Book 5 Chapter 21.4

Book 5 Chapter 21.4 - Brilliance

Only when Li’s figure disappeared did Li Gaolei turn around from the window, facing the large scale map hanging on the wall. On this wall, the area around the five lakes now had several small scorpions marked on it, representing the activity of the Scorpions of Disaster’s advance troops. Li Gaolei had fought on more than one occasion against the Scorpions of Disaster, so he was naturally familiar with their strength and style of doing things. Since the Scorpions of Disaster’s advance troops even appeared here, did this mean that the Black Dragonriders lost in battle? Li Gaolei who deeply understood the Black Dragonriders’ power found this conclusion difficult to accept, but the Scorpions of Disaster did cross a thousand miles, passing over various powers large and small, appearing in the great lakes’ western region. What then was the reason for this?

However, right now, Li Gaolei already couldn’t engage in any detailed thinking. There was something plugging up his chest, making even his breathing more and more difficult. 

He stared at the small scorpions on the map, trying to determine which troop Li might attack. He understood Li’s nature well, and he himself was quite the outstanding military commander as well, so it was rare for his judgment to be wrong. 

Li Gaolei suddenly walked towards the wooden cabinet in the corner with large steps and forcefully pulled open the cabinet doors. The inside of it was piled neatly with all types of firearms! He fished out two Magnums that had aiming devices installed, stuck four revolvers into his waist, and then packed two cases of bullets. He originally even picked up a Dragon Type Assault Rifle, but after thinking about it, he put it back.

Li Gaolei gave the battle map another look, silently selected a target, and then said to Kane, “I’m leaving the city to take a look. Everything here’ll be left in your hands.”

“I knew you’d pick those two guns!” Kane said. He stood up from the couch, walked over to Li Gaolei’s side, and then produced a small box of bullets from his overcoat’s inner pockets, placing it in Li Gaolei’s hands. “Here! Bullets I made myself. There’s not many, so use them when you need to save your life.” 

Li Gaolei weighed the case in his hand, knowing that there were four bullets inside. Bullets Kane made personally definitely underwent the Moulding ability’s strengthening, only, he had no idea just how great the power would be. He could tell that Kane had already foreseen this situation when he was making the long blade for Li, making preparations beforehand. After experiencing the dangers of genetic collapse, the combat abilities of Kane who was already in his middle years declined to two levels, only the Moulding ability unaffected. However, his most precious aspect was his abundant experience and life wisdom. 

Li Gaolei didn’t say anything, only carefully stowing these bullets away. He gave Kane a powerful embrace, and then walked out. 

Kane released a sigh, his voice full of a middle-aged man’s age and experience. He could tell that Li Gaolei’s chances of making it back alive this time weren’t all that much greater than Li’s. 

Su suddenly left, so their lifestyles underwent significant changes. Even though Su left behind a message before leaving, explaining clearly to have Li Gaolei and Li manage the great lakes western region’s vast area, the undeniable truth was that the abilities of the three of them hadn't reached an overwhelming advantage. If they wanted to rule over millions of people and over ten thousand soldiers, it was extremely difficult. Kane had popularity, wisdom, and also the experience in managing a large amount of people, but if Li Gaolei and Li both left, his flaw of lacking powerful combat abilities would become extremely fatal. All organization leaders had to either have outstanding power themselves, or they had to have powerful trusted aides, this was indispensable. The reason why Su handed the great lakes’ western region over to Li and Li Gaolei who had powerful combat power instead of Kane was precisely because of this reason. 

Su was an extremely strange person. He looked extremely pretty and clean, a bit incompatible with this era’s environment, and he also looked a bit weak and lacking in decisiveness. However, in the end, those around him would always listen and comply with his suggestions. He would make the decision to proceed with the next part of the plan in everyone’s place, and he would also naturally lead them forward. Su was a natural leader, this was something he perhaps wasn’t aware of at all. In the past few years, he became more and more like a young adult with more and more responsibilities, striving to do what he can to give those around him better lives, or at least lives simple enough to allow continued survival. Meanwhile, Su’s luck had always been not bad, his strength steadily growing as well, enough to meet the qualifications of becoming a boss. 

When he returned from the western mountain range, not only did Su bring back Cirvanas who had mysterious origins, his character seemed to have changed into a completely different person as well. Sunshine disappeared from his body, instead replaced with gloomy and heavy pressure. In addition, Su was constantly emitting a faint power, making those around him subconsciously feel an innate fear, not daring to approach him. This type of power was something Kane had only felt before from Black Dragonrider Generals. He knew that this was the natural intimidation Holy level ability users exerted against lower level ability users. 

Even though Su changed greatly, there was one part that hadn't changed, and that was that he still did his utmost to take care of every single person at his side. Even before he suddenly left, he still planned a way out for the three of them. Kane with all of his life experiences naturally wouldn’t miss out on this. 

Only, the human heart was the most complicated thing, not something one or two beautiful desires could control. For example, the current unforeseen event was definitely not something within Su’s anticipations. 

“Leader, before you left, you probably never expected something like this would happen did you?” Kane thought with a bitter smile, shaking his head. 

Towards Li and Li Gaolei’s stubbornness, he was completely powerless. Even if he wanted to stop them, it would still be useless. This was the characteristic of this era. At the most critical moment, only power could decide everything. 

Kane arrived before the weapons cabinet that was still not yet closed. He sized it up, and then fetched a shaftless dagger and a large powered pistol, carrying them on him before carefully closing this cabinet. After completing these actions, a bit of killing intent was involuntarily added to Kane’s body.  

Li left, Li Gaolei left as well; these two might never return. The entire great lakes’ western region was placed on Kane’s shoulders. He decided that if someone wanted to challenge his authority, then he didn’t mind blasting the other party’s brains out, or have his own brains blown instead. 

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