never sensed, thus colliding head-on into Su’s chest!

His reaction was extremely fast. As soon as his head made contact with Su’s chest, his build suddenly inflated, erupting with extraordinary power, unexpectedly forcibly stopping his momentum, turning around to retreat backwards. His right hand reached out towards the side door’s handle, wishing to close the door in the same motion as his retreat!

His reaction speed was lightning fast, but his body came to a stop in midair after backing up just a few centimeters. Su’s left hand shot out like lightning, already grabbing his shoulder, the tremendous power his arm exerted grabbing him in midair. Meanwhile, his right hand drew out afterimages one after another in a clear and rhythmic manner, removing the gun from his waist, undoing the safety, pressing it against the space between his brows, and then pulling the trigger!

All of this happened extremely fast. When the bullet blasted through his skull with a loud bang, that man’s eyes were still looking at Su with horror, his right hand only now just raised, currently grabbing towards the side door’s handle. 

Bright red blood bloomed before Su’s eyes, several drops even splashing onto his ivory-like skin, and then slowly rolling down. The blood was boiling hot, forming a stark contrast with Su’s ice-cold body.

Su lowered his body, lowering the corpse that was still warm onto the ground, and then he stood up, his right hand that was holding the gun suddenly reaching forward. The muzzle of the gun reached into the side door, freezing in the air. 

The instant the gun’s muzzle stopped moving, someone shot out like wind from behind the door! In his hands was a large caliber pistol, his hands already raised the moment his body stopped moving, aiming the muzzle forward. 

However, when his hands only moved up halfway, they suddenly stopped! His eyes were filled with shock, horror, and disbelief as he stared at the already waiting pitch black muzzle. The pistol’s muzzle was aimed perfectly between his brows!

Another drop of blood splashed onto Su’s face, slowly tumbling down afterwards. 

Su took a step back, moving out of the way of the falling corpse, and then he walked into this side door. Shouting and chaotic footsteps sounded from within the church, many people hearing the two gunshots that sounded one after the other. Only, their every movement was captured by the Panoramic View, everything within Su’s expectations. 

Su’s body was still ice-cold like stone, but the energy inside was already close to boiling, already completely reaching the optimal pre-battle state. Just now, he suddenly felt a type of wonderful feeling, which was that under the monitoring of the Panoramic View, under the several dozen intelligence cores and over a thousand computing cores’ full power operation, all of the enemy’s movements and intentions were all clearly visible to him. Su not only knew what they were currently doing, he could even accurately predict what they were going to do next. These weren’t different possible scenarios, but rather knowing almost perfectly, precisely what they were going to do!

That was why Su could kill the first guard with an extremely simple method, and then wait for the second guard to deliver his vitals straight before the muzzle. In reality, both of these two guards were seventh level ability users, so if he fought them in a head on battle, Su would have to expend quite a bit of effort to eliminate them. However now, he killed two ability users who were equivalent to dragonrider colonels like it was child’s play. 

There were more than ten people currently running back and forth in the church, a few of them quickly rushing towards this area. There were three other guards with this level of abilities, the three of them currently rushing over from the other side of the church. Aside from the guards, most of those frantically running around were ordinary people, but there were two individuals with abilities as high as eight levels, most likely the Holy Crusaders’ great knights. 

Su walked along the corridor, his footsteps not that fast. However, when he took another step, arriving at the turn around the corner, the guard behind the wall who had restrained his aura and was slowly shifting close would also reach the other side of the corner. The energy inside his body suddenly bubbled forth, preparing to suddenly speed up and rush into the corridor, the pistol in his hand already pointed forward during the course of his body’s movement. 

The scene of the next second had already been drawn out in Su’s brain: the guard’s low-lying body would suddenly charge out from around the corner, his head perfectly passing in front of the muzzle Su had just set in place. Then, Su’s bullet would leave the barrel a bit ahead of time, thus entering through the guard’s ear, this way able to avoid his seven levels of defense strengthening, as well as the skull that could stop the bombardment of machine gun bullets, blasting his brain into a paste. 

The third gunshot sounded, the guard falling in response. 

Everything went exactly the same as how Su had anticipated. The only difference was that the guard’s sprinting speed was a bit slower, causing Su’s bullet to brush a bit of his skull, producing a bit of deviation and tumbling about, the resulting damage a bit greater than he had intended. 

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