Book 5 Chapter 21.3

Book 5 Chapter 21.3 - Brilliance

Li suddenly stood up. The long blade flickered, and then whistling sounds suddenly rang through the air! When the sharp whistling sound of the blade tearing through the air gradually faded, two extremely fine inclined cracks suddenly appeared on the old fashioned liquid crystal display television, the television separating into three pieces before slowly sliding down.

Li Gaolei stood there, his face falling more and more, but he didn’t open his mouth and roar out again. Suddenly, pa pa sounds rang out. The row of buttons in front of his chest shot out one after another, the leather combat suit also opening up, revealing his robust pectoral muscles covered in thick chest hair. 

Li’s cuts not only hacked apart the television, they also undid Li Gaolei’s jacket. 

Li chuckled, carrying the blade with a reverse grip. She walked over to Li Gaolei and reached out her hand, stroking his chest, saying with a smile, “Just as strong as before! Alright, I should leave. If I wait any longer, I won’t be able to catch up.”

While watching Li walk out from the living room, Li Gaolei felt a wave of absent-mindedness. His body flashed, suddenly standing in front of Li, saying with a heavy voice, “With only four levels of ability, you can’t win against an entire Blue Scorpion squad by yourself!”

Li’s short maroon hair became a bit longer, now slightly obstructing her eyes when it hung down. She looked at Li Gaolei through her hair, the corners of her lips still carrying a carefree smile as she said, “If I can come back alive, then it’ll have two five level ones then, not inferior to you!” 

“I’m going with you!” Li Gaolei said with a frown. 

“You want to steal evolutionary points from me? No way!” Li laughed. However, when she saw Li Gaolei’s tightly locked brows and firm expression, her smile gradually faded. She reached out her hand to touch his chest again. This time, her long and forceful fingers carefully caressed the thick chest hair, the muscles that carried explosive power, as well as the crazily beating heart inside of that chest. 

Li’s hand was slender and beautiful, only, the joints were a bit thick, and the palm and fingers rough with calluses, the traces left behind from holding blades and guns all year round. Even Li Gaolei lost count of just how many battles she experienced during these past few years and how many times she was seriously injured. Li’s constitution was a bit special, most scars disappearing on their own after some time, so no one remembered just how many times she was injured. However, Li had just reached twenty years of age this year. 

A strange emotion suddenly welled up from the bottom of Li Gaolei’s heart. He took half a step forward, and then his arms rose slightly. 

However, Li’s hand suddenly exerted force, causing all of Li Gaolei’s movements to freeze in place. She slowly and firmly pushed aside Li Gaolei, walking out. 

Li Gaolei shouted at Li’s rear figure, “Is there a need for this?!”

Li turned her head slightly, her short maroon hair rising like flames, smile full of radiance. “Don’t feel so much worry for me! Look, my child ran, man is nowhere to be seen, so I really am bored senseless, just going out to look for a bit of stimulation. Hey! Kane, old pal, thanks for the blade!”

A bitter smile finally appeared on Li Gaolei’s face, his courage that he had accumulated for over thirty years completely put out by a single sentence from Li. The only thing he could do right now was watch her depart into the distance. 

Outside the public square were groups of veterans in threes and fours, most of them with one or two levels of abilities, elites that had followed them through too many vicious battles. Li’s appearance in the public square immediately drew all of their attention. That shining long blade in particular was truly hard to overlook. 

“Hey! General! That blade is pretty badass. Also, your distinguished self looks even prettier today! Where you headed? Need our help?” A robust male with a terrifying scar on his face shouted. 

Li made her way through the veterans, replying with a cheerful voice, “Leaving the city to look for strong guys!”

The veterans immediately erupted into laughter, that robust male saying with a smile, “General, am I not buff enough?”

Li stopped, sized him up, and then said with a laugh, “Don’t just talk, take off your pants and let me have a look first!”

The laughter became even louder, encouraging that robust man to remove his trousers. However, the robust male rubbed his nose and took two steps back, a bitter smile appearing on his face as he said, “This… let’s just forget it! If I really take off my belt, wouldn’t your distinguished self cut it straight off?”

“Pretty smart aren’t ya?” Li said with a slight smile, dragging the long blade through the plaza and swaggering off. 

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