Book 5 Chapter 20.5

Book 5 Chapter 20.5 - Called the Most Powerful

There was obviously no way Lafite knew what Snow was thinking, and that was why he didn’t go crazy. 

He stood at Helen’s side, currently concentrating his attention on the three light screens’ data, reporting a line of numbers from time to time, and then Helen would correspondingly input the data. Now that the central computing center was shut down, most complex data processing would have to rely on human brain power. Just from the fact that Lafite could help Helen in this matter already proved that he wasn’t just a pretty face with extraordinary fighting strength. He possessed similarly terrifying intelligence, something even his mortal enemy Captain Curtis had no choice but to admit. The captain felt that this especially dazzling silver hair would even more so make the absolute majority of young women scream out.

Lafite was already no longer handsome, but bewitching. Curtis felt that his silver hair was incredibly arrogant and offending to his eyes, absolutely loathing it, but in reality, he understood extremely clearly that this was nothing more than the result of jumping over the previous two steps of jealousy and envy. 

Coincidentally, Snow came to a similar conclusion as the black steel captain through a different angle, only, it was unknown how Helen felt. No one knew what exactly Helen was thinking under that beautiful and robotic face. 

Lafite had already helped Helen for several days, the two’s cooperation without any gaps, the efficiency unexpectedly not much inferior to that of a large-scale computing center. However, no matter how much higher Lafite adjusted his brain’s processing speed, Helen could still keep up. This left Lafite feeling more or less dispirited, even though he knew that all comparisons with Helen in intelligence would most likely result in a tragedy. After all, his forte wasn’t his intelligence. 

However, today, his speed slowed down a bit. Due to a lack of electrical power, Helen closed Snow’s breeding tank, so Snow could only lay on the laboratory platform and stare blankly. It had a beautiful name, and if one looked at it purely from a power perspective, its body was full of unspeakable beauty as well. It swung its tail about rather senselessly, its sharp tail end easily producing small three-edged holes in the laboratory platform.

However, this laboratory platform was made from high strength anti-erosion steel plates!

Due to Snow’s interference, Lafite knew that he could forget about showing off in front of Helen today, not holding her back was already not bad. Just as he was smiling bitterly to himself. The data on the three light screens in front of Helen’s face seemed to have stopped at the same time. Lafite’s expression immediately became serious. He knew that they already reached a crucial point. If the contents displayed on the light screen wanted to reach a solution, the large-scale computing center needed to operate at full speed for at least an hour. Even if Lafite’s potential was completely activated, his brain’s processing speed increased to ten times its normal rate, it would still take more than ten minutes. For some reason, Helen seemed to have sensed something, unexpectedly temporarily freeing him from the difficult problem before him. She slightly raised her head, her sight passing through the layers of earth above her into an unknown distant place. 

Helen actually let her mind wander? Did she sense something, or was it that she was tired?

Lafite believed that the latter was the answer, because Helen’s perception abilities were practically zero. Meanwhile, the unwritten rule was that the more one’s large-scale data processing abilities were developed, the more sluggish his or her intuition would become.

Helen finally became tired!

In that instant, Lafite felt as if an entire barrel of stimulants had been injected into his bloodstream, his entire body erupting with energy! He believed himself to be someone who understood Helen well, this type of women looked cold on the outside, but they were like fire inside, arrogant to the extreme. Only by displaying overwhelming strength in the areas they attached the greatest importance to would one have a chance of subduing them! After waiting for an entire week, the opportunity finally came!

Even though Lafite himself understood well that relying on physical strength to defeat the abilityless Helen really was a ridiculously unfair, one-sided affair, he couldn’t be bothered by that right now. Even those who won through an unfair advantage against Helen, just how many were able to do this through these past years?

Lafite’s expression was extremely serious. His silver hair fluttered about despite there being no wind, and then he released a low shout, his body suddenly erupting with a faint silver flame! The tremendous power he instantly erupted with startled the drowsy Snow, causing it to release a sharp cry, immediately scuttling to a corner. Its eight compound eyes stared at Lafite in bewilderment, its tail tightly coiled behind it, the sharp point at its end visibly trembling. 

On the private hospital’s roof, Curtis, whose upper body was exposed suddenly opened his eyes. He glanced downwards, and then released a somewhat disdainful sneer. However, the corners of his mouth were clearly warped and unnatural, making his smile appear extremely sinister. Curtis suddenly grabbed the bottle of strong liquor beside him, opening his mouth and biting off the top of the wine bottle. After pouring all of the contents into his throat, he released a heavy breath. His blood-red small eyes widened, looking all around in search of those blind enemies. 

Sure enough, there were people who came without opening their eyes. 

The overcast sky suddenly released a light and strange shrill cry, a sound wave normal people couldn’t hear at all. Curtis suddenly stood up, his short and stiff hair standing on end one after another! His abundant battlefield experience told him that a ground targeting cruise missile was currently approaching at fast speed! Regardless of how large the incoming fella was, razing this entire hospital to the ground wasn’t an issue.

Curtis smiled, his teeth that was pure white like snow appearing especially sinister. He stood there calmly, letting the sharp whistling sound in the air to show itself. 

The low hanging clouds of radiation suddenly split apart! A tactical missile that was spraying out a long tongue of flame made its way out from the clouds, rushing almost perfectly straight at Curtis!

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