Book 5 Chapter 21.6

Book 5 Chapter 21.6 - Brilliance

Li slowly dragged her body through the corpse covered battlefield, heading towards Steel Gate’s direction. A crack finally opened up in the clouds of radiation, revealing part of the setting sun, blood-like sunlight dyeing everything before Li’s eyes in a thick layer of red. 

Li couldn’t help but narrow her eyes. A large and tall figure vaguely appeared in her field of view, the dark redness constructing a silhouette. 

“Looks a bit familiar…” Li thought. Due to heavy blood loss, her line of thought became sluggish, her field of view occasionally clear, occasionally blurry. The blinding sunlight even more so interfered with her vision.

That figure gradually walked closer, Li could make out the enormous pistols held in each of his drooping hands. However, she didn’t sense any hostility, instead a type of warm feeling. Under the extreme cold, this bit of warmth was extremely precious. 

The two slowly approached each other, Li finally recognizing that the one who was coming was Li Gaolei. His upper clothes were open, his exposed chest similarly covered in large amounts of blood. Two deep purple-black bullet holes could be seen as well. It seemed like Li Gaolei’s situation was only a bit better than Li’s. 

Li’s figure swayed back and forth, as if she might collapse any moment now. She looked at Li Gaolei, asking with a disjointed voice, “It’s you? Why are you here?”

Li Gaolei’s voice was still just as loud and clear as before. “I just wiped out a scorpion fleet, and then I came to see how the situation on your side was.” While speaking, the two bullet holes in front of his chest released two bloody lines. However, this was something Li already couldn’t see clearly. 

Li released a snort, saying, “You’ve already seen for yourself. When this old lady sets out, you think there’ll be anyone left alive? Less nonsense, hand over a smoke!”

Li Gaolei revealed an awkward expression. After rummaging through his entire body, he couldn’t even find a cigarette butt. After fighting a blood soaked battle, even the medical kit he had on him had been lost who knew where, let alone protecting the cigarettes he carried on him. 

However, right now, Li already didn’t need anything to smoke. Her body swayed, and then she directly collapsed. However, she didn’t fall onto the ground, but instead into a pair of strong arms. The powerful muscles, burning hot feeling, and even the pungent mixture of smoke and blood smell gave others a great feeling of safety. 

Li’s entire body went weak, but she didn’t go unconscious. She could feel Li Gaolei turning around, moving her to his back, and then walking towards Steel Gate while carrying her on his back. His pace wasn’t fast, but it was steady. Through the clothes and armor, Li could feel the forceful pulsing of the heart in his chest. 

Li suddenly felt extremely at ease, and extremely safe, her body that had been taut this entire time finally relaxing, laying on this man’s back. 

There was a hundred or so kilometers from this place to Steel Gate. With Li Gaolei’s injuries, it was hard for him to even walk back alone, let alone carrying someone. However, his steps and his imposing appearance made others believe that he would definitely return to Steel Gate. 

The clouds of radiation closed again, the wilderness gradually surrounded by darkness once more.

On the spacious wilderness, two figures slowly moved, appearing extremely lonely, yet not so lonely.



“What are your next plans?”

“Rest and recover, then kill scorpions.”

“I am talking about afterwards. From the looks of it, the two of us will wipe out these scorpions sooner or later.”

Li remained silent for a bit, and then said, “I am going to wait for him to return, and then… give birth to another child.” 

Li Gaolei’s mouth cracked open a large grin, releasing a silent laugh. “Not a bad idea.”

From start to finish, Li’s hand never let go of the long blade, the long cutting edge dragging on the ground, creating a perfectly straight groove in the ground. After walking this far, killing this many people, the blade’s edge was still just as sharp as before.

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