Book 5 Chapter 21.5

Book 5 Chapter 21.5 - Brilliance

Several days later, at the unmanned border of the great lakes’ western region, several battles continuously erupted. 

An eight-wheeled light armored off-road vehicle crazily sped forward, the four wheels on one side crushing the corpses of two soldiers, sending the entire vehicle flying at a tilted angle! However, its eight wheels, under hydraulic components’ control, suddenly extended outwards like spider legs. When the vehicle landed, it bounced a few times before recovering its balance. At the back part of the car roof stood a 1.5 meter tall metal pillar, on it installed two remote control rapid-fire machine guns, the rounds fired the Scorpions of Disaster’s newly developed 14mm standard anti-aircraft machine gun bullets, the firepower extremely vicious. This type of machine gun could blast through light armored targets within 400 meters. Together with its outstanding speed and full ground penetration capabilities, it was completely the king of all things outside of main battle tanks. 

However, the man that was controlling the weapons inside the off-road vehicle wasn’t the slightest bit relaxed. His head was inside of a holographic imaging control helmet, sweat flowing down his cheeks like a tide. His hands were frantically pulling on the control lever, shouting hysterically, “I am going to shoot you to death! Shoot you to death! … fuck, got away again!”

The two rapid-fire machine guns sprayed out long tongues of flame, thrashing apart the terrain ahead. Inside the flying dust, a graceful figure was currently making all types of evasive movements, ultimately using continuous rolling motions to dodge the rapid-fire machine gun’s strafing and rush into a dead angle. She then rushed past the off-road vehicle. 

When the man and vehicle intersected, that young girl suddenly leapt up from the ground, a streak of lightning suddenly lighting between her hands! The electrical light hacked down on the off-road vehicle in a diagonal manner before gathering once again into a shocking two meter long blade. 

Everything in front of the marksman controlling the machine guns remotely suddenly went dark, the holographic screen completely dimming. He immediately removed the helmet, and then he suddenly saw the spacious wilderness! This was the sealed weapon control cabin, so how could he see the wilderness from here?!

Only now did he discover that the wilderness had unknowingly when been split into two, the front half still rushing forward, the distance getting further and further from himself. On the front half of the vehicle’s weapon pedals, he could see two broken legs. The two legs looked extremely familiar. The shooter suddenly realized that those were his own legs!

He lowered his head, seeing that his legs were missing, finally unable to control himself from releasing a blood-curdling scream!

After the blade hacked apart the off-road vehicle, the girl didn’t stop at all, instead jumping over the off-road vehicle and heading towards the dozen or so Blue Scorpion infantry behind the vehicle. These Scorpions of Disaster soldiers were clearly well trained, every single one of them possessing at least two levels of ability, a third of them with three levels, completely reaching the levels of ordinary dragonrider subordinates. Even though they were shocked at the long blade’s terrifying destructive power, they instantly produced a web of crossfire. The girl no longer dodged around, instead suddenly jumping up, her body and the long blade sticking together. She used the armor on her arms to protect her head, and then she flew straight into the web of flames like an artillery shell! 

More than ten strings of blood blossomed from her body. Then, dazzling blade radiance began to shine on the battlefield. 

Li fell onto the ground, her beautiful face half buried in the dust that was still releasing concentrated gunpowder. On her short maroon hair, blood and dust mixed together, turning into mud, making her hair stick together in chunks. Li opened her eyes, her field of view already having no focal point. However, her right hand was still tightly gripping the long blade.

However, on Li’s face was a clear smile, a strange and crazy smile. 

The smile became more and more clear. Her eyes also recovered their vitality, the hand gripping the long blade moving about, slowly and arduously moving closer to her body. Only after exhausting almost all of her strength did Li manage to support her upper body. Blood continuously dripped down from the ends of her hair, collar, and sleeves, landing on the scorched black earth. She slowly moved her right leg, using her knee to support her body. After great difficulty, she finally stood up. 

Her trembling hand fetched a finger-sized emergency syringe, and then forcefully stabbed it into the side of her neck. Half a minute later, an unnatural flush of redness appeared on her face. Li who had recovered a bit of vitality began to cough violently, bloody suds continuously spraying out from her mouth and even nose. The combat clothes on her body had long been soaked in blood, the light alloy armor covering the important parts full of cracks. There were even a few bullet holes that had made it through, similarly dripping with blood. The blood on Li’s body weren’t all from her enemies, quite a bit of it her own. 

Li moved her body around slightly, and then she brandished the long blade again. Her movements were slow and lacking in strength, but it left her feeling extremely satisfied. “Damn, seems like I won’t be dying this time either!”

She suddenly erupted with laughter, but two streams of tears flowed uncontrollably. 

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