Book 5 Chapter 21.1

Book 5 Chapter 21.1 - Brilliance

The flames of war continued to rage in Dragon City, countless intact buildings disappearing one after another, yet Persephone’s private hospital still towered tenaciously at the center of it all. In the new era war where there was a shortage of goods, it went without saying how much temptation a first-rate hospital exuded. Not only the medicine, but the large scale medical equipment as well were all strategic goods that everyone wished for but couldn’t obtain. Meanwhile, large scale life detectors only displayed the signals of three adults and one small organism. One of them was definitely Helen, who didn’t have any combat strength. 

An extremely attractive target. 

When they saw this data, this thought couldn’t help but appear in the minds of nearly every commander. There were naturally courageous individuals who put these thoughts to practice. Only when men from all sides launched several dozen attacks, with even six seventh level ability users dying as a result did everyone realize that not only was the private hospital not a piece of fatty meat, it was a rock that could break the teeth of vicious wolves. 

As the war continued, the situation gradually got out of the influential figures’ hands. The individuals who normally kept a low profile appeared one after another, among them no lack of old fellas who participated in the ‘Blood Colored Dusk’.

That was a secret battle that wasn’t available in any resources, but it might very well be the most miserable battle this continent had ever experienced in the new era.

It was also an age of passion and flames!

Between the slowly trickling blood and heaps of corpses from both comrades and enemies, countless powerful individuals rose up. After a flash of brilliance, they all fell down one after another, falling before the faces of even stronger enemies. Human and inhuman wisdom and power simultaneously climbed at crazy speeds. For the sake of victory, both sides used all methods they could use. Talented commanders and countless powerful individuals constantly clashed on the battlefield, numbers tactics, elite assaults, everything was used again and again. Even in the cruelest chaotic battles, pairs between experts still emerged from time to time. Ruthlessness, callousness, these traits ran parallel to virtue, sincerity and bravery, these seemingly useless things displayed exceptional appeal and attraction. The blood-soaked struggle to the death of a single powerful individual was often enough to drag soldiers back from the depths of despair!

The war finally ended, because the small number of survivors already weren’t enough to continue this war. 

When the survivors standing between endless corpses looked all around them with vacant expressions, they discovered that almost all faces, familiar or unfamiliar, had become things of the past. Both sides that went to war reached their initial objectives, however, when the war ended, there was already no one who remembered these objectives of the war. Staying alive became the most realistic goal. 

From then on, those who survived were no longer willing to speak about it, not willing to bring up this war. Everything related to this war was quickly destroyed. The various battlefields large and small, under the joint effects of severe winters, intense heat, radiation, crazy winds, and sea of scavengers once again merged with the wilderness. 

However, during that war, there were a few names that were great enough to become legends, remembered well by all of the survivors. For one side, they were enormous shadows that covered the sky, while for the other, they were rising suns that tore through the dark night! For example, the Empress of Night Lanaxis, as well as the Dragon of Darkness Josh Morgan...

Ben Curtis who was sandwiched between these names wasn’t that striking, but bright enough for quite a few people to remember him. 

As it just so happens, an elder who had participated in the Blood Colored Dusk appeared at the edge of Dragon City, finally extracting Curtis’ trademark gesture from his memories that were already starting to become blurry. As a result, he immediately strictly prohibited all powers on his side from approaching a hundred meters around the private hospital. Every single survivor from ‘Blood Colored Dusk’ was a great figure who could decide the conclusion of an area. The elder’s orders immediately left all of them feeling extremely shocked, all of them couldn’t help but re-examine the large black man standing at the top of the private hospital. It was clear that the dragonrider captain’s military rank had previously fooled quite a few people, but there was no way this would continue. No ability users were stupid. 

As a result, the area around the private hospital suddenly became quiet, the peacefulness making others feel a bit out of sorts, as well as making Snow who had lost its sleeping place feel out of sorts. It was a bit vexed and uneasy, using its pair of front claws to senselessly peel at the toy in front of it, a hard quality alloy ball. This was a toy it made itself, the material cut from the abandoned experimental platform using its own body’s cutting edge, and then crushed by its claws into a ball. This type of hard quality alloy, despite excelling in its lightweight and anticorrosion properties, its hardness wasn’t much inferior to ordinary steel. However, under Snow’s claws, it was as soft as dough. 

The quietness in the hospital’s surroundings made Snow feel extremely uneasy. This was especially the case when she sensed that those ability users who were fighting with their lives on the line seemed to have formed a formless border, not approaching within a hundred meters around the hospital. She didn’t feel fear, but rather an indescribable type of moodiness. It really wanted those ability users to fight their way in, best if their fighting reached inside the hospital. For it, these people were all the most luxurious and tasty food. Only, when dealing with this type of food, Snow acted with great propriety, only setting its hand and hunting those that threatened its mother or those its mother gave her approval for. 

What Snow couldn’t tolerate was calmness. A peaceful life without suffering and battle meant that the rate at which it became stronger would be slowed. Under Helen’s full power modifications, Snow’s power already reached its critical point, and the growth speed even began to accelerate. Using the primitive mathematical terminology, it had already reached its inflexion point. The reason why Snow could still wait patiently was because it knew its mother was currently preparing a vital project. Once it succeeded, it would mean that Snow would acquire a type of unprecedented powerful ability. 

Becoming stronger was Snow’s number one priority, which was why it could continue enduring. Even though it hadn't been long since its birth, spending most of its time asleep, Snow’s intelligence wasn’t low. Under its ice-cold evolutionary instincts and intelligence, it even learned to have a small dream of its own. After becoming powerful, the first thing Snow wanted to do, was to completely pluck out all of the silver hair from the head of that male next to its mother’s side. 

Snow was extremely certain that the things it hated the most were bright things, especially that bright silver hair. Of course, if what grew on that man’s head was brown hair, then the thing it hated the most would be changed to brown hair. 

It truly was a small dream, but it was still something that would take a long time to be realized.

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