Book 5 Chapter 21.8

Book 5 Chapter 21.8 - Brilliance

Should ordinary people have better lives, or should more resources be placed in the hands of ability users who would make greater use of it?

Politics could be simplified into being the allocation of resources and interests. However, endless complexities could exist between the choices. 

Su sat on the couch in front of the fireplace, his hands crossed, supporting his chin. Half of his face was covered, the serene and deep left eye gazing into the jumping fireplace, unknown as to what he was thinking about. Madeline was currently heading up the stairs, behaving like a curious young lady, looking around here and poking around there. She was clearly extremely satisfied towards this clean, warm, and comfortable house. 

The sound of heavy objects moving could be heard from the floor above. Cirvanas was currently dragging...

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